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  1. It has been shown to me that the mod´s name has terrible historical implications, so i'd like a new one. Suggestions apreciated.
  2. KNSA Pictured: DF4 second stage A stock-a-like chinese rocketry mod aimed to provide replicas at a stock scale Currently working on parts for DF2, DF3 and C1
  3. Humble Begginings:The Early Evolution of Rocketry Chapter 2: Change of Administration Don, Carol and Quiana got on the van to, as an official citation said, "discuss the future of the program". The overworked engeneers were ready to go on strike if they didn't get more workers. To their surprise, the promised airport's construction was cancelled. With the new president, the experimental areas of all armed forces has been put as high priority.The wold be immeediatly moved to a new airforce base and take full control over it and would get 40 workers, and 6 aircraft designers would move
  4. Humble Begginings:The Early Evolution of Rocketry Chapter 1: Loss of Vehicle Engeneer Carol Kerman watches over the only hangar of the EATA-1 (Experimental Aircraft Testing Area-1). 4 engeneers, Philip, Carol, Quiana, and Helga were moved to a new division of the air force. The constant tension between countries forced the air force to start rapid development of new aircraft. One recently built commercial airfield was on sale after the company that build it went bankrupt. The dirt runway, the abandoned hangar, and a single land vehicle to taxi small aircraft. All operatio
  5. I'm really excited for this! I've been looking for something exactly like what you're showing. Keep the great work!
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