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  1. I am so sorry, but you are able to place the badge for the apollo challenge is yours

  2. Ello, sorry that I forgot, but yes, you may get the apollo badge

  3. Mod is far from dead WIP Roan Btw, technical difficulties SOLVED
  4. the UI opens but I cannot select a craft to build or anything
  5. Systems are being reworked will try and get 1 system out at the begining of next month
  6. Honestly, KSP2 should be for the modders Not the stock purists KSP is meant to be modded, but why are we putting up big barriers to entry
  7. Colonization has been selected by the players with no playercap or joining end, join anytime, for a no PVP colonization experience
  8. Should have em solved and a test release out in about 1-2 weeks
  9. Working on solving the technical difficulties, so far going well.
  10. Having slight technical difficulties, will get back to ya when I have solved em
  11. Maybe bron as well? Also, compatibility with @Norocketscience's TriOdysee is planned, and eventual full integration from my end
  12. Intending to make a test release upon completion of Wick and banshee(closed beta)
  13. Nerd's System Compendium KerbalKind will once again venture into the stars, but to some extrasolar destinations I was inspired to make this mod by @StarCrusher96's Galaxies Unbound and I am collaborating with @smushanoob to bring you Nerd's System Compendium, a original interstellar mod. Roadmap and Plans Nerds System Database - Google Docs Screenshots(HEAVY WIP) Vono, A Cthonian Planet which somehow has water now The Wick System, Residence of Vono(outer planet), Viko(orbiting vono), and Vaxol(inner planet) WIP Roan, The Inner Planet of banshee Recommended Mods @JadeOfMaar's OPT Spaceplane Parts @Nertea's Far Future Technologies @Cyne's MEV Heavy Industries @FreeThinker's KSP Interstellar Extended @taniwha's Extraplanetary launchpads(trust me, you will want this one) Downloads SoonTM
  14. Joins are closed for warfare atm, join da discord still if you want to see the explosions, Warfare is going to run until all nations but one are destroyed After warfare, We will select a new premise for the multiplayer game When this happens, a poll will appear above this forum thread
  15. Just join No reason not Its not limited time, the war is, but there will be multiplayers after this(Colonization, Science Modes, Career Modes, Exploration)
  16. Galaxies Unbound is hosting Luna Multiplayer Servers, one for warfare, and one for collaborative colonization, however, in the future, we may do other multiplayer challenges, Such as space races and the like Join the Discord for More Information JOIN DISCORD FOR ALL QUESTIONS https://discord.gg/KUNV92PHbR Mods that will ALWAYS be present in the challenges @StarCrusher96's Galaxies Unbound @R-T-B's Kopernicus @JadeOfMaar's OPT Spaceplane And finally, last but not least @Nertea's Near Future Construction, Spacecraft, And Launch Vehicles General Rules that apply to ALL multiplayer servers No Vessels which are intended to crash the game No Part Mods or planet mods outside the ones specified in the rules of the server No Cheats Unless otherwise stated(Unless the Kraken destroys your ship or something, or if a ship flips over due to something unreasonable) No Blowing up peoples ships unless otherwise stated In General, Don't Be a Jerk If you violate the rules more than 3 times, you will be banned from participating in future multiplayer challenges(asside from part mod rule, in that case, the vessel will be removed) Don't complain about the modlist if you aren't planning on playing, the modlist is set when we start, so if u want to pick the modlist, just wait till the current one ends Requirements to Play Have Discord Have KSP Read all rules before joining Note that warfare has a limited number of slots, get em while you can
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