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  1. Okay, I will patiently wait for your news. Good to know that you still have many new plans about your mods
  2. Still talking about the WIP fund override mode (that despite the bugs I find more realistic than the 'regular' mode), is there any hope that a craft can built without the need of having the full amount of funds for its building, as if no used parts were available?
  3. @Starwaster @severedsolo I am following your cogitations with the highest interest guys. I am afraid that my knowledge of the game is too modest for me to be of much help at this point, but I will add anyway a couple of considerations. During my tests, the inventory was correctly applied to my old vessels when I loaded them; the problem only became apparent when I started editing my crafts; so probably part id gets changed after the craft is loaded in memory and SY's inventory is applied for the first time, though I still don't ger why that happens only with the pod and not with other parts. To the best of my knowledge, the FlightGlobals API is a stock function, correct me if I am wrong, but if you are still looking for a mod that in my install of the game might mess with part modules (and with SY), the first mod that comes to my mind is Kerbal Krash System.
  4. Wait guys, maybe I know what's the problem. The main save game file dates to a few days ago, when DRE was installed, but I am sure that the craft files were saved before installing DRE (and several other mods), which might explain why they are messed uo and why SY malfunctions when dealing with them. I will try saving them again in the new mod environment (or I will re-assemble them from scratch ) and see if SY manages them correctly this time... Thank you guys for your help and sorry for wasting your precious time!
  5. @Starwaster @severedsolo Maybe I can add something. First off, the problem is not exactly ScrapYard refusing to appy the inventory to the Mk1 pod, but the inventory not getting applied automatically to the said part when the 'auto apply' function is checked, and the pod resetting to new whenever a change is made to the vessel it belongs to. That means that I am forced to apply the inventory to it manually, at the very end of the assembling process. Secondly, I must admit that I have started using DeadlyReentries after starting my current career, and probably after building the pod that now I want to be applied automatically. Might that be the cause of my problem? It is true, besides SY and DR, I have several other mods, but none that I can think of that would interfere with SY. Starwaster, If you want to have a look into my mod list or you need more details on the issue I described above (including save game and logs), you can find them in the OhScrap thread starting from this post:
  6. Thank you very much severedsolo, I would have never tracked down DeadlyReentry as the cause of this problem. Hopefully Starwaster will be able to answer all the the questions you have posed above and to devise a proper fix
  7. It works! With this new version, vessel's safety rating is always updated even after having closed a previously assembled/loaded vessel and having started a new craft. There is one remaining bug though: some parts seem to be ignored as "worst part" in the OhScrap window. You can notice that if you run the save game I sent you yesterday and you load the "Gliding Lizard Mk. III" in the VAB; its SRB (safety rating = 4) is always reported as the worst part, even though one of the Mk 16 parachutes has a worst safety rating (=2). Curiously, if I replace any of the tested/used parts (including the Mk 16 chutes) with a completely new one (safety rating = 1), the new part will be correctly considered the worst part rather than the said RT-10 solid fuel booster. Any idea on why that might happen?
  8. For me the latest KCT version seems to work with KSP v1.7.1. Probably linuxgurugamer will have a better answer, but to the best of my (very limited) knowledge, I don't see any reason why the same KCT version shouldn't work with KSP v1.7.2 or with the upcoming v1.7.3.
  9. With the save game I sent you yesterday, reproducing the bug should be quite straightforward. Should you need my directions to do it, I will gladly assist you when/if you decide to address the problem.
  10. Okay, I will test the new version as soon as possible and I will let you know if I see any other problem with it. Hopefully the experience you have gained with this fix will help you ironing out similar small bugs. Talking about the SY-related issue, do you think it can be solved as well? It is not a big problem indeed, but removing it would make ScrapYard a more polished and user-friendly product
  11. Great news, thanks! Will the new version solve both the problems that we have discussed yesterday? (Safety rating calculation not working after pressing the 'New craft' button, and the root part resetting to new when a change to any other part is done)
  12. Here you go: I have include a CKAN file with the main mods I have currently installed. The VAB craft that I have played with for testing your mod should be the one called "Gliding Lizard V", but I think using any other rocket won't make much difference. For now I think that's all from my part, but let me know if I can help you in any other way
  13. Okay, besides the log files, should I send you my save files?
  14. Good question. When editing crafts (adding/removing parts) the safety rating is calculated correctly but, during my tests, every time I made a change to the vessel, SY kept selecting a new core part (a capsule) rather than using a pretested one even though I had not changed that part and the "auto apply" option was checked. In order to use that capsule on my vessel, I had to re-apply it manually whenever I added/removed any other part.
  15. Just tested the last version. It works... more or less: when I enter the VAB and load a saved craft, its safety rating is calculated correctly. Nonetheless if, after loading/assembling a craft, I push the "New craft" button and then I load another craft, I get again the usual "0" safety rating, even though tested parts are applied to the rocket. In order to make the safety rating calculation to work again, I need to exit the VAB and enter it again. Replicating this bug should be easy enough, but if you prefer I can send you the logs of my last gaming session