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  1. To use a integrated gpu you must turn the settings down with mods all the way down. I learned the hard way.
  2. Exactly. One thing to consider is that ks3p is kinda bugged. It likes to create a black haze? Or blob on the edges of craft. I personally find ks3p's effects a lot stronger and better.
  3. Would you crash into it in the first place To be honest anything above like 20 parts together crashing creates lag for me.
  4. Nah me @ArcoWho are you????????????? y u steal name??
  5. I don't like having to bother with commNet or anything more advanced in my casual play-through. Sure it's a space simulator but it's also a game. Who cares if you make a unrealistic thing. Realism isn't always fun and nobody dictates what is fun and isn't fun. Some people are casual.
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