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  1. Wow! This shows a lot more then I expected! There's so many new forms of power, I wonder if we're getting reactors?
  2. Very big mood for me (and I assume others) rn. This is definitely a thing to be excited about, and I am excited, but at the same time there's a deep down feeling of sadness knowing that there isn't more for this game (until KSP 2 at least )
  3. This is quite sad and unexpected. Can you give more details on whats going on? Im sorry that happened, I hope we can see more from you in the future <3
  4. This mod was just discontinued and purged, so could there be any others?
  5. This is why if KSP2 is there at all I don't expect much, maybe a tease or a trailer if we're lucky
  6. I wish. I've never been a fan of the new poodle, I prefer the original one-bell design. I hope a future KSP update adds an option to switch to that model, and/or KSP2 can have an option for it
  7. With so many new buildings, the only right Kerbal reaction would be, "Can it blow up?"
  8. So Take-Two is going to be one of the companies present at E3 next week, and this could mean some KSP2 at the event, so I think we should discuss! Take-Two does currently have two unannounced games in development so it could very well be those, but I can still see them dropping some news or maybe a new trailer, just to keep hype and interest up while they're in development. What do you think? Will there be anything KSP2 related at E3, and if so what might they show? Could it be related to the "Something more" mystery? Or is this all just conjuncture? Who knows, but its fun to discuss
  9. Will they exert a force upon exploding?
  10. Kinda hard to practice aiming when most of my uncontrolled projectiles never go in a straight line (and when you try to get it to go straight by adding control, the projectile usually becomes too big and is now a missile lol), atleast from my own experience. Someone has probably made better turrets than me
  11. Just made some edits to better clarify my point because I accidentally confused some people on what I was saying
  12. I'm not saying it be added in as default in stock or that the devs go out of their way to make a mod like this happen. What I was saying there was that, at one point or another, a weapons mod will probably be made, and it will really make playing war in multiplayer fun.
  13. I agree that stock should be peaceful and that weapons should be delegated solely to mods. I just made this post to discuss the idea of using it to play war. KSP1 already has its own little community centered around vehicles of war and warfare, and I just think KSP2 and its possible mods in the future would really be able to expand on what people in KSP1 try to do.
  14. Why no? What don't you like about it?
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