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    Space exploration, planes, rockets. KSP is one of my favorite games, alongside Portal/Portal 2 and Simplerockets 2. Feel free to shoot me a message. Starship is the best rocket, and the A-10 Warthog is the best plane. Screw transfer windows, just brute force it™

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  1. Can't really argue with this. Duna has 3 moons, and the government is just hiding it from us because they have a military base on it
  2. Granted. It exists, but it can only be purchased in cuba I want both DLCs
  3. Me waiting for all hell to break loose over a jeb vs val debate
  4. Kerbin is hard enough to get off, but good god, 4Gs?
  5. oops I accidentally didn't follow my own thread lol hmm ok
  6. There are. You probably installed via CKAN? Then you need the second mod also - "Parallax - Stock Planet Textures" I did not use CKAN (I prefer to install manually) and I have both mods
  7. can you help me not fail spanish lol
  8. The good news is, there hasn't been a single (announced) delay in over 10 months! To contrast, there were delays every 3-6 months through 2019 and 2020, so it seems like they have a release timeframe that works and a good handle on what they're doing. Don't say that! You are going to jinx us all! Simple solution: Step one: Get a sledge hammer Step 2: Smash said mac Step 3: Build a pc Step 4: Download Steam Step 5: Download KSP 2 Step 6: Profit.
  9. yes and I recommend it a lot because the plumes look great Cool! I was wondering if waterfall had jet plumes, but to be completely honest, when i downloaded it I was too busy admiring the rocket plumes
  10. banned for having a name I can't pronounce
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