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  1. you think im acctually stupid but thanks oh wait no thats exactly what i did eh i just have a stupid compooter yeah ill just bang it thatll work
  2. ey guys how do i download this stuff i use 2 big mac monitors and uh it aint workin i just put it in gamedata and called it a day
  3. im sorry to ruin your page by this stickhuman




    1. pizzahat





  4. Okay, now that helped alot more... thanks! {pizzahat's case offically ended}
  5. Im going to tell you the things i did; I downloaded the mk3 and the cormorant file, merged them together (i put the mk3 file into the cormorant file.) and im sorry if im being very dumb here, im new to modding. all i know how to do it change the kerbal roster file when there ded, and install mods...
  6. didnt work like always, im just going to download it again sigh
  7. thats the mmpatch, (it doesnt have a use i guess.) And heres my ksp.log file.
  8. I installed the links that said download from spacedock or curseforge. and the shuttle pack too.
  9. I've downloaded this mod and it does not work. I put it in the gamedata folder, and I looked to see the items... but they were not there. Im a macbook pro user using 1.7.1 Does anyone know how to help? I think its from my game version.