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  1. Oh god, I have so many. Where do I start???
  2. Main problem for me is the rcs and advanced controls. Those are NEEDED. (Bottom Left Tabs.)
  3. Look in the topic again. I'm Posting 1.9.1 version!
  4. Will post a 1.9.1 version here: (Recompiled and stuff.) [Let me get on my computer to post the link.] Don't know how legal it is but I'll try.
  5. Those are for the map and when you are building. The first one (In the Settings above those two.) is the one that you are looking for. Unless the setting in scatter Disable Ambient Light is True. (This is in the cfg/config file settings. You cant find it ingame to my knowledge.)
  6. Hey can you provide something to fix the black horizon bug in RSS 1.9.1? (Yes I got Kopernicus to work in 1.9.1) I applied the fix to all atmo planet configs in RSS and in scatter configs itself.
  7. Can you please make a config for Station Parts Expansion Redux?
  8. There's lots of procedural mods though. @Manwith Noname I suggest that you link the mod that TURD supports so people won't get confused on which one works and which one doesn't.
  9. AVP is one the of worst for framerates. SVE Is usually the best. Spectra is even better.
  10. Do you know anything about the Newtext bug?
  11. @blackrackI'll see if there are any bugs. But the new menu for it is very nice and It seems to be working very well with AVP. Although, when I really test I need Kopernicus and EVE to be officially updated to 1.9.1. So far I've seen no problems and It works really well.
  12. Halting video production until all my mods update to 1.9.1!
  13. I'm halting my video production for a bit until the 1.9 version comes out or some of the bugs are fixed. The problem I'm facing is filming the comet trails and some of the trees are weird. Also all my Craft are in 1.9 so I'm waiting.