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  1. By the time you do everything you said its too late to refund it. learned this the hard way.
  2. I think that's the biggest thing We have no idea how the new systems are going to be behave do they make the science system superior or exactly the same as Ksp-1's If the Ksp-2 team so badly want feedback then let us give feedback on your science system before its too late to change it!
  3. A much more trustable source is "It came to me in a dream"
  4. I dont use forums on mobile so that prob why. (its a 737 max)
  5. Giant upside-down metal trashcans can fly!!!
  6. Idk man being able to be in a stable orbit seems important to a spaceflight game maybe just me though.
  7. Ksp-2 manages to narrowly avoid being banned from EA with this rule. Unless you count stable orbits as a major part of the gameplay.
  8. Not when the game takes more then 2 hours to figure out if you like it or not. And when your advertised a "Improved user experience".
  9. This ^ Also the amount of excuses in this thread is amusing. (also steams refund policy is horrible I have tried so many times to get a refund for Ksp-2) Yes well they told me it would become milk within a relativity short period of time. its been 6 months and now its lid is glued shut and I cant even open it without breaking.
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