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  1. 10/10, I've seen you quite a bit
  2. Pretty good! The moon is amazing but for some reason I can't make out any detail on Jupiter, it is just a large brown star, no variation maybe it is a problem where I am or where it was on the horizon but I could make out it's moons!
  3. I did the landing part on day one, no return alas it has clipped through the ground and is falling to the mun's center.
  4. Yes, thanks! I'm on mobile but maybe
  5. 10/10 Nice mods and number wars
  6. I was zooming out once and I swear a little circle appeared as if I was hovering over a celestial body out side of the kerbol system.
  7. It says the certificate is valid too which is wired.
  8. Let's just say... There are Kerbals stranded in kerbol now.
  9. My install was working perfectly for 2 hours before, I tried reinstalling microsoft visual C++ x64 but it is still stuck. The last line shown there repeats a couple thousand(!) more times.
  10. When I'm on the forum sometimes the posts are marked as insecure (a little warning sign in the corner) but others are secure why is this?
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