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  1. The head teacher of my old school denied that there was bullying at his oh-so-perfect school.
  2. My first grade teacher told my parents something like "He won't be able to calculate. But that's alright, there are also other people who cannot calculate." (Today I go to what we call "Gymnasium" in german and is equivalent to a high school and my math grades are pretty good.) I once had a teacher who replied to a question from another student with "Yeah that's a good question" and walked away. Edit: She also told me once that it's my duty to help other students when I already understood the subject. Am I the only one with an english teacher that likes reading journals so much that we are always writing reading journals?
  3. When you learn your first coding language the challenge isn't actually the coding language itself, it's learning how to solve a problem using an algorithm that can be turned into a program. Some people learn that very quick, others need a little bit more time.
  4. I think you never stop learning a coding language - there's always something you don't know yet. Sounds like you don't like coding very much
  5. Yesterday I built a monorail - and it derailed and fell to the ground Screenshot taken seconds before the disaster
  6. When it‘s hot in the classroom because it‘s summer and you say to your classmate who sits next to you „It‘s too hot, I‘m about to explode“
  7. When you have to listen to a boring presentation and wonder why the physical warp doesn‘t work. Or when you‘re looking for the time warp option at the bus stop.
  8. I have a lot of KSP screenshots showing ridiculous or epic failures on my PC, so I was thinking "Why not make a thread where funny KSP failures can be shared for entertainment purposes?" Examples: suspension.exe has stopped working However, videos showing funny KSP fails or just texts telling about it are welcome too.
  9. Here's a little failure-album of my STS-9 mission: https://imgur.com/a/oHqxqER Unfortunately I don't have a screenshot of every fail, but at least a few.
  10. Here's my entry for STS-9: https://imgur.com/a/Y3XOzYQ I replayed the landing now to qualify for a commander rank. This mission was indeed harder than the previous one. However, I'm surprised how light a mined out A-class asteroid is. I managed to land it while Val was riding it with an MMU. I wanted to deploy the EVA parachute, during landing (for coolness), but it didn't work for some reason. After many failures, I wanted to use mechjeb for attitude holding during reentry, but I was to lazy to read a mechjeb manual and couldn't figure out how to use mechjeb's attitude holding autopilot tools so I ended up holding the attitude manually. That's why mechjeb was installed but not used at the end of the mission. Mods: KER, EEX, RCS Build Aid, Trajectories DLC: MH and Breaking Ground Finally landed this space potato. The R&D will now cook and eat analyze it.
  11. They‘re green, they might life from sunlight like a plant. But they eat space potato (also known as „Asteroids“) too, and also Mint (just look at the science reports from Minmus)
  12. I once had a physics exam with a question about a GPS satellite. We were supposed to calculate the orbital period. Since my relay satellites in KSP are always geostationary, I wrote that it has a period of 24 hours because it‘s geostationary, believing that I was very smart. GPS satellites are not always geostationary. I didn‘t get any points for this question.
  13. Here's a little preview for my next mission report. The tiny little thing attached to the space potato is an MMU similar to those that I used for the space telescope mission with this new small variant of the AGU. (Yes the Kerbal in the command seat is still alive). But I'll probably replay the last part of the landing because the first touchdown was on the runway's embankment at the side and I want to do a commander landing.
  14. I always use Making History parts for Soyuz replicas. Or you can use fairings to make a sphere
  15. When you talk about real life space exploration and accidentialy say „Kerbals“ instead of „crew“. When someone asks you „What did you do last weekend?“ and you day „I went to Duna and back“
  16. When I did my first (unmanned) Mun landing, I didn't really know what I was doing. I run out of fuel and hit the ground at 45m/s. Some parts exploded, but the probe was still operational. I proudly called it a "landing".
  17. I'm curious what strategy they'll use to find it. @mikegarrison said that releasing smoke or something like this won't work because it would just lead to the air cleaning system. Would it be possible to disable the air cleaning system for a while (a few hours maybe) without endangering the crew too much?
  18. How did they find the previous leak? (If I remember correctly, this isn‘t the first one)
  19. What if you rigthclick (or leftclick, I always confuse it) on the command pod of your vessel and press „Control from here“ before you undock?
  20. @czarniecki KER (=Kerbal Engineer Redux, a mod that displays useful informations) has a suicide burn timer. This is a countdown for the moment when you have to hit „Z“ to not crash into the surface. Did you have any issues with the balance of the vessel when you tried to land it?
  21. Visual mods like EVE, Scatterer, Reentry Particle Effect and so on shouldn‘t cause problems at all.
  22. I‘ve never had trouble with such contracts. I once had a Mun station expansion contract like this too, and I sent a jumbo tank with a not even so big rocket. The transfer stage had a tank that was half as big as a jumbo tank and a skipper engine and I don‘t remember the other stages
  23. @eee Have you been at this camp yourself?
  24. Maybe when I was a beginner, barely knowing the difference between "Prograde" and "Retrograde", and managed to get a satellite to orbit. I was so proud that I sent another similar satellite to orbit.
  25. I don‘t talk about flying an SSTO, i talk about building one, but you’re right about flying an SSTO. An SSTO that can bring an orange tank to LKO isn‘t that hard to build either but don‘t forget that the station is in a Mun orbit. When you have to add nuclear engines for transfer to an SSTO, the design becomes a lot more complicated.
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