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  1. Idk how many tons but i liked @Araym's Nacelle Design. So i made a freighter lol. 3.5 C Max Speeeed And also, I'm planing to make a cinematic Movie when next update is out. But I'm actually just waiting for my 3080
  2. How many Energy does a warp drive need?? I have two antimatter reactors (from KSPI-E) on my craft, which are producing a ton of energy, but my warp drive still says it has not enough energy. plz help...
  3. I don't know if you are going to change the Warp Effect for the Warp Drives since Waterfall has Distortion effect, but i can try to add the Effect. I think i just would need a few days because ModuleManager Syntax is weird and i need to read the Waterfall wiki
  4. The NX-01 is one of my favorite ships in the whole ST universe. How about adding a Waterfall Patch to the engines. would look nice. And since Waterfall has a distortion effect, it's perfect for a warp drive
  5. Wow! This ship looks Impressive. What Mods do u use? And Maybe Carft file plz...? I'm not good at building Beautiful ships
  6. Every time i try to launch a Vessel with OPT Parts, kraken destroyes the Vessel instant. Is OPT Broken?
  7. After i installed some Mods, KSP took so long to load. Stock KSP loads in like 10 - 20 Seconds. And there are only 59 Mods. Can someone help me please? LOG: https://mega.nz/file/1GgmiaLQ#ooN9lAcaxOx49EfXIt0a1kBG_yenysMs58mQNqlvOG0 Also: KSP Takes very long to load it with mods on my new PC (it's like 2 or 3 Month old) but my PC is pretty good i guess.
  8. Hey! My friend and me are Searching for a Mod that adds like two Systems But they should be near Kerbol because we don't want to user Warp Drives. I just can't find Those Mods. Do u know some?
  9. @Angel-125 Waterfall has now a distortion effect! I saw it in StockWaterfallEffects https://github.com/KnightofStJohn/StockWaterfallEffects/releases
  10. DSEV doesn't work for me. Most of the Engines aren't working. Like the Torch drive: *Cheated myself into Orbit I also installed the dependencies.
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