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  1. This is most likely a problem in installation, make sure you've installed the mod correctly.
  2. Damn, I didn't through each and everyone of them but that was a massive change, did you happen to look if other folders outside of structure and fuel also refered to it? Also help me out here, I dont actually know what to do with this because Im not that used to github
  3. O-oh I have no idea about CKAN And I assume you forking your own repo should be fine without any approval from me in github, right? So all is good?
  4. As for the first part, that should already be fixed, are you using the one from github? Also if you've changed the folder name and all of the parts that reference to it as well as textures on other parts that could possibly reference to it, you can post a change on github. Only I'd like you to double check if you're using the latest version first.
  5. I've actually tested my wheels before checking the configs, I tested them on a base 1.10 install. They seem to be working fine? And the consumption is still pretty much as much I wanted them to be... Do you happen to have other mods installed that might affect this instead?
  6. Thank you informing me, I'll check them out soon as I get the time!
  7. The mod will always work unless there's a fundamental change in the way parts work in game like the sad sad landing gears But yeah, there's only one dependency, which is firespitter, and if FS doesn't work on the most recent version, you'll experience some weirdness around the propellers, that might not work properly The TWR depends a lot on the speed and altitude of the aircraft, the curves behave differently to turboprops and turbofans. If you're checking out the game sheet's data, try it in practice if you haven't yet.
  8. If I see issues and pulls on github, I take a look at them/fix them, so it should be up to date, hopefully if people have issues, they report there.
  9. Very likely that you installed it incorrectly, the AirplanePlus folder must be inside GameData, and GameData must be in the same folder as where the exe of KSP is. Kindly check again and see if that fixes it.
  10. I've never done the patches as they were made here by the users. Also, I'd like to inform people that I don't know when I'll exactly come back to actively developing since I said before that I'm focused on 2D commissions, I've done both before but since my income is from 2D art I naturally focus there compared to here. Though I actually keep playing KSP so this mod will always be kept up to date constantly. If these are your only two mods, then it might be a conflict, which has never been reported before. But hangs like this could be caused by an entirely different mod. Sometimes
  11. This was actually really old so I forgot the reason why, they are meant to be surface attached as opposed to attached with a node, that is at least sure to me. Usually they are things I copy from firespitter which I studied for the modules that these engines use are the reason why. Ever since a few patches ago, landing gears have been through a hellish amount of changes. Wheels are one of the most difficult, least documented parts of KSP. And this is as far as my understanding goes. It just happens despite the wheels working. On my recent play through actually, even without wheels, th
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