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  1. So the Missions feature kind of flopped, so do yall have any suggestions to Squad to improve it? And, reply with cool Missions you want to do too!
  2. I wish more people did Missions in general, its an interesting feature that just flopped but has so much potential
  3. Will this work for 1.12? And if not, are there plans to update it?
  4. @CobaltWolfWill the Lunar Lander be getting the MESA? Would be cool to plop a Hullcam camera on it and some other sciences
  5. Now that 1.12.2 and MH/BG are done, are there plans for a patch for ReStock? I've always wanted to use TURD but I mainly use ReStock so I haven't gotten the chance, and I've seen a few other people ask about this in this topic
  6. I can't find a roadmap on this mod so I'll ask here: Are there any plans to revamp the spaceplane parts? Cockpits, fuel tanks, maybe wings, etc.?
  7. Just commenting in to see how its going?
  8. I hope there's more, its always good to get new info n this was interesting, but it's also probably the smallest bit of news we've ever gotten
  9. Looking great and amazing as always!
  10. I've been trying to learn Kopernicus but every guide I've found has been for old versions, resulting in my mod only crashing KSP. I'm wondering if anyone has an up to date guide or if anyone has any advice.
  11. This mod still being updated? Its one of my favorites but its sad to see it still in 1.4, last I tried it didn't work well in the latest versions.
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