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  1. Man, this is awesome!!! Always a fantastic to learn about some of the inner workings of ksp2!
  2. Wait....what’s this mod called? Sounds pretty interesting
  3. On my way to Spacex’s Boca Chica facility rigt now! Eta. -50 minutes

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    2. Lewie


      Best day of my life....no doubt about it

    3. Lewie


      While I did manage to snag some great photos, we did not drive past the launch site....sorry @Ben J. Kerman

    4. Ben J. Kerman

      Ben J. Kerman

      Aww, ok. ;.; Thanks for trying though, that means a lot to me!

  4. Aw man...I’m gonna be active with the mission trip during the flight. Ah well. I love how ‘space for all’ is a big thing...it’s not. It’s space for the uber-rich with nothing better to do. *eye roll*
  5. It was. The idea was for the player to find the sstv signals which would give you the orbital parameters of a hidden planet. This was not a good description, but the base idea. I know you can find a more detailed description somewhere on the forums.
  6. Hey all-

    I’m on my way to Texas! I’m going on a mission trip with my Church, and we’re going to be based out of South Padre Island. We’re gonna be stopping at Spacex’s Boca Chica site for pictures and what-not, so there’s gonna be some great pics in a week! I’m sitting in the airport while typing this, and I won’t have my phone for the week. Can’t wait to post those pics!

    1. The Doodling Astronaut

      The Doodling Astronaut

      you should vlog :) 

    2. Lewie


      Haha, I wish I could! I won’t have my phone for the entirety if the trip, unfortunately so that’s a no-go. As if writing this, we’ve reached Dallas! Our second flight has been delayed for 3 hours, so we got some food and are hanging around. HOLY COW this place is giant! It’s too much for my midwestern mind to handle...the sheer size is insane!!

  7. Bingo. Steam thinks I’m 120 years old
  8. It's good to see a company that CARES about their community like this!
  9. Brings a tear to my eye....thanks Squad for all the effort you all have put in over the years!!!!
  10. Here it is! The idea behind it is that after the asteroid has been pushed away from Kerbin, the upper portion remains to serve as a space hotel. Hope you enjoy! I hope you enjoyed this, I know I did!
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