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  1. Losing a encounter for no fter timewarp because orbits changed for no reason at all
  2. How does this mod compare in performance to AVP? (more specifically, 2k textures, and scatterer) is it lighter? Edit: Apparently it's nearly a tie
  3. TLA problem happening to me again! This time I am using heavy graphical mods
  4. My graphics card cant run Real Plumes well So I kinda cant use Real Plumes unless I make my fps worse than it already is
  5. Is there a github? Some files are corrupted so I want to try to download files from github Edit: I dont think Ill be able to download the file separately I will just delete what is corrupted and hope the mod doenst break
  6. Simply not using Hangar Extender fixed this issue for me
  7. Hm My potato runs it just fine I even tried to launch a Jool mission
  8. With the mods I am using 1.12 doesn't work
  9. I use a laptop I cant downgrade my GPU I might try 1.12 if it even runs on my PC
  10. I am using mods that are not being updated since 1.8 and I dont think my pc would run 1.12 well I really need some fix Removing Hangar Extender can help?
  11. I always forget reaction wheels/RCS and also struts
  12. Maybe the main menu has some weird particle somewhere for some reason, or maybe it crashes for a completely different reason Question: is there any way to fix the game crashing on VAB/SPH? my game is completely unplayable because of TLA, i cant build crafts without the game crashing.
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