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  1. Bob Kerman had upsetted Silus Kerman, the military drill sergeant after beating him up and silus ordered a nuke to be fired at his house killing him instantly. Moonbro Kerman-Mun exploit
  2. oh right I was thinking about aircraft approach and auto land.
  3. Kuyc Kerman was hangin out and gettin drunk at the astronaut complex when his wife be gettin real angry for launching their house to space. Because it was late night at the complex, anything could enter, including a secret missile. The missile impaled Kuyc and he died when he fell out of the paramedic plane. Jebediachk Kerman-dies because of the taxmanian devil (Its the Tasmanian devil but with taxes)
  4. Silus Kerman. Recovery is a beautiful thing, war is a beautiful thing, the universe is yuge, and we gotta blow it up cause I like doing stupid stuff
  5. granted, but you bury yourself alive I wish Tintin was real
  6. Landing guidance is for spaceplanes only and only for landing on Kerbin Runways
  7. A house has been launched into space! Launch the man-rocket. Oh no! IT CRASHED!!!!! That was really fun. The new Kerbal killer series from Squad! I also climbed to the top of the island control tower I assume that thats a mod or a glitch
  8. Danny Kerman was walking with Kirrim Kerman playing Call of Duty: Moho Warfare Mobile when Kirrim Kerman receivied the execute order 66 message from the man the myth the legend DANNY2462!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kirrim brought out his welding tool boi and impaled Danny through the hed. Obi Kerman-accident involving Ani Kerman
  9. right im logging off for the day
  10. Kerman kerman was training with fake lightsabers on top of SSTO. Kessler syndrome caused the original space probe to stab him in the shoulder and send him flying into the Kraken Krater, when the Kraken threw him into the sun to join Michale. doooooooooofus Kerman died from fuel exploit
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