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  1. 6/10. I think I have seen you before
  2. There should be multiple modes. One being sandbox multiplayer, another being career multiplayer, the third being science multiplayer, and the fourth being this.
  3. Linus Kerman: Linus was a quiet child who lived in Kermany. He had been separated from his two brothers, Lemburry and Thompberry (Yes, the one from Emiko Station) but a kind man named Wernher Von Kerman found him on the streets of Kologne, Kermany. Wernher raised Linus with deep affection and started to notice how intelligent he was. Around the time Linus was 8, the 3rd Keich had gained power and the Kazi's started invading other countries. The Kazi's evicted Wernher and Linus and forced them to work for them. While developing planes for the Kazi's, they secretly made plans for something they called a rocket. At the end of the war, they heard that the Kazi's, led by Kitler, had trapped the Allies. They quickly built their prototype, the K2, and launched it at the Kazi army. They both became famous after that, allowing his brothers and cousin, Valentina, to find them. Valentina informed them of a new project called the KSP. All of the friends then were accepted in the KSP. Within 2 months, Linus and Wernher became well-known and Wernher was appointed Chief Engineer and the engineer representative for staff meetings, while Linus became the Chief scientist and experimental engineer. He also represented the R&D department in staff meetings. Much later, during the War Against Thompberry Kerman, Linus agreed to adopt Thompberry's consciousness. This led to both living in one body, with them both being able to switch willingly. The person in control of the body's movement, vision, and hearing were all accesible to the person who was not in control, allowing them to communicate to the one in control. Linus continued to develop new tech for the KSC, when eventually it was time to set sights on further distances. As the old KSC was turned into a musuem, they prepared to move to a new location: Kape Kanaveral, and set their sights on other stars.
  4. We know that the Kerbals are living, we know which solar system they live in, but why? This is the question I am piecing together as we explore the past, present, and future of the kerbals’ existence on, “The Kerbol Chronicles”. Basically, use clues and fan made ideas you discover in game or out of the game and we can piece their story back together
  5. I got afraid that you would leave for a second. Congratulations!
  6. I am so sorry. I know you said you wouldn't be online for a while, but know that we are here for you
  7. Is it in the science category? If so, it probably is (I can't check right now)
  8. In this game, you create your own backstory on kerbalkind all the way up to the day the KSC was built. I'll start. Long ago, the solar system now known as Kerbol was complete. It had everything someone could want. The sun god, Kerbol, the moon god, Mun, the uncle god, Minmus, and the annoying aunt god, The Kraken, all decided that there should be life in that seemingly perfect system. Since Kerbol was always so bright and cheery, everyone decided to name the new species after her. They called them, the kerbals. A new kerbal was born every time a star died in the universe. The star's spirit and name would belong to its new body, a kerbal. The many gods frolicked in the cosmos as they watched the kerbals break new boundaries, and even touch the gods themselves, by landing on them. The kerbals, however, still had many more galaxies to explore...
  9. You forget to deploy the solar panels before timewarping. Linus sends a rover to Duna to get an exotic sandwich
  10. A bunch of Green marsh berries, fresh from the swamps of faraway Earth!
  11. Jeb saw the kupid, once he proposed to Val on Valentines day (Get it?)
  12. Copy, one slice of Xenon Tank!
  13. The docking port for the lander is under the engines sorry, quoted you so you got a notification
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