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  1. Just to let you know @benjee10, I have fixed the issue with the unstable Solar array. It turns out That RO has a RO global config setting that sets all parts to "PhysicsSignificance = 0". Commented out that config line and....voilà!
  2. This clipping does occur if the modules aren't connected with a CBM on each module. The only other time it happens is if you are trying to connect 2 modules that aren't designed to berth together, such as unity and the JEM due to the difference in their physical size. Obviously that isn't the case here as both parts are the JEM parts of the station. Also seeing as the JEM storage module looks as though the part has had the bulkhead applied, suggests when this capture was taken, B9PS was installed at the time. To me it certainly looks like the issue is simply not having the Common Berthing Mechanisms attached to the modules.
  3. on a side note, Is it possible that the DRAG_CUBE values could be causing this since the part is being rescaled?
  4. Only when parts are attached to a particular node though? That is the thing that is bugging me... I don't get it. KSP, Whyyyy???? lol
  5. But that is what I don't understand. I have tried it with & without RO configurations, nothing else in my GameData folder configures any Habtech2 parts apart from my own RO configs I have created. I have tried attaching Non-RO parts to it with the same outcome and it's very strange how only the bottom node is affected. I just cannot wrap my head around it. My version is 1.11.1, but I also have a Non-RO 1.11.1 game that uses stock scalings which like yourself, doesn't suffer any issues. This is the only part in my RO game that I'm having issues with, all other Habtech2 parts that are configured for RO in exactly the same manner do not suffer from this issue. I really cannot understand the cause.
  6. just to show you what is happening......The solar array will sit perfectly fine when nothing is attached The solar array will sit perfectly fine when attaching parts to the top node.... But when parts are attached to the bottom node, it explodes no matter whether the connected part is a stock part or an RO configured part.
  7. i dont think its an RO issue as i deleted the RO config for the part and tried it normal, and it still exploded when using the bottom node....
  8. @benjee10An issue I'm experiencing is when using the bottom node of the solar array duo, it is causing explosions of the part. This happens no matter which subtype of the part I use. I cannot fathom what may be causing this. If I connect parts using the top node, this doesn't happen. I use a custom "rescaleFactor = 1.5625" for my RO configs and that's about the only thing that my RO config changes to the part, apart from the mass. All other parts that have this rescaleFactor applied do not suffer this same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. I've started mine using the Habtech2 modules and the tantares parts. I use RSS so I created Realism Overhaul configurations for habtech and Tantares parts. Launches I've used Proton-K for the Russian Zarya & Zvezda modules and Shuttle for the others. Having a bit of a mare at the moment though trying to get the P6 solar truss to sit inside the cargo bay without exploding. After some testing, there seems to be some sort of issue with the bottom node of the extended truss variant that causes the part to explode inside the cargo bay so I'm having to use the top node and use the shift modifier to attach it.
  10. for the trusses make sure each truss has a truss dock fitted, in terms of how to actually dock them, there's various ways such as using detachable RCS control probes which i think is the easiest. or you can install a suitable robotics mod such as HTRobotics. This method is VERY tedious though and requires a lot of patience.
  11. great. will try it thanks. when you say the penultimate version, do you mean the last official release v12.8.5 or the last mini release that was v12.9.0 before the latest of ah right my bad, cheers.
  12. could you point me in the direction of the Readme you are referring to please.
  13. May I ask how you launched the P6 solar truss? I am having an issue where when i place the P6 inside the cargo bay of the shuttle, once on the launchpad, for some reason the truss just explodes inside the cargo bay. this is the only part I am experiencing this issue with and cannot get to the bottom of the cause. It isn't colliding with the cargo bay walls or anything like that, and the nodes are attaching just fine. It just will not sit inside the cargo bay without exploding! lol which config line could cause such a thing?
  14. I too have that issue. seems to be if I warp anything over 4x speed. I did wonder if it was anything to do with the fuslage wall heat penetration because it rises, then when you warp and then slow back down to normal speed, the temp suddenly drops back down and then starts to climb again, as though whilst its in warp, it doesn't cool down.
  15. not switching to approach until about 20k or there abouts. i do have AA installed but all the GUI menus are quite confusing....and I'm a bit unsure which mode to have it in.
  16. this KOS script helped me loads in getting the shuttle to re-enter. However controlling the shuttle on approach can be an absolute nightmare and just wants to spin out constantly. do you have any tips to control it with it wanting to kamikaze?
  17. I believe the rescale configs are for stock sized parts. To match, you would have to see what tundra's are scaled at but you would also have to change the nodes configs also to suit. the only other way around it would be to change the rescaleFactor as this not only changes part size, but also changes the nodes to match. Use with caution though as its quite easy to mess up parts if they have other things built into them such as fairings.
  18. For those wanting configs to build the ISS in RO, here are configs I made and have tested in 1.11.1. Please be sure to read the 'Readme'. https://github.com/si2504/Habtech2-RO-Configs I am also in the process of creating configs for the Tantares Russian sections.
  19. which mod/mods are the best to use for Proton rockets with RO compatibility? thanks
  20. I'm using 1.11.1 and RSS/RO works fine so long as you have the latest versions of does. Also the latest BE Kopernicus. The only thing I've found you need to do if you have ROEngines installed is to get rid of the patch manager configs for the RS-25 and the AJ10-190. If you don't, the space shuttles SSME and OMS engines will be hidden in game. I would like to try and get the shuttles docking system working correctly as 'control from here's doesn't work correctly for it and isn't recognized as a docking port, even though it has a Module docking port config.
  21. Hey guys. I wanted to know if I need permission from the author to post a link to RO configurations I have put together for Habtech parts based off of the dead RO ISS parts mod? They're still WIP atm and being tested but also hoping to do configs for Tantares russian segments also.
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