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  1. They have to ionize the electron ships. Why do English teachers think everything is not a coincidence.?
  2. Cause were not Kerbals. How do I use mechjeb.
  3. - Fixed a few issues with stuck images on-screen, in some cases during re-entry or when cheating a craft to another planet - Fixed incompatibility with TUFX ambient occlusion Thanks for the update! These two fixes made my day. Good work!
  4. Granted. But cool in temperature is unspecified. So you get two 100 C Straight weeks. I wish for more battery for my Kindle.
  5. Granted. But theres many fake buttons. I wish for better grades in school.
  6. Stock space combat is fun. It does take a while because we have to exchange save files every turn. Anyways the weapons and armor we have made are quite advanced.
  7. Banned for Tardigrade. The easiest animals to kill have no place here.
  8. Banned for legos. Legos are for babys. (Joke)
  9. Cool! What configs/packs do this? I've been looking for a way to do heat distortion forever.
  10. Therefore the future page will be banned.
  11. Banned for having 12600 posts.
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