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  1. Hi I'm having a few problems with Hullcam, and they are preventing craft loading. Could you please have a look? Report Here: KSP: Windows 10 Home 64 Bit - KSP Problem: Hullcam only loads the Basic Hullcamera Deluxe and nothing else - prevents loading of craft with other cameras Mods installed: Reproduction steps: Craft which previously had HullCam on must exist, load KSP, try to load craft, message claims KSP was unable to load aerocam, all that can be found in the parts menu is the Basic Hullcamera Deluxe. Log: https://filebin.n
  2. There is a problem with TweakScale but I don't know what it is. Could anyone help me? https://filebin.net/trv5uuqz14mhkwa8
  3. [4K] Space Shuttle Atlantis performing a Hohmann transfer burn in order to put the Kibo JEM onto the ISS.
  4. Is there a guide or something if we wanted to build the ISS? There aren't many pictures to go off of for assembling HabTech and the ones that are aren't very clear at times.
  5. I have checked and I have all the dependencies installed. What is weird is that it was working fine one hour, then I closed it and about an hour later I started it again, and that was when it started crashing. I had done nothing in the meantime. Also, during loading the error message will pop up, but KSP will continue to run for about 1/2 an hour more, and then it finally closes due to the crash.
  6. I have uninstalled Telemachus and Tantares and it didn't make a difference, but then when I uninstalled Tundra Exploration it stopped crashing. Also I know it is Tundra Exploration, not Tundra Technologies because I removed the Technologies folder and it still crashed, but when I removed the Exploration folder it didn't crash.
  7. For some reason KSP keeps crashing while loading due to Tundra Exploration and I don't have any clue why. I have tried CKAN, SpaceDock and GitHub but none of the versions work. Logs here (KSP.log and Error.log): https://filebin.net/h20hjz2psydb8ftj If you could suggest a fix that would be appreciated. I have tried searching Reddit and the forums, but I can't find anyone else with the same problem.
  8. Hi, Neither the Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit, nor reDIRECT are appearing in the game. This includes parts and subassemblies. Janitors Closet doesn't show Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit, but does show reDIRECT, however the only reDIRECT part in the game is the "Rainstorm" engine. Any ideas on how to fix?
  9. It is ok to share my forum name These are various pictures taken from a very highly modded save. They are all 4K. You might notice things like inconsistencies between things like the Dragon 2 craft. This is simply because I am constantly looking at more referance images to get a more accurate craft. The earlier ones don't look that great but the later ones look more accurate. I have tried to bundle the pictures together based on the theme of the picture. If anyone wants to know about mods feel free to ask. Imgur Link here if you prefer that (This was one of
  10. I would like to to a SpaceX style faring recovery but I would need solid fairings that are counted as a separate craft. Does anyone know some suitable mods that would also be compatible with 1.7.3?
  11. Also I can't click onto the menu. Is that related? If so what should I do about it?
  12. I have slight problem with the Halo Blanket panel and I was redirected to post here. I was wondering if you guys could help. I'm using CKAN btw if you need to know. Imgur thingy here
  13. Will F5 and F9 quicksaving still be there? It's really useful to quickly go back. Also how will the multiplayer work?
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