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  1. Yep that's the issue. Is there any way this can be fixed?
  2. Hey, I wanted to ask you if you know why the bullet mechanics seem to break in orbit or when you're not on a planet's surface?
  3. Does anyone know what could cause the waterfall effects in this mod to not work?
  4. Is there a way to remove the engine heating. I'm trying to do something in sandbox with the Frisbee antimatter engine but I need it to not have heating?
  5. Do you think you're gonna update this to work with new scatterer?
  6. Yes the GU homeswitch replaces the Kerbol system (retextures it rather)
  7. After more testing, it seems that it's a bug somehow related to GU. I decided to test the distance theory, so I did GU homeswitch, and tested it in the new home system. Still happened, only difference was that now the kerbals would get pushed out more often (probably because the physics engine has a better time correcting itself at lower distances). But it seems to not be distance related when it comes to GU
  8. How do you get the visuals to work in 1.12.2? Are you using RSS or are you in stock?
  9. Yeah at first I thought it was this, but I talked to the GU dev and some other people and none of them experienced this bug before. Could it be a version thing? Maybe it only happens in certain game versions?
  10. I think it should be fine, the reason the default inflatable shield doesn't decouple properly is because it has a little truss structure around the mount, so the colliders get stuck. This has very simple collision meshes so it should be fine.
  11. I'm having an issue where kerbals clip into the ground on Kopernicus planets. This isn't GU related, I'm just using a GU planet to showcase it. It happens on every planet added by Kopernicus
  12. It seems that the .dds texture conversion completely broke the normals, sorry for the inconvenience, but I didn't expect it to get hidden after editing the changelog. But yeah the latest update got removed because it broke the normals (don't worry it didn't add anything, just changed the texture format)
  13. That would be awesome! I made them purely as aesthetic parts, but it would really be great to have them working as shields for Kerbalism!
  14. Grond's Micrometeorite Shield Mod A mod that adds medium sized to extremely large micrometeorite shields for big interplanetary or interstellar ships. Currently there are two shield sizes, 10 meter shield with a 2.5 meter attachment, and a 50 meter shield, 3.75 meter attachment, and a pretty powerful antenna. Download: SpaceDock It is also available on CKAN! Dependencies: Community Tech Tree Recommended: Near Future Construction (heavily recommend) Near Future Propulsion Near Future Electrical (this one as well) Far Future Technologies Restock Restock+ Changelog: 1.1 - Added a 50m shield that doubles as a long range antenna, also fixed the file structure so it's not horrible; 1.1.1 - Quick MM patch to make the mod "technically" work without CTT, but I wouldn't recommend it because it makes all the shields cost the same amount of science; Licensing: All code and cfgs are distributed under the MIT License All art assets (textures, models, animations) are distributed under an All Rights Reserved License.
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