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  1. could you possibly add the MBS to it aswell with the arm and other stuff
  2. how do i dock trusses together in space im trying to build it but its hard to dock them
  3. ive downloaded it but when i unzip it gives a corrupted file error pls help
  4. Could someone supply me with a "A Shortfall of Gravitas" or just a blank ASDS .dds file thanks
  5. how do i use the parts to dock something to my craft with it attached i cant figure out how like docking a resupply mission to the ISS but in KSP
  6. im trying to add scripts from outside the game but it doesnt read it in game anyhelp?
  7. I use filezilla so there couldnt be anything wrong.
  8. i get a error when i unzip the file that error is ! C:\Users\user\Downloads\Kerbal_Reusability_Expansion-2.8.6 (1).zip: The archive is corrupt | can anyone help?
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