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  1. Im using KSRSS reborn, the newest version, where it is at 2.7 scale just like jnsq
  2. oh yea my mistake, i mean in the SLS block 1 i can reach orbit with the core stage and likely do a TLI with the core stage
  3. Why do i have so much fuel i could likely get to the moon in Jnsq (Im using ksrss reborn) is there any way to fix this?
  4. Well, its just a suggestion But it would look hell of amazing if it was possible to see the flame alike plume bc the one waterfall give isnt the most realistic, But idk how to make a mod But i love the flame plume and other likely dont, But your the dev so you pick What you want in a Update, But keep up the great work
  5. Ah Well ive seen to come to like, gives it that F-1 engines fire alike plume, such really keep something like, it i mean its not the best High up But at the Ground and the buttom its looks amazing
  6. any plans on adding this for RSS-Ro-RP1, bc it would be amazing to see this in a install
  7. so im Getting a waterfall/realplume Exhaust mix when using the F-1 engine, is that suppose to be or not?
  8. Do you have plans on adding the F-1 Saturn V exhaust flammes, bc it would fit very Nice along side the fire start up When igniting a Saturn V F-1
  9. @raidernick could you maybe add configs for waterfall or real plume, its could really help bc the Stock one dont look the best
  10. Will this be Update for ksp 1.12x as Rss/Ro/Rp-1 is or is it already for 1.12x?
  11. @blackrack here are the pictures and i cant post my log for some reason but i'll see what i can do
  12. If you are refering to try it in Stock without ksrss, i have tried that But the same answer, 2D clouds If you want i can send my log and screenshots
  13. so i have EVE, scatterer and ksrss installed, but i dont get that effect while flying through them of them puffing up, they just stay 2d and i have tried to do it in stock but to the same result is this a bug or is meant to be that, i have the latest eve installed
  14. So this is a suggestion, ik you have struggled with the smokey things But i have Seen that in Ro waterfall its possible to do the F-1 plume and where it explodes up before getting sucked back in, so you Think its possible you could maybe get some help from the Ro waterfall team
  15. So i have been using reborn lately and When i land at the north pole of mars i have No snow, is this a bug or is it meant to be like that? and i have alot of lag Edit: So i installed the new update of Reborn and it doesnt load its shows that fail loading screen from kopernicus. it was because of Kopernicus foodprint mod, it doesnt support it i guess?
  16. ik about this, just asking about how it will be when it is done
  17. when KSRSS is officially released will it turn back to stock 1/10 or will it stay the size it is rn, JNSQ 1/4 size and you can change the size to stock 1/9 scale in the CFG folder?
  18. @sDaZeso When i tried ir for it self an i Got around 68 km everything just turned to sand idk Why And it just stayed like that and When i did re entry ik landing on sand or land so i used ksrss-Megapack But then i love the atompshere of your earth! and i found out how to change the atompshere you just change the ksrss-ksrssve-EVE folder with your atompshere But then the same happen at 68 km But When i do i re entry it tuens normal any idea Whats happening?
  19. When Will the true volemetrics be done, like What do you Think the time Will be before its done
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