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  1. Small bug: When you place a restock part into a cargo container the part comes back to its old texture. You can see a image of the bug bellow:
  2. Hi, I installed your mod and it seems not to work with 1.11. Will you update it?
  3. As far as I know, Janitors closet can only deactivate parts, not textures. But I will give it a try. Thanks for the answer!
  4. So, I managed to whitelist all the parts that I didn't like in restock in the exact same way that was described here. But it did nothing whether than breaking my save file ( I had backups, don't worry). I saw that all the parts that I whitelisted just vanished from the game. Is there a way to make whitelisting easier, like inside of the game? It would be good to prevent the type of problem that occurred to me.
  5. I downloaded your mod and I really liked most of the revamped parts. But some parts I did not like at all. I know that I could whitelist the parts that I want to load, but I would spent a long time doing it. So, I was wondering if there is a more practical way to block these restock parts from being loaded. Thanks in advance
  6. I have a medium performance computer, and I want my ksp to look nice. But run in a good framerate. Right now I have Boulder Co installed + planet shine + scatterer and I have 30 fps in atmo once all the cache loads. I want to know if it would be better to install SVE in a low resolution. Would it increase my fps or SVE is heavy even in low resolution and my fps would be bad? My specs are: Laptop Inspiron 3583 CPU: i7-8565U RAM: 8 Gb GPU: AMD Radeon 520 I am currently running ksp in 1.10.1 with 20 mods. Thanks for the help
  7. foot testtest thispersondoesnotexist
  8. I really loved the idea of 1st person EVA Will it work with 1.10.1?
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