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  1. I hope KSP 2 does this stock! It would be pretty dope to look around under the surface.
  2. Can we press F for this fallen cinematic?
  3. @Ruahrc AVP is the most intensive and best looking cloud mod out there. (RSS is another thing but this is stock.) There are many ways to improve fps. Provided you install manually. Downloading EVE-redux will help with volumetric clouds. (The most intensive thing in atmosphere.) Do not turn on the anti-aliasing settings. If you want AA then please use KS3P as there are much more options and it's generally better. (For 1440p AA is more of a legacy since moar pixels.) Please don't use max settings. KSP is not optimized really. Disable reflection and things that won't
  4. Awesome! I hope to see more! They look pretty good NGL.
  5. Everything is coming shortly. I'll get a proper work schedule and almost all visuals are done. The only thing is a AVP ks3p config I need to find then It's all done!
  6. Most of the problems stem from me most of the time. As modding takes a bit and I'm working on all types of visuals in the KSP discord. Check pics under Arcodude. Plus, learning the skills to do videos is quite frustrating. This project is still very alive. I have planes and ships taken care of and the other stuff is getting done now. There is so many flags that I've made and I'll start writing lore today after I get done with visuals. (The reason I'm stopping that is because it's already great, and I don't want to spend all my time making configs, downloading mods, fixing issues,
  7. Holy, (BEEP) Eve redux, then this mod. How could it get better. Looks at RSS RVE 64k with eve redux and parallax. *wink, wink*
  8. I am getting a Much higher fps. No joke a double 2x in fps. 29 to around 60 with all of my mods enabled and a few issues that happen here and there that are so minor that I won't even mention them. This is a mod so great that I hate that theirs a bad word rule on this website. {Tested with a few space craft and planes at 150~ parts each. And it can stand at 30ish fps with 500-800 parts on the runway at a time. } Will get a bit of more info and tests soon and pics of it. (Set up is using 70% of cpu and gpu with a i5-7400 and gtx 1060 3gb.)
  9. I've come back from the dead to download this mod. Will test it out with rss and stock.
  10. All of them look stunning. I'll take everything you sent. Also another update because I'm posting. I should start making Craft and stuff in about a week. My mouse is pretty much dead and I have a few issues with KSO itself and one thing I need to do. Aka, 1. Fix the main menu where I can click on things. It doesn't let me click anything. 2. Make the cloud pack I'm using have other planets and not just Kerbin. 3. Finish up two craft I have. 4 Do something for a friend. You can see everything I'm working on in the list at the bottom.
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