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  1. collab yay! also, we're figuring out how to turn this model into a planetpack terrain is mostly work of shader nodes, but the dum as decided to use more geometry instead of rearranging it, so model had 3 million verts i made a new mesh with much less geometry and he worked from that as the base model
  2. 1/10 no effort, just copied BBCode from kerbalx
  3. @OrdinaryKerman thx for the reminder! could've completely missed this...
  4. ryzen 5-3500u, radeon vega 8, ram 4gb ddr4, ssd 256gb laptop gw sih kuat kalo main, tapi sejak insiden simetri 512x gw gbs main lagi, frame drop sama langsung crash, jadi gw beralih ke buat mod sama @OrdinaryKerman edit: udah bisa lagi, tapi lg males main, gw skrg lagi sering main TF2
  5. salam kenal semuanya, saya dari bekasi
  6. can i please have the craft file for educational purposes? the main issue with my speeder is that the fairing will overheat, and i really wanna try to use a cargo bay, but i have never managed to get it to work
  7. @camacju how did you build that? i tried recreating your craft and it didn't work :'(
  8. [snip] my craft is "only" capable of consistent 2080m/s runs, but i'll try getting 2100m/s
  9. can i still post here for 1.11? i've got a craft that was originally designed for experimenting with fairing occlusion and whatnot, but i think it will also work well as a low-flying speeder.
  10. Clearly you don't understand what it means. No it isn't
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