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  1. Shortcomings? you mean your own high expectations they never promised?
  2. @Vl3d Nobody bought KSP for its graphics and nobody SHOULD buy KSP 2 for its graphics KSP was always about landing on other planets and pushing what's possible to the limit KSP 2 will 100% LOOK better also some of the clouds aren't even possible without 2023 mods they set that bar long before. it also looks a lot more consistent something KSP failed miserably you are also making the whole community dislike you for no reason just wait until KSP 2 to judge its graphics
  3. So close to KSP 2 I can imagine my Dres mission already.
  4. its gonna be @Royalswissarmyknife that's going to reply next obviously
  5. I once had a Suss kerman lost the save though.
  6. Nope it is I @Minmus Taster will come soon I bet!
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