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  1. This assumes that the kerbals’ own brains aren’t also governed by the same “klanck time”, and that their own stream of consciousness wouldn’t therefore stutter and jump in the same way. It feels like that would make the “jumpiness” invisible to them, but time would still seem to progress much faster than normal. But it’s still just a game.
  2. You should not be able to fly things like this, because the exploits that make it easier to get something like this to fly (like wing surfaces generating lift whether or not they're buried deep inside the vehicle) can also make it harder for new players to understand how to build a plane that flies. For example, you should not have to worry about the lift/drag of a part that's deep inside a fairing or otherwise visually covered up. There have been many occasions where I built something that SHOULD work in real life, but fails in ksp because some tiny, invisible, uncapped fuel tank was generating 10x more drag than the rest of my craft. You would expect those parts not to affect your aerodynamics at all, and it can cause great headaches to try to identify what unrealistic gameplay "feature" is responsible for flipping your SSTOs. That doesn't teach you anything except how to exploit the game.
  3. I like Dres being lonely, maybe with lots of extra asteroids nearby. it’s partly inspired by ceres, after all.
  4. Feature video 6 is what I was referring to. Was there some other announcement I missed?
  5. Are we getting any form of ISRU in EA or before the "resource gathering" update??
  6. I'll eat my hat if we see multiplayer before 2024
  7. I'm over the mun with joy that I get to actually play KSP2 in the remarkably near future, even though I'm disappointed that the major differences in game mechanics that I was looking forward to (colonies, orbital assembly, advanced resource management, automated trade routes, multiplayer, etc.) won't be there to make this game feel truly different compared to the original. From the way they're selling it, I'd be shocked if roadmap-completion came about before 2024, but a No Man's Sky -style update schedule isn't that bad.
  8. The SRB's look a little too smooth and featureless compared to the kerbal aesthetic I know and love. I hope placeable flags will make a comeback in KSP2 at least. It's great to see recent extended gameplay footage though. I'm hoping it's just the video framerate
  9. I’ll believe it when I see it. I, for one, would realistically consider it a success even if it’s just a parts/planets pack with better graphics and multiplayer.
  10. most mainstream games aren't as buggy and grindy as ksp
  11. I hope they wouldn't completely disable achievements on a save just for using cheats. If ksp2 is anywhere near as buggy as ksp1, then occasional cheating will be essential to prevent frustrating glitches from ruining hours of gameplay.
  12. Somewhat unrelated, but I would LOVE a Pokemon Snap -esque picture-rating system that rewards the player for taking pictures of different things in different locations. For example, you could get a contract to take a picture (using a camera part or a kerbal-held camera) with any of the following conditions: - Must be in orbit/landed on a specific planet - Must be in/over a specific biome - Must be at a certain time of day (midday, midnight, sunrise, sunset) - Must/must not feature 1 or more vehicles - Must/must not feature 1 or more kerbals - Must feature kerbals doing a specific pose - Must feature a flag - Must feature a monolith - Must feature multiple celestial bodies (maybe specific ones e.g. "sunrise on Laythe while Tylo and Jool are visible") I take way too many screenshots in KSP as it is, so it would be great to gameify it and make it a fun challenge to search for the coolest photo locations in the galaxy. I think even just a really great photo mode would be a fun activity to do on planetary surfaces or in space stations, which is something KSP has never really had. PS: Stock placeable cameras that you can switch to would simply be awesome in general. Especially for Falcon style landings.
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