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  1. Banned for not providing a reason for banning the forum user above your post.
  2. Banned for not thinking that they would design around this problem.
  3. No. Perhaps @Souptime will give us soup?
  4. I remember that someone at Intercept Games said that all parts from the original game would be in KSP2, although I may be wrong.
  5. I feel like having only one kerbal on EVA at a time is probably not a good game limit, but it seems like that you meant 1st person EVA. I believe having 1st person EVA with the insane graphics would make the game wayyyy more immersive, and just looking at your crafts in the eyes of a kerbal would be amazing. Although there may be constraints that I'm not aware of, I feel like this could be feasible for KSP 2.
  6. Banned for being against penguinauts without beards.
  7. Because it is, silly! What if paper is paper but not paper?
  8. Banned for not letting the skycrane lithobrake.
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