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  1. Is there a Interplaynetary speed limit? My interplanetary speed record was 5.6c Edit: Will you add a Jump Animation for the Jump Gates? (Oh and 100000x Interstellar Speed Multiplier = Kraken attack!)
  2. Can anomalies found in the tracking station, and are they tagged as asteroids? because i can't find any...
  3. Hi everyone! I want to build a Star Trek ship and I need Light Strips for the Warp Nacelles and I can't find a Mod that adds something like that... Is there even a Mod for that?
  4. I found out, i deleted a main file in the stock game, i think that was the problem why my ksp didn't load... Now it's perfectly working even when KSPIE and Blueshift areboth installed
  5. Update: I'm dump and deleted a file, and i think thats why ksp didn't load... Now it's perfectly working
  6. And also, when i try to install KSP, my Steam sayes, it will took over 7 gigs storage, but KSP is never that big... Erforderlicher Festplattenspeicher = Required Storage
  7. I already did that, but steam install these files too everytime i reinstall ksp
  8. It's has nothing to do with mods, i reinstalled KSP so it's pure stock, but it doesn't load... Idk whats happend to KSP but i guess Steam overrides some files, that are important to start KSP. And i don't know how to delete cloud files in Steam. So i will not be able to play ksp for now...
  9. Ok, no, it doesn't.... I tried it on my LapTop and it isn't even working on it. I even reinstalled KSP so it's pure stock and as expected it doesn't load....
  10. Thanks for all you help, but I installed a mod incorrectly an i fixed that. Now it's perfectly working
  11. I don't get any messages, but my Ksp stops loading at "Loading asset bundle definitions". That was not until i installed Kspie.
  12. I installed the mods like every time and it worked always, but somehow it doesn't works on my new PC. I'm using KSP 1.11 with both dlc's and bought in on steam
  13. it is possible that Kerbal space program interstellar extended isn't compatible with blueshift, because my ksp will not start when KSPIE and Blueshift are installed...
  14. I bought a new PC yesterday and today i wanted to install KSP on it. At first i startet KSP in stock and it took like 20 secs. But then i installed some mods and it took like infinite time. But i only have KSPIE and Blueshift Installed... And it stops loading at "Loading Asset Bundle Definition"... Here's my log: https://mega.nz/file/xPBi3RCJ#7ZZCpnvQyOGwhLfyVXc84a7MKYoECvWq5ueKOgZ-duU
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