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  1. My kerbals do a yearly “who can burn the most of the North Pole with one SRB challenge.” Jeb has held the title for the past 3 years, but this year Bill has a secret plan to cinch the win.
  2. I was thinking, and thought: how long until we don’t need keyboards anymore, and when will it just come from our brains? Later that day playing some online multiplayer games, I realized that this thought-typing tech might not be as good of an option as I thought. (I almost typed something very unscrupulous, and if it came straight from my brain it most certainly would have sent )
  3. It’s my birthday! I will go skiing at Brian Head in a month because of this. (actually so excited lol)
  4. Fractured both my pointer and middle finger on my right hand yesterday. Can’t play any sports for a month or two, and can’t use the computer. I also have to learn how to write with my left hand. Right now I’m praying I can keep my grades up, much less how I will function with one less hand. EDIT: had to get a splint that covers my entire hand and arm. It’s looking like it’ll be there for the next 4 weeks or so.
  5. Vegas (the non-tourist parts) is surprisingly nice (I’m basically talking about Green Valley and Summerlin exclusively). I think it should be placed pretty high on the list.
  6. As a FPS game player, I can confidently say that higher fps is an advantage. The difference between 60-> 165, 240,360, uncapped is astounding. You probably will be on the same levels as other players at say, 165, but if you can have the smoothness of a 360 fps (even if your monitor refresh rate is 165 or lower), than you will have a noticeable difference and a definite advantage over low-fps (60) players.
  7. Have any of you guys ever seen the videos on insurance scam attempts caught on dashcam? That’s probably the cream of the crop when it comes to stupid drivers.
  8. 9/10 you’re nazalassa, what do i say
  9. I have unsuccessfully not clicked.
  10. After a mun landing I made, I took off with my ship off the mun. I opened up my map view to see my apoapsis, and to my surprise, the trajectory line was missing! Luckily, I managed to save Jeb, Bob, and Tim C. Kerman from space without the line (due to my many years of ksp1 lol), but I think this but could be a HUGE issue, especially with new players and interplanetary travel. I have no clue what caused this bug, but I tried reloading and restarting the game to no avail. My ksp2 version is release (obv), and I am running windows 10 with an NVidia 3060 ti and a 3rd gen ryzen cpu.
  11. I personally feel the parts should be able to accessed with a right-click and the parts manager. Keep in mind that this does not mean that right clicking opens the part manager, but instead opens up a small little tab (like in ksp1). I also feel that the parts manager tab could be very useful for finding parts hidden behind fairings, and also for transferring fuel between parts. I don’t know if any of my opinion is going to be used/ kept in mind, but this is my 2 cents.
  12. You can press F1 (i think.?) to get screenshots. They appear somewhere inside your ksp2 download in program files x86 (someone please clarify this for me)
  13. Turn up your dpi for mouse sensitivity; most games that aren’t competitive-based games (cod, Valorant, etc) will not include a sensitivity slider/input.
  14. Idk man, i think finding all the bugs and helping with the development process is kinda fun. ;-;
  15. You don’t sleep when you turn, but you turn when you sleep…
  16. Quick mun landing and return. (I don’t know how to insert pictures from mobile, could someone help with this?)
  17. I have an almost done roblox game based on voting and toying with peoples emotions (you gotta do what you gotta do). Today I made the global votes save throughout the server, and tomorrow I am planning on modeling everything I need for the frontend (my backend is done; the voting system works with multiple players throughout multiple servers).
  18. Doesn’t it come with preset sizes you can adjust? So you can do it the same way as in ksp1
  19. I’m hyped for being able to blow u- I mean fly my rockets in ultra-high detail!
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