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  1. Oof! The Reentry and flight are the same as a regular spaceplane, but the Starship doesn't actually have landing gear so it has to land vertically. The instructions are multiple slides, and the landing is quite complicated since there aren't stock retractable fins. Oh dear! The cabin lights are inside the fairing! I'll have to make some changes! I think I'll replace the Rhinos with Wolfhounds.
  2. Here you go. http://kerbalx.com/crafts/65188 I fixed the engine thrust problem and another issue with the airlock.
  3. ...presenting the SpaceX Starship and Super Heavy For the last few days, I've decided to take a break from my DOMA mission and try my hand at making a replica of a real world craft. So here's what I got. This rocket is a replica of SpaceX's Starship with the Super Heavy launch vehicle, in case you missed the title. It works, too! The booster is fully recoverable. ( ) It can land on the Mun with 17 kerbals! ( ) And guess what! It can even return to Kerbin! ( ) A great shot at night: Here's the KerbalX link: Starship / Super
  4. When I first saw the new metal fairings, I immediately thought, "I'm so gonna build one of these!" Blastoff! 100% stock, functional Starship lifting off the pad! So beautiful. Stage separation! The Starship burns for orbit on 3 Rhinos: Of course, it's not really a proper Super Heavy if the booster isn't recoverable! I spent about 400 units to much on the first stage, so it's gonna be a deadly suicide burn! Yeah! Splashdown successful! I just wanna show off that razor-thin dV margin: Behold, the Starship i
  5. 3G-07 Morning Glory (upgraded from the subsonic, short-range 2G-07) The 3G-07 Morning Glory is a Low-capacity, Long-haul Combi-aircraft. Stats: Passengers: 14 Cargo Capacity: 20 tons Cruising Speed: 1200 m/s Cruising Height: 15 km Range: 3600 Empty - 3200 Full Cost: 110,998,000 (4,816,000 for fuel) Cruising profiles: After to the relative failure of the dirt-cheap Fledgling 1N-00 (presumably due to the lack of stylishness), Kessler Microplane Aerosyndrome decided to
  6. A Jumbo-64 and 2100 units of LS take off on Year 6, Day 250: Docked with the Mailman: Booster return to the Desert Launch Site: Since there were no seats aboard the payload, the mining crew had to be delivered to the Mailman via the Flappy Bird. Arfield landed at the Island Airfield. I only just now noticed that pun. Bardon and Gregler burn for Minmus: Capturing 6 days later: After leaving the LS and probe tanker in orbit, the Mailman landed to grab some fuel. Jumbo-64 delivered to LMO: Return trajectory
  7. I decided to land an SSTO on the SPH instead of runway today. 18.18 tons, no reverse thrust, airbreathing engines only.
  8. The Kronos takes off again to go get the last pieces of equipment: Rendezvoused with what is left of the Monstrosity. The only things left are the Lab, LS, and a stabilizer. Gently drifting down through the peaceful clouds of toxic carbon dioxide: Docked! It was a complete pain since the entire base likes to spin slowly and unstoppably, but the base is complete for the next two years. Let's do some science! Wow, apparently, in sandbox mode all experiments only give one data point in a lab. That's lame. I guess I'll be getting a whole half-science-
  9. Monstrosity arrival at Duna:
  10. Five more payload designs: Launch of the Mailman:
  11. Kerbonauts delivered to LKO: Kronos arrives at Minmus: Transfer to Duna:
  12. Kronos return to LKO: New shuttle! Next SLV launch:
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