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  1. Can someone please send a screenshot of the meme? (I am unable to access instagram for the near foreseeable future)
  2. N- 59 what has happened here in the time i was gone???
  3. Noooooo. Im hungry for some @Watermel00n!
  4. Beauuuu-tiiii-fulllll!!!
  5. Hello there… how ‘bout @Souptime
  6. He has not unfrozen yet( he gets off at 1pm pacific) how a bout a fresh @Autochrome
  7. No soup for you! @JadeOfMaar, give me some mods!
  8. We could maybe get some procedural aerospikes.
  9. I think you just need more people to play it then you can work out the kinks in the progression.
  10. I have responded to the click call. Click!
  11. Ooh, I see a click to be clocked!
  12. I will give my kitties plenty of love and treat them to some yummy treats!
  13. I will need to test it some more, but I had deployed my parachute at around 20000 meters, and it unfurled. I then noticed that the probe core ran out of EC, and the parachute seemed to spontaneously disappear/break because of aero forces. My rocket then proceeded to smash into the ground.
  14. Are you supposed to start out with the mite as a sounding rocket, or do you create a science rover for the ksc? I noticed that the parachute kept bugging/ disappearing when I put it on the mite.
  15. Before I got Adobe After Effects, I used a simple program called Davinci Resolve. It’s free unless you want some super crazy movie quality effects, which then costs you 300$. It should work fine based on the description of your needs.
  16. Cool!!! EDIT: is this mod dependent on module manager or other mods? I’d like to know so I can install it today.
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