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  1. "Maybe" Meaning: if it was an overlook you might decide to correct it, otherwise feel free to ignore my note. Sorry for not having been clear enough.
  2. Thank you, I had already set 1.8 mods as compatible and I understand that updating CKAN info for all the mods you support every time a new game version is released, is a PITA. That's why in the first place I had started by saying "just for your information" Thank you for your answer and for all your doing for KSP.
  3. @jrodriguez Just for your information: CKAN's metadata points to the old Destruction Effects thread rather than this one as the main mod thread
  4. @linuxgurugamer ,Just for your information. According to CKAN, max game version compatible with the last version of this mod ( is KSP v1.8.1. Maybe you should updated its metadata.
  5. Hi @linuxgurugamer , for your information: CKAN says that the max game version compatible with the latest release of this mod ( is KSP v1.8.1. Maybe you should updated its metadata.
  6. Thank you Moose. Does RealPlume deal with heat effects from atmospheric drag as well as engine effects? I can't imagine exhaust plumes surrounding the whole rocket like in the picture below
  7. Terrific screenshots! @Alex33212 I am sorry for derailing this thread, but may I ask if, besides AVP and its dependencies, you use any other visual mod? Are the flames in the first picture from the Reentry Particle Effect mod? What about the metallic reflections on satellites? I use Textures Unlimited + an unsupported config mod from spacedock.info. The specular reflections they give are superb, but they come at the cost of several visual glitches...
  8. @cakepie I am wondering the same. On the other end, after the engine changes introduced with ksp v1.8, is this mod still needed?
  9. By the way of that option, are there any news on this topic?
  10. Okay thanks, good to know! I suppose this is a general rule applying to all the mods that in the meanwhile have been updated to KSP v1.8. Is my supposition correct?
  11. Thank you for the update(s)! Should player who have not yet updated their game to KSP 1.8 stick to v7.7.3.1 of Deadly Reentry?
  12. Thank you for your feedback mate, and of course for your work on KSP! When possible, I always install my favorite mods using CKAN so that I am (almost) sure that I am using the latest versions and that I am no missing any dependency or incompatibility
  13. Hi @Eskandare , is there any good reason why this mod is not on CKAN, but it is its outdated (and unsupported) version 'Kerbin Side Continued'?
  14. Never mind, sorry: I have just had another idea; add it to the list: Visual alarms 13. What about letting the player free to choose different mod buttons to be triggered by different alarms? We could use buttons of different colors from yellow to purple to represent various severity levels, or we could even put symbols on them to discern at first glance an alarm from the other.
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