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  1. If I see issues and pulls on github, I take a look at them/fix them, so it should be up to date, hopefully if people have issues, they report there.
  2. Very likely that you installed it incorrectly, the AirplanePlus folder must be inside GameData, and GameData must be in the same folder as where the exe of KSP is. Kindly check again and see if that fixes it.
  3. I've never done the patches as they were made here by the users. Also, I'd like to inform people that I don't know when I'll exactly come back to actively developing since I said before that I'm focused on 2D commissions, I've done both before but since my income is from 2D art I naturally focus there compared to here. Though I actually keep playing KSP so this mod will always be kept up to date constantly. If these are your only two mods, then it might be a conflict, which has never been reported before. But hangs like this could be caused by an entirely different mod. Sometimes removing Airplane Plus for example, would cause it to just hang on another part til the mod in question is removed.
  4. This was actually really old so I forgot the reason why, they are meant to be surface attached as opposed to attached with a node, that is at least sure to me. Usually they are things I copy from firespitter which I studied for the modules that these engines use are the reason why. Ever since a few patches ago, landing gears have been through a hellish amount of changes. Wheels are one of the most difficult, least documented parts of KSP. And this is as far as my understanding goes. It just happens despite the wheels working. On my recent play through actually, even without wheels, the anti-roll landing skids still slide despite being just an object basically. So I guess it's also a KSP ground mechanic problem, I'm not sure... I'm sorry Ive been using helicopters on career mode and they are fine, assuming you did everything right, the problem I would guess is it's attached on the right side of the craft. As far as I know firespitter module tail rotors should be attached on the left side (refer to all sample crafts). That's on me if that's the problem as I wasn't clear on that...
  5. I could, that's true. Though currently, nothing new is being developed and this still works on current version so sadly, I'm yet to release a new version since I'm busy so I hope you understand.
  6. As said on thread title, the github version is the most up to date so this is fixed there. I merged this fixed to the files 9 days ago so hopefully it's fine there for other people if they check.
  7. No need, it's still up to date, only plug-ins need updating, and the last FS still works for 1.9.
  8. Hmmm, this could be done relatively easily, I'll have to think about it since, really generally the colors I use are stockalike so I'm not too inclined to include it for design purposes...
  9. Hmmm, there's a lot of things going on it seems but I can't understand the picture. Wrong steering direction (must be wrong axis on unity)? Does it bounce? This happens a lot on stock wheels, I don't know the fix for this, but it is significantly more bouncy if the wheels are oriented wrong. Use this to check if things are REALLY what they seem. A mesh is a mesh, and colliders sometimes beg to differ so you should check how they look: Be sure to compare to stock set up too to get a better understanding of things. Since I can't understand the pictures too well, if you could elaborate it, I'll try to see if I can help.
  10. I was playing and tested if APP works for 1.9, after updating all of my mods. All is well, I haven't updated the 2 main mirrors but I just confirmed a merge on github right now to fix that issue. This should work for 1.9 too as long as you have the right fs plug-in.
  11. I'll get to this once Im free. Thanks. The compatibility patches are really mostly user made, as I can't spare the time to do them myself. Firespitter has a fenestron rotor, actually. I had planned to make them previously, but it got me thinking and the reason I didn't make them at the time was half that it exists on FS already, and half that it was complicated for me to understand at that time. But I used the fenestron to study how tail rotors work for the fs module.
  12. ...I forgot about this. But I updated the missing textures after you contacted me, github has it right though (I checked my local copy), I think I mistakenly put the wrong files on the zip. So busy on other things I forget stuff and become confused I'm thankful people where know what to do and just answer how to temporarily fix the problems.