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  1. Road to 1.4 release: LPG: [x] sanitize B9PS-enabled parts [] B9 Aerospace parts [x] Filter Extensions support [x] Hypersonic Nose Cone Rockets: [] LV-T31 "Gimbaliant" Liquid Fuel Engine
  2. I'll want following tags: :IF(like :NEEDS, but checks its parent) Conditional code within #IF[] and #ENDIF SubSections: #DO - unconditional single #LOOP - unconditional loop #IF[] - conditional single #WHILE[] - conditional loop #END - end #REIF[] - conditional retry #RE - unconditional retry #BREAK - unconditional break #BIF[] - conditional break Full sections: #KALL - stop all runs of given patch #KTHIS - stop this run of patch #RETRY - re-run this copy of patch #REALL - re-run all copies of this patch Use #COND[] to set conditions on following operations using question mark. To prevent hacking, the value should be reset to false before going to next file. Functions: #LOG = - print x in KSP.log #TYPE = - change node's type #IFVAR = - use variable as condition It will need new method of operation: Tokenize all CFGs Convert all scripts into executable code Reorder scripts based on order tags and file names Run scripts in order I plan to use these in SSTO Framework, part of SSTO Project Core
  3. Sorry for no updates in 2 months. I'm busy with making a new computer game and remote learning.
  4. I've made Hypersonic Nose Cone. It will be released in 1.3.4
  5. Please add ability to restrict tank contents by tech researched, using TechRequired node in tank definitions.
  6. @neistridlar Do you want to have this mod on CKAN?
  7. @NESD Please continue development, and release the new update for 1.8.x - 1.10.x
  8. 2.5 and 3.75 meter cockpits with excellent aerodynamics.
  9. Please add: GitHub repository FTP themes to stock tanks Stock themes to FTP tanks MODEL{} notations with external textures to all FTP tanks Second, third and fourth suggestions do not violate copyright, because textures are referenced, not copied
  10. Please add : 3.75m parts LFO tanks Jets LFO fueled RCS Textures Unlimited recolouring GitHub repository Adapters Crew capsules Vacuum engines Colored coded 2.5m fuel tanks Wings Cockpits 2.5m intakes and 0.625m inline intakes
  11. I'll want to have support for ModuleManager 4.1.4 and KSP 1.9.x too.
  12. Started developing plug-ins. 1.3.x will be marked both 1.8.x and 1.9.x compatible.
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