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  1. i have a question that this mod work with ksp 1.7.x???
  2. I Still couldnt get the controller out... the CaLeeCam2 is my root and also those other sliders arent showing along that i cant still couldnt turn on the ikrc controller yet i dont even know how to download it properly i used the option 2 of installation please help
  3. please help i dont know how to activate the IK robot controller please help me
  4. hello again @Beale! so i trying to build the Mir Modules and other TKS derived crafts i notice something with the fuel tanks they kinda look to far out and in the pictures of the old tantares and IRL that they close to the Size 2 pretty much touching them and i nothing else to say also thanks if u reply back
  5. @benjee10 hello and im having a issue with the file "htrobotics" i know it holds the robotic arms and bits but it seems i couldn't load it properly, on the grapple fixture, the piece that connect to the grapple fixture and the truss i also have IR next sequencer installed btw
  6. @benjee10 so the robotics the HTrobotics must have contain the robotic parts but i launched the game (as usual) the robotics are not showing up is their a way of enabling them???
  7. Help me i downloaded IR Next Squencer and Robotics but i tried making a Kerboarm the robotic parts are missing p.s i download the v3.0.2 1.7.2 above
  8. Does this mod work with KSP 1.7.x?? Curious! yet by the looks of it... it looks bueatiful
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