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  1. He3 Isnt flamable and it getting hit just means it spills out, it wouldnt explode Nukes are VERY hard to set off accidentally, so no need to worry about orion pulse units being accidentally set off
  2. Lowest Launch Mass, Also yes, it includes moons It does not include Jool (you obviously cant land on that) You can do up to 5 launches Go to Dres and Rescue a Kerbal, Minimize your launch mass, No Ions
  3. Kerbal System Compendium Kerbal System Compendium is intended to be a realistic look at planets around other stars. Inspiration for all planets and stars is primarily taken from real life examples, although some stars have not been observed to possess planets, the size of the universe is so vast that NONE of these stars having planets is an impossibility. KSC Takes Place far In the future, Kerbol has been abandoned as it turned up the heat on Kerbin, so we must spread out into space in order to guarantee our survival. Discord, Keep up with Development: https://discord.gg/hPbGUdyFVm Stars KSC is intended to focus on more exotic star types than the standard G, K, and M dwarfs most commonly seen in planet packs. Instead showing you the bodies that could exist around rare suns. Compatibility Stars (Stars to host other planet mods) are coming as well. Below are some of the planned out systems, more will be added as time goes on. Downloads Coming Soon to a Solar System near You Credits KspNerd122 - Configs, Textures zTallsRobot - Configs, Planetary Descriptions Vatterson - Tester Charmich0802 - Suri System(Upcoming)
  4. Added special conditions that can apply to high tech mods(KSPIE, FFT) Warp drive mods are still unsupported in terms of official restrictions, but for blueshift users, you may not spawn graviolum on kerbin, you must go and get it yourself.
  5. A RSS/KSRSS Wheel exists so I can spin that You can use nukes, refueling infrastructure just means you can refuel a ship in duna orbit without that ship needing to land So say, a ship to go and mine ike, then take that fuel to duna orbit, counts, so long as the refueling takes place orbiting duna, its fair game
  6. GU parts or KSPIE antennas are the only legitimate methods, mods are fine, but the game is assumed to be played on default settings(No wormholes)
  7. Im working on adding mod specific limitations, ex, im using KSPIE, no fusion engines, or I cant use nukejets, or something similar
  8. Thanks so much, Im working on expanding the number of possible challenges, More planet mod support, and more possible things that can add difficulty to the challenge
  9. Go to Norihc and Haul 1200 ore to Sera, No Fission Engines, No kerbals at launch(you must use probes) Wormholes are banned, Do not use them
  10. Ok, Go to Bop and Set up Refueling Infrastructure, No Solar Panels, Individual launches must be under 25 tons. Go to fury and Construct a Base, No Nuclear Engines(Or Reactors) No, you need to go and find a random asteroid and redirect it
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