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  1. So here's the new story plan. It was 10,000 years before the KSC. It was a time where Kerbalkind was divided on the idea to colonize Laythe. Half of Kerbal Kind wanted to colonize the entire solar system while one half disagreed. Soon debates and small fights became protests and battles. Kerbalkind was at war with each other about colonizing Laythe. After 10 years of fighting the non-colonizing Kerbals won. However the war had destroyed many parts of Kerbin, almost whipping out all their technology. The non-colonizing Kerbals however did not want to exile the colonizing Kerbals. So they decided to banish them to a faraway planet called Puff in a whole new solar system. They agreed that they would be so far apart that another fight between them was very low. So then all of Kerbin’s colonizing Kerbals left Kerbin on a ship headed to Puff. The ship did arrive at Puff safely but a growing anger at the Kerbals on Kerbin rose. 1,000 years later and the Kerbals that opposed colinzation were now interested in space like crazy! They had been to every planet in the solar system, built bases, flew SSTOs, rockets, built space stations, and much more. However it was around the time that the Kerbals discovered Puff. And it was also the time where the Kerbals on Puff were so angry that they began building warships to take back Kerbin. While on Kerbin they were building an interplanetary ship to explore Puff. 2 years later the kerbals had just launched their mission to Puff. The boom! The ship blows up on its way performing a gravity assist around Jool. The crew had died. The KSC learned of this shortly after and had actually spotted several warships. The KSC, confused and not wanting to be annihilated, also built war ships. When the enemy warships arrived at Duna the KSC sent their warships to attack but they had lost the battle. Puff’s warships were just too strong. The KSC was using missiles while Puff was using lasers and antimatter based weapons. This fleet of warships by Puff was commanded by Julius Bodekam (all kerbals on Puff have the last name Bodekam). The fleet of warships from Kerbin was led by Werner Von Kerman who surprisingly made it out alive. The warp ships arrived at Kerbin and Julius Bodekam gave a warning saying that Kerbin must surrender or he will annihilate all kerbalKind on Kerbin. After receiving this threat an unknown craft approaches the KSC. It was a Puff who came to help. His name was Ho Bodekam. He wants to help Kerbalkind defend themselves as Julius is a madman and will destroy them anyways (surrender or not). Ho hands them plans and laser cannons form them to use and replicate and make more. The KSC understood the plans and made a huge fleet of warships with laser matching Puff. Then a big space battle happens (like the one in StarWars). Warships clash and little space jets fly and destroy each other. Eventually Julius is defeated and his warships return to Puff in retreat. However Julius (a madman) decides to evacuate his crew and fly the ship himself to blow up the KSC using the ship. He follows his plans and basically sasy, If I go down you go down too! Jebidiah swoops in and destroyed Juluis’s crafts before it hits the KSC. Kerbals celebrate and THE END.
  2. This might come out as one of the last KSP1 movies. I now am very ambitous and maybe make it both in KSP and Ksp2. Who knows. This is just as of though and nothing official.
  3. Three Hundred and Twenty Seven Trescientos veintisiete 삼백이십칠 Tre hundrede og syvogtyve ʻEkolu Haneri me iwakāluakūmāhiku ତିନି ଶହ ଏବଂ କୋଡ଼ିଏ ସାତ |
  4. So what do I type to have when I type Shift + R do something? Is it something like this? This is just a guess (the guess is keypressed = r ) Other lines of code are just for example. playWhen { keyPressed = r } } playlist { name = loop = shuffle = preloadTime = And can i do this? playWhen { keyPressed = r scene = MainMenu } } playlist { name = ExampleSong loop = False shuffle = False preloadTime = 1
  5. Thanks I will se what I can make with this! Thanks for the help! I read the code and it just seems to show where and when the button/icon appears. It was really useful and maybe I could figure out how to make it work. I always just start up with a little plan. But a lot of "ifs" are just needed it seems. But thanks for the help! This was really helpful!
  6. Okay. So. I am currently developing a music mod for KSP and would anyone know how to toggle it? Okay let me explain. Some mods have a icon that shows below all the apps. Well. What should I type if i wanted to toggle the songs by clicking the icon?
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