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  1. I call that one giant crater thingy in the ocean Kraken Krater:D Jeb NEVER aborts:D
  2. Yeah, I started playing it again, its okay, just wish they had nodes, asteroids, EVAs, SRBs, less glitches, better RCS, a decent launch facility, more in the future of landscape, research, oceans, etc. More fun now that I got to the moon, yes, moon, not Mun
  3. what is your most accurate rocket/spaceplane? historically accurate to a real or even concept design.
  4. whoops I always get them confused cause Gene was flight director for Gene:)
  5. today I created an escape pod with a high thrust engine and infinite fuel (with debug), and the kraken tore it apart, or it broke the light barrier, because now it shows that they were wiped out of existence.
  6. figured out how to fly a spaceplane in enhanced and revised my Gemini craft by changing engines and adding service module suggestion: add a rover with MK2 lander can body. It will look like the JAXA rover for Artemis!
  7. post your failures and space center in flames !
  8. Post your solar orbits here!
  9. yeah, see what you mean, bill, bob, and a couple rookies just vanished from existence, weird thing is, it only occurs during an engine burn, unless it is an ion or rcs engine, and the problem doesn't occur in orbit of kerbin.
  10. Anybody else use the large scanning arm as a canadarm for aesthetics on a station? Anyone?
  11. You can just go to your account on kerbalspaceprogram.com and then click download again. DO NOT MOVE THE FILE!!!!! I can not stress this enough, it will only make things harder
  12. Its literally a 12 part vessel with a 3 part vessel docking to it, and I never had ab encounter with the kraken before, so I think it has something to do with the debug menu, maybe the cheat sort of overloaded it?
  13. If you could be any KSP planet, with it's moons, what would you be? I feel like I am the king of polls now I chose Vall but I also kinda like lathe too Should have made this a multiple choice I meant planets Actually, if kerbol (the sun) was a choice, I would choose it obviously.
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