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  1. Niagara falls is keeping its trolling to the max. Clouds as far as the eye can see.
  2. KIWI TECH UPDATE We are very excited about the Success of our latest satelites! they both are working exceptionally thanks to our Apetryx-9. I also have another major announcement to share with you today. we are now changing from name from Kiwi Tech to Royal Tech!
  3. We are very excited (and relieved) about the successful launch of EMBARK. This is the start of a new era for Kiwi Tech and all of spaceflight!
  4. There once was a bucket full of eels that ate several paragraphs of Moby Dick, changing the story and allowing them to write new chapters, so that Eels in Buckets replaced the Moby Dick character. A Kitten named Ishmael narrates while purring loudly and running all over town, looking for a fishing rod, but only finds a broom that is missing all its straw, its handle is highly polished, but the rest is very dull. But, predictably, a corner shop exploded because of
  5. 1/10 my brain hurts An Uprated version of the Apetryx-9 with a Geostationary payload 2.5 Tons to LKO WARNING: Heavy use of part clipping, Launch Tower not included
  6. Another very successful mission for the Apteryx-9B! In anticipation of larger payloads we have developed a variant of the Apteryx-9B with a expanded fairing. KerbalX - Apteryx-9B-EF
  7. 10/10 Toothless seems very happy LEGO MOC Mercury & Gemini Collection [Saturn V scale] by 0rig0 | Rebrickable - Build with LEGO
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