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  1. I can’t believe it...but I got to talk on the FAA/Spacex public hearing. HOLY COW....that was nerve wracking. I made notes before hand but still...very, very scary. 

    My name is Aaron Lewison...maybe you heard me talk. This was an amazing opportunity, I still can’t believe I actually did that

  2. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the success of the aerospace business.... But BO doesn't really have anything to support
  3. I'm sick of seeing squid game stuff everywhere, so I made this
  4. Cool!!! It’s really great that the devs did a fun thing like this+took a community idea! can’t wait to put this puppy in action!!
  5. We’re gonna miss you, Uomo...thank you for all you’ve done over the years, you have always managed to make our days a little brighter. Live long and prosper, friend
  6. Look, you’ve made your point clear. We get that you don’t believe that Starship will ever succeed. No need to keep dragging this on. Many accomplished people said Falcon 9 could never work...now look. Over 90 successful landings. Who’s to say that Starship will never leave our SOI? It’s not even worth arguing, man.
  7. My best friend’s dad worked on landsat9, and he’s down in Cali today to watch the launch. The two of us (his dad and I) geek out over space a lot, my friend however....he doesn’t quite get it. He likes to drive his dad crazy by calling the solar panels ‘solar wings’ and asking if the sat stays in orbit by flapping its ‘wings’. Heh.
  8. @The Doodling Astronaut Heyy!! @GuessingEveryDay you around?
  9. Nope, It’s a-me, Lewie! Break time=fun time @The Doodling Astronaut?
  10. Hang in there bud, we're hoping for the best! Last night I managed to see Inspiration4 AND a shooting star, at the same time!
  11. Hey man, we all hope you feel better soon and get your taste back hang in there!
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