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  1. I hardly post at all, especially not in the "Ask the Mods questions about the Forums" thread.
  2. Is it possible to add upgrading SAS modes on probe cores to this? Such as putting attitude hold on the Stayputnik or prograde / retrograde to the OKTO? I think that would fit pretty well in with the mod, if it cost enough science to balance it, especially in early game. But since it's discrete instead of continuous I understand it might not work. I apologise if this has been addressed before but I couldn't find anything with the search. EDIT: Just thought about service ceilings for jet engines. I know the engine module has a bunch of isp/thrust curves that can be modified fairly easily but I'm not sure this mod could do it, considering how it works.
  3. If the scan is aborting, it's probably because the rover moved a little, the solution to that would be increasing the brakes on the wheels if possible. If the scan is completing but doesn't give any science, it's because you can only scan a surface feature once with a given size of scanner arm, and you need to come back with a bigger one to get more science from that type of feature. If the arm isn't even attempting to scan, make sure you're close enough to the feature and make sure it's the kind of feature that can be scanned with the arm. Some features can only be scanned with an arm, some can only be picked up by a Kerbal on EVA, and some are just graphical only, if you have terrain scatters turned on in the settings. On Eve, the volcanic rock can only be picked up by a Kerbal, while the basalt formation and pancake dome features can only be scanned by an arm.
  4. I've been using robotic parts in career mode mainly to have probes and the like fold up to fit better inside fairings. If you don't like part clipping, look away. This Surveyor-inspired lander uses hinges to move the legs to a wider angle for a more stable base (added to the gear action group, works perfectly), a piston to extend the solar panels and antenna, a hinge to increase the antenna's extension from 90 to 180 degrees, and a servo to rotate the panels around to match the sun - a problem I used to have with static solar panels on landers. The servo rotates with the left/right translation controls, which works great. I just right click a panel and hit J/L until it gets to maximum sun exposure. I could also use the servo to point the dish at Kerbin or passing Mun orbit relays, but that has no in-game effect of course.
  5. Alright, mission flown. No contracts, just getting some science. https://imgur.com/a/JBnee
  6. Merged. It may take some time for all the posts to change over. And try not to accidentally create any more accounts.
  7. While on the forum, the forum culture supersedes all others. This forum has unique practices and ways of speaking that aren't seen in other forums or in real life. For example, "delta-v" is a term often used here, but not very often in anyone's day to day life no matter the culture they come from or the language they speak. This is why culture clashes don't happen often here, there's only really one culture. So to answer your question, we don't because there aren't.
  8. You ask the mods, and we accept, or we ask you and you accept. Yes. The time that I'd spend here I'd spend other places on the internet. Yes, this has happened more than once. It's not like we force anyone to be a mod. Mods are picked such that we are on 24/7. A single mod sleeps, but together we are forever awake.
  9. One time somebody accidentally reported a post they meant to like, and we all liked it too.
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