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  1. can i please have the craft file for educational purposes? the main issue with my speeder is that the fairing will overheat, and i really wanna try to use a cargo bay, but i have never managed to get it to work
  2. @camacju how did you build that? i tried recreating your craft and it didn't work :'(
  3. [snip] my craft is "only" capable of consistent 2080m/s runs, but i'll try getting 2100m/s
  4. can i still post here for 1.11? i've got a craft that was originally designed for experimenting with fairing occlusion and whatnot, but i think it will also work well as a low-flying speeder.
  5. Clearly you don't understand what it means. No it isn't
  6. watch the vid yes iirc yes 4x 1.25m heatshield i've actually tried using them for control, and they did basically nothing to help
  7. I'm working on a heat shield wing Nerv-only SSTO... However, the current design has several issues, mainly: -it's very yaw-happy on the runway (is the wheelbase not wide wnough? is it too low? or is it an issue with the aerodynamics?) -it's still can't take off. (do i need more wings? do i need to reduce the amount of fuel? should i switch the cockpit for a service bay + chair?) Can someone please help me solve these issues? Here's the craft file: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/2/folders/18PERXjecXKva8U8d5c7locJLVkrwHabp
  8. aight yea, that makes sense i think its just im not used to seeing nervs used on anything other than long range or lf-only sstos
  9. I know that, my question is why should @AngryPotato9 use Nervs when the SSTO is only meant to reach LKO? They're heavy and are dead mass for 70-80% of the flight
  10. 4GB :'( tufx, planetshine, alarm, realplume, smokescreen (realplume dependency), better time warp, trajectories yeah, i think it was too much guess i'll ditch the visual mods
  11. I have just installed Trajectories, and for some reason, the game crashes after the startup screen. I am unable to try and recreate this with only Trajectories installed, since the game crashes before I could even load a save. At first I suspected that it was an issue with ModuleManager, since I have had a similar issue previously, and I fixed that by deleting previous versions of ModuleManager. However, after I did that, the problem still wasn't resolved. Here's the logs folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xXyjOwFs1SrmETDdpmO5rPCcyvziaTr4?usp=sharing Help is greatl
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