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  1. Hey, more dev time is needed. Crunching+development hell is rough on devs, happy devs are people that want a normal work load, too and good-working devs. Take all the time you need, what you have shown so far is *amazing* we are happy to wait
  2. Привет. Меня зовут Аарон, я американец из русской семьи. Моя семья живет в Америке уже много лет. Прошу прощения за использование Google переводчика, в наше время в Америке мы потеряли связь со своими корнями. Я ищу, чтобы иммигрировать в Россию, чтобы вернуться домой. Есть ли у кого-нибудь советы по изучению русского языка/знания о процессе иммиграции в Россию?
  3. Buddy, I think we have that meme all around the world
  4. The devs rock! They don’t have to show us anything, and everything they do show is is awesome! Probably will be able to edit the files. It’s stupidly easy to edit lap’s music, there’s a fair chance that ksp2 will be the same/similar. The music used in ksp is royalty free, so you can get it no problem
  5. Lewie


    Does a set of all sets contain itself? Everything I say is a lie This statement is false New mission-Refuse this mission!
  6. Nothing too major, really but finally 100%-ed Half-life 2
  7. Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy This has got to be the most stressful part since launch
  8. Yessire, it really is! I still can’t bring myself to believe that Webb is ACTUALLY in that fairing, ACTUALLY about to launch…this thing has been in development longer the I’ve been alive, ain’t that something?
  9. Is it really happening….? this is like a fever dream!
  10. Happy to see the robotic drift bug finally squashed...you all are the best!!
  11. The experience is the journey, not the destination! I’ve always liked to follow a more realistic approach to exploring celestial bodies…usually will send a fly-by probe, then an orbiter, an unmanned lander, maybe a sample return mission, then crewed missions before building a base+orbiting station. Really, after you get to an celestial body your options are: 1. Send rover 2. fly a plane if possible 3. build a surface base 4. Grab some nifty screenshots
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