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  1. I upgraded my KSP install to 1.124.4 and I use a mac mini for it and for some reason it doesn't work? Like there is only a black loading screen FOREVER! SO I had to downgrade to 1.12.3. I think its a problem with taht new "Private Divison" launcher not working on Mac @Nate Simpsonany idea on what's happening?
  2. DISCLAMIER: The Auora crew transport is not retired. It just isn't capable of lifting the payloads the Ranger can. So Andrew the Astronaut Industries presents the SSCT-1 "Ranger" Download link: https://kerbalx.com/Andrew_the_Astronaut/Ranger-V02 What do you think?
  3. Meet the Auora, a new advanced space craft that was made in secret development 2 months ago. Now, Andrew the Astronaut Industries is happy to present it download link: https://kerbalx.com/Andrew_the_Astronaut/Auora -Andrew the Astronaut industries PR team manager
  4. I wonder if there will be a new stock craft called the KLS (Kerbal Launch System)
  5. Can anyone give me some photos of the lead artist Tim cox that died? I'm trying to make a video on KSP2!
  6. New videos Galore! check out my channel!

  8. I got A's on math GT LA, Science and Social. Waiting on Art test results.
  9. If your a Student. What are your grades?
  10. Hey Matt. I'm a KSP youtuber and I need you to rescue my kerbals from the Mun. If you want to make a video on it, cool. If not, it's ok

  11. NEW VIDEO OUT!: 



    Se launch video! @Matt Lowneplease help me...  also, can anyone tell me where Matt's Subreddit account is?

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