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  1. Not that I know of. you would need to search the thread if someone posted any. Out of my experience PlumeParty looks better for SRBs, as the smoke is much heavier. Might be able to configure that with waterfall as well, but all I've seen was too little for my feeling.
  2. It is happening from time to time. :-/ Just a little thing to play around. In latest master tree of habtech, there are the camera masts of the ISS in there. Following patch will add cameras and servos to the mast, so you can film. You need the Wild Blue Industries Servo Controller and HullcamVDS Continued Mods for this.
  3. I think the KNES ATV ones you should know. Most of the stuff I did was adapting around ISS missions and build, to have realistic time frames. Unrelated to Kerbalism, I build a patch to put moveable cameras in the new camera masts of benjee. It is really cool to have moveable cameras with zoom in the original positions, but it is more for playing around. Will post them over in the habtech thread.
  4. Just know, that I have JNSQ + Kerbalism + Rational Resources, hence sizing of supplies is matched on that (length of day). I hope I picked the right configs. ;-D
  5. Sorry, was off for a while. Still relevant or did you build one yourself?
  6. I think you are thinking of a different mod. Benjee was considering Buran parts, however they are not done yet.
  7. I think I remember a few people posting some here in the thread, but you would need to search probably a while back.
  8. might answer your question: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/145633-1111-hullcam-vds-continued/&do=findComment&comment=4012193
  9. If you are playing stock there should be absolutely no problem to get to orbit. I'm using the parts unmodified in JNSQ and reach up to 500km orbit. So it is hard to tell what is going on with your flight. As far as I know the stock SSME should be the right engine to use which gets patched with the Shuttle mod.
  10. And my brain thought the easiest way would be to put it on a hinge in the space shuttle bay and then have a completely lopsided shuttle manoeuvring....
  11. I don't think that was fixed, it was still occurring for some ppl. I think not using autostruts helps in some cases. As I understood it, it might only be solved with the revamp Benjee is working on.
  12. Probably better to ask in the RSS/RO threads. Only thing I know of is this https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealismOverhaul/tree/master/GameData/RealismOverhaul/RO_SuggestedMods/HabTech2
  13. You can search in Benjees repositories and rewrite the configs to use the Habtech IVAs (not Habtech2, just Habtech). They fit sort of, but not sure if it will cause issues.
  14. I know benjee prepared CKAN for habtech2. Might be coming with the next release
  15. Better not use the autostrutting, it might wreck the arm. Better make sure, the end effector is attached to a node in stowage. Over the time I learned, that the arm is barely useable in free movement in the game. Better have a Mock-Up of whatever you want to do in the VAB and position the arm in there. then note down the position of each joint (or patch it, so you can use the snapshot manager of breaking ground mini mods). You basically create a set of different positions to do your mission. Then use that in orbit. And regarding slow movement: 2% is already a lot. Also as it is a robotics part, do not "keep it in the game". Meaning station arms etc. anything that is in the game a long time and not just for a mission (e.g., Space Shuttle) I wouldn't do. Similar to the drift you know from 12.x, happens to the robotic pieces and they shift after some time or loose their position.
  16. You'll go to current habtech2 github and click on the green "Code" button, then download zip. Please be aware, that this is the current dev version, hence to use for experienced users. For example existing crafts might not work anymore and get deleted. So make sure you backup and know what you do.
  17. check the SOCK thread OP post. Atmosphere autopilot is recommended to fly the shuttle. The fly-by-wire mode makes it quite easy https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/124417-180-1121-atmosphereautopilot-1517/
  18. There are no interiors for the modules, you will just see a black background.
  19. Is this still relevant for current versions of KSP? I am not blessed with GBs of RAM and normally run around 9 out of 12 GBs.
  20. It is actually not that hard. The patch uses B9 part switch, hence you need to have that installed. Then you copy the patch I wrote into a .cfg file. For example myknes-patch.cfg and place that into the GameData folder. I normally create a folder in there to hold all my patches. It will then be picked up by ModuleManager and change the config.
  21. The CKAN description has changed, without a new version of JNSQ. As I remember the install yesterday, Kronometer was made a dependency and is not included in JNSQ anymore. Hence CKAN needs to set that straight, delete the previous JNSQ setup with the included Kronometer and then reinstall JNSQ + the dependency Kronometer as its own package. It should actually leave your KSP settings.cfg alone and only affect files in the JNSQ folder (or if it happens to other mods the respective folder). You can backup your changed files before doing the reinstall and then copy it back.
  22. So in your russian text, you had the word Pirs in there, you have troubles loading the Pirs craft? What version of Tantares are you using? I am not sure for which version the craft files were created, but surely not for the dev version
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