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  1. I wish I realized that before I started reading them Rendezvous with Rama is one of my favourite books and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is into sci-fi, but for the love of god don't read the sequels. By all rights they shouldn't even exist. I'm still mad about it. The City and the Stars was also interesting if you want something a more out there (by Clarke standards)
  2. Wasn't there some kind of vote or kickstarter type thing a few years ago for exactly this? Nothing ever came of it I guess. I remember having some wonderful lego sets of the Saturn V, the ISS and maybe the space shuttle as well. It would be nice for them to bring something like that back rather than be some KSP licensed stuff.
  3. Capt'n Skunky's Pirate Pack is one of the oldest I can think of. And there was Sunday Punch. I think KW and C7 are a bit newer, but they were definitely around in the very early versions. Eh it's been a while. The mods were small and didn't add much, plus there was so little content in the game itself that there was almost no point. Nostalgia. Plus the WayBack Machine doesn't seem to go back to 2011, but I don't really know how any of this works.
  4. You know, I would be totally fine with a smaller level of parts. Sometimes 0.825 is just a bit big for smaller attachments and the like. It'd be fun to build little fold-out ultralight aircraft for duna landers and stuff.
  5. I still don't really know what version I started playing at. I want to say it was 0.8 but I don't really know. Heck I was terrible back then and when they finally added the Mun I had almost no concept of orbits and transfers so I had no idea how to get there. Those were fun times.
  6. I used to use it almost constantly but I've stopped recently. I just don't find it as exciting. SRBs are a lot more fun.
  7. Allright! So I gave it a test, and yes. It was because the CoL was too far back. Thanks for the help! I guess I just overcompensate with larger planes.
  8. The first plane uses stock, SXT, and Retro Future. The second one is just stock and Retro Future. I'll have to give bringing the CoL further ahead, maybe that'll fix it.
  9. I don't know what it is! I just can't do it! I swear I've gotten them to work in the past (using FAR or NEAR), but I seem to have lost that ability. I can get single engine planes to work just fine, I would even say they're amazing. But I just can't do multi engine! They just do that horrible swerve dance on the runway and proceed to explode at the cost of many innocent lives. What am I doing wrong? Could it be that the COL is too far back? The more I think about it the more that makes sense...
  10. I remember there was a Kerbtown mass-driver a little while back, but probably doesn't work anymore. Heck I'd love to have railguns in this game (I think it was the first thing I ever suggested) and I even tried making a mod for one at one point. I don't think there currently is a mod for one though.
  11. Nice! I'm always happy when there's new propeller mods. I like the texturing too.
  12. I stopped playing KSP as soon as it cost money. After a year or so I remembered it exists and bought it around 0.18. Talk about culture shock! The last time I played they had just added the Mun! I still regret what I've done but I've been loyal since.
  13. I think it's more of a Unity thing than a KSP thing. It'd probably be pretty hard to fix. It's not even that significant anyway. There are more important things to do.
  14. Laptop problems. Eh, I may get a new computer at some point.
  15. Ach. 64 bit is secretly evil. Have you ever seen what happens to a computer when 98% of the ram is in use? Bad things. I guess I should get rid of a few mods. Still an amazing update.
  16. This is amazing of several levels. I really hope this takes off. And as much as I like the little preview images behind the text, it's pretty non functional unless the images are offset to the right. Which would look pretty great if everyone did it. I also don't get why the white bar thing with the text on it slides over to the right when you mouse over the mod. Are you planning to have more text appear there? Great work!
  17. Giggleplex using a mod!? Now I've seen everything! Anyway, my worst launch ever:
  18. Ach. There are so many components to this mod! What do I have to uninstall from the old version to update?
  19. So what's the deal with getting this set up for FAR? I don't really need the wings, but that cargo bay is amazing.
  20. It's supposed to look like rocket exhaust in a vacuum (because that's the main use for that engine). Unfortunately, I couldn't find a picture to show this.
  21. Am I completely crazy or does the S-IVB type fairing thing not exist?
  22. I've been having some issues with procedural fairings and the large launch tower. It seems to work fine with everything else (I think...) but the large one causes the fairings to balloon out and surround the towers. This was with the interstage fairings.
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