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  1. Some images I'm seeing have a longer version of the EOSS docking adapter, could the mod get a switch for that? EDIT: Also maybe a toggle to remove the side struts and/or tanks?
  2. How do you download the dev version? I can't find it on the github so is it publicly available?
  3. I found this potentially useful image From page 154 of this document, the whole thing is in Russian though so that might make some things difficult. The document has all sorts of images and information which could be handy http://spaceresearch.ssau.ru/doc/materials/Карфидов - Том 2. Космонавтика США.pdf Also, little suggestion, could there be a switch to disable the umbilical on the CSM decoupler? It'd be useful for attaching payloads or for the lander concept above
  4. Idk how efficient the landers are, but if a stupid (looking) ship works then it isn't a stupid ship
  5. Updated kitbash of my International Skylab idea (or Skylab 2, idk a name yet, suggestions welcome?) EDIT: Forgot to include the view of the interior airlock
  6. The secret ingredient is cheats (: In reality it would be similar to a wetlab: the S-II stage would be filled with propellant and get the station into an orbit, then any excess fuel is dumped and the doors can now be opened
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