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  1. Phfft. 400 knots? That’s rookie style....it should be an orion drive powered ballon...
  2. Goat sim is one of my all time favorites
  3. I’ve got a good video suggestion for you. It’s called ksp kollabrative warfare. I suggest you go check it out.
  4. when you start to wonder how much boosters it'll take to launch some very annoying *cough* rioters* into hko.....I MEAN HEO....
  5. Wow! It’s really cool to see the big fish @Matt Lowne, @ShadowZone and @Nate Simpson comment on the forum! First off, we are glad to hear that you guys are doing well over at t2 and we hope that you can preserve ksp2 as you originally wished it to be. Man, at this point it’s gotta be like a brainchild. And it’s really neat to hear Shadowzones input, it was interesting and eye opening. And as for @Matt Lowne....I’m A HUGE fan! It’s really great to hear from you guys, it really is. Nate, I wish you and your team well.
  6. Personally, I loved how ksp was developed by a small, unknown indie studio, and it would rise to have the following it has to say. The ksp community is one of the best out there. Also, I feel that the ksc doesn''t get enough credit for looking so good. There is an incredible amount of detail that was put into the buildings.
  7. This whole deal is quite simply, a horrible thing to have done to Star theory. It is a shame on how obnoxious/almost whiney that t2 is being. Ergh.
  8. It’s a sacrificial pool to the almighty Kraken Is kerbol (the sun) good place to live?
  9. Go out and start counting them one by one Why are Kerbals green?
  10. Today I sent up the third module of my Big Boi station, just another crew module. It's 16 mk. 1 crew modules in two stacks with four way symmetry, with the quad rockomax adapter at the bottom for the refueling stations/extra modules. Shame I can't post any pictures...
  11. Receives a AA battery inserts cyber truck
  12. Thanks, I’ll have to look into that!
  13. Oh sweet Baby Jesus...I’m going to have fun with with this!!