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  1. Hey guys. I did my first flight to minmus. And you know what. When Jeb was in his pod he saw a Munda eclipse! Sorry I d9nt have a picture. I din know how to upload pics.
  2. This may just be like a simple ship bug kraken. If this happnes close the applications and restart the ps4. then play again.
  3. How do i insert photos?

  4. How do I insert photos into my posts? If anyone can help please help.

  5. Here us my first mun lander. Mun 45: vv 4e Wait how do i insertf photos?
  6. In order to get rid of debris that cant come back and be destroyed there are two options. One you can send an ssto that has a grapping hooked and dock to the debris and put it on a collision course (debris). Or you can go to the traking station and select the debris. Then there will be an option to terminate it. Press that and it will magically disappear. There i a problem with having too much debris when flying and you have all the debris locations showing it can make the map screen lag. If enough things are in space it could crash the game. I advise you to terminate all debris that isn't important to avoid KSP crashing, game files being corrupted or deleted, or all files deleted, or computer trouble. You never know so be careful but make sure to have fun. Please do not take this answer as a offense or any other mean comment. I just wrote this to help. But this may be more than enough. Sorry.
  7. Im not sure. I havve never docked before but It may be the Kraken. Wait it started to lag??? Well it depends, KSP simulates every part that is in physics range which is less than 5km. And it is probeley lagging because yout space station is made out of lots of parts. The game is trying to run all the caculalations but too slow and cant update the graphics and video making it super laggy. Dont worry. I made a 2000 part rocket it was super laggy. Then the game may crash so this could leading to Game Diles being delelted or reverting before you dud your mission losing all your progress. So becarfula dn try not to use so many parts. This happened may times to me. I tried creating a 200 part vessel that can go suoer sinic in less than 10seconds and it lagged. going to faast at a low attitiude of a planet when the aredynamic forces shows up creates lag too.
  8. I wish in KSP2 has way more parts and include eery part from KSP1 including all DLCs
  9. That will never happen. Cause ima chatter box. When coming to texts Hey if I dont alk in 24 hours in the chat cam I choose your Mission Doodling Astronaut?