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  1. In your ksp folder, there is a folder named ‘saves’ inside there is where you can find the save files. (Just copy and paste to add/share files from there) Cheers- Lewie
  2. Hey guys- I am still having issues with Rhode’s terrain vanishing when I get too close to it. (Approx. 1-1.5 kilometers) does anyone have any idea on what is causing this? I downloaded bh from ckan on ksp v. 1.9.1 and he issues still persists. And with the 3.75 rescale installed, nothing happened. It was still the stock scale (I did drop that folder into the ksp game data folder...was it supposed to go somewhere else) Sorry for this, but please if someone knows what is causing this, please help me! cheers- Lewie
  3. A thread to discuss, share screenshots, and ask/offer help related to stormworks BAR.
  4. Man, this has got to be a record for announcements! Hype. What else is there to say?
  5. Don’t worry, it’s alright. (What happened yesterday?)
  6. This has got to be a record for the locking/unlocking of a thread in one day...
  7. Comrades! Click! Click and post while you still can! Yeeeehaaaw! Bwahahahah!! We click, and will always click! Viva la revolution!
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