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  1. Yes, I can provide more info if issues are posted like this here. If you go 1 page back, you'll see that it's my fault that there's no GameData folder in 26.1. AirplanePlus goes into GameData and GameData is in the root folder. Since I don't have GameData in the zip, you need to put the folders inside GameData instead. You need firespitter and module manager in the gamedata as well. All normal mods are installed the same, so if you're new to installation, you'd encounter mostly the same problem, which is not installing it correctly. Just ask around. Anything deviating from the standard procedure will cause missing sounds, missing parts, missing features. Because most of the content in game are based on the folder structure.
  2. The pontoons are also just repurposed parts so they inherit the original parts' durability. It really is just about landing tbh. Can't be too hard on landing Which will this be based on? The size 2 airbus cockpit? Probably not possibe? =w=;
  3. Oops, I messed it up when I made the hotpatch :')
  4. blackheart612

    Beta of revival of B9 Shuttle Style Wings

    Yes, this is the case. You said you looked at AirplanePlus as inspiration, all the parts don't have any other moving modules but animation. Everything else will be flipped with mirrorRefAxis - light, lookconstraint, etc. So my parts are barebones - the gears don't have light, fancy suspension arms. So far I thought this made sense and might have no workaround (because Squad). I really tried digging around how much I could use on stock modules - but you might get some more, I'm not confident I'm that good at it. Is your control surface asymmetrical aside from top and bottom? I believe you can make it face down without mirrorRefAxis. Our method basically mirrors all sides of the part - let's say we have an aircraft and the wing is asymmetrical. The leading edge of the wing is mirrored, the bottom of the wing is mirrored and the root is also mirrored. All axes. Here's a squad part without mirrorrefaxis but has a part that faces down: Notice the stickers, with the root attachment point in mind, that suggests that the leading/trailing edge aren't mirrored but rather are just replicated as is to the other side. This only works if it's symmetrical, it'll be unnoticeable. I'm afraid if you want to mirror other modules with asymmetrical parts, you might need plug-ins as far as I know.
  5. Mk3S1? pre-coolers... hmmm, perhaps? But hollowed-out I don't know what use it is for but we'll see to be honest. They won't cause any major trouble, I used old textures as placeholder for flagdecals, if I find myself on the unity file, I'll make sure I correct the issue. But it's nothing serious.
  6. blackheart612

    Help needed mirroring control surface

    I know right, sleeping just needs to be removed completely. Glad it's resolved though.
  7. blackheart612

    Help needed mirroring control surface

    I was pinged but yes, same as mine, it 's a combination of (and looks like): mirrorRefAxis = 0, 0, 1 node_attach = 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 1.0, 90.0, 0.0, 1 Just so at least I responded. I was sleeping at the time, sorry.
  8. Was thinking whether Mk3S2 would even be useful for anything... Thought right now Im thinking of new things to add on Grounded first to properly update it to latest version. I have some but thinking of how to implement it too. Not a topic for APP thread though. But I might focus there first.
  9. Slipped by me, thanks for this, I added them all in and reuploaded. Should be fixed now. Tested with Airplane Plus only and bulkhead filter works without locking up part catalog.
  10. Release 26 Well, I'm responding here, finally. I'd like to preface that I've had ISP problems for a while, locally, a fiber wire has been cut and my ISP has been trying to fix it. I've had no connection for 3 total days, 2 of them are consecutive, and 3 somewhere after in the span of the entire week. Sporadic outages are included in between. I can play a little bit of online games but it's unstable, and it's quite slow so I can't do much. I could chat on most sites due to the fact that it doesn't take much bandwidth. Now it's a little better. @SparkyFox Wrote me a plug-in that will make a category for AirplanePlus in the Part Catalog default categorization and noticed the issue while testing @Captain Planet and I figured out it was Firespitter. This is now fixed along with a lot of updates on part back-end mechanics. I've slapped in the variant of Lotus because I saw it while developing. Here's the changelog: Completely Reworked K1710 "Whirlwind" Engine - now with a total of 6 variants* *Last 3 variants will include Mk3 version of the first 3 Added J-56 "Lotus" High-Bypass Turbofan Engine variant removing the pylons - Fixed Size 1 100-KE Auxiliary Power Engine having wrong attachment points Fixed Size 2 Non-Commercial Cockpit textures Updated all Auxiliary Power Engine wrong Center of Mass Updated J-34 "Chevron" High-Bypass Turbofan Engine wrong Center of Mass Updated all hollow parts and hollow parts with animated doors' Drag Cubes for better Aero Updated Firespitter to fix issue where choosing any other categorization except default will break the part catalog There's not much to show off, this is like I said, more of a back-end update. I encountered an emissive problem during my development. It worked for me on my tests but please update me when it's having issues. And remind me of issues I forgot to fix, or tell me if there are new ones. I was piling up with debt of fix these when I was adding parts, glad I could finally get them done. Hope you all enjoy... the fixes. :')
  11. Thanks for the heads up. I don't test them so I wouldn't know. I dashed it out for now. Anyway, I'll just be releasing one part on the next release, it's not even new, it'll be an experimental revision of the very first part of APP, which is K1710, it's rebuilt almost from the ground up, it generally looks the same but the changes should be visible. I want the next release to be not a patch but major but I also wanted to be able to release as soon as I can because I wanted to fix some stuff like the wrong position of the S1 APU. Here are some testing shots. As I stated earlier, I moved my dev stuff to a portable hard drive (which took a while to set up) so I'm using a less potato set up now. I don't know if the subtle differences on the engine vs the rest of my parts are obvious but I at least see it. Experiments on Mk3 version of this engine. I didn't change the textures so no special texture for an Mk3 version, which I am sad about but this was a late idea which I forgot, managed to add still (I'm thinking of revising the textures again but Im not sure). This made the K1710 have a whooping 6 mesh variant (3 non-Mk3s and other half is Mk3) The bulkhead texture is changed, I'm ambivalent about it. I like it and not at the same time. I'll think of a better design if ever something comes up, I might change it. The Mk3 is currently blank, I have no designs in mind. But the part is mostly done. It's like I'm making 6 engines in one. Warhawk variant close up. Complete with specular and normal maps (it's subtle but I'm using bump shaders again, or at least for the first time in APP)
  12. The answer is I don't know - because I haven't tested it yet. It may or may not work. I've thought of this before, animating the rover wheels as if they were landing gears, but I needed more info than what I knew. If you look around, nobody else is really paying attention to stock wheels. At least especially before, that's why Grounded was made, it was also a study of another type of wheel. Only time will tell if I find my way back to wheels. Right now, it won't work the way I set it up before. I've tested it and the mirroring is getting in the way. I'm basically just maintaining my old works as the version progresses (because there's a fair amount of them now and I continue to add more recently). If I get through the rework, I might just get into it.
  13. It's kind of KSP's fault. No slant gears in KSP is the rule. There are a few work arounds and there will be quirks. Such as that. Also I moved to least potato setup. Hooray. I'm just trying out the programs now that it's moved. I revised the K1710 almost from scratch. Almost. That cowling is animated now for the Warhawk variant. The intakes are now changed for the Ascender variant, the exhausts are just like the real deal. It still looks ugly due to bulkheads, though.
  14. Are you certian AirplanePlus is the problem? First time I've heard of this issue, I have no idea how to replicate it either. Is APP the only mod installed? Collective is what makes the craft go up and down. There is always thrust, but the blades get oriented from 15 to -15 depending on your input. If it's positive, it's oriented to go up. Negative is down. Hovering automates the management of collective to (almost) negate the vertical movement. AA doesn't work well with this, I've tested this, at least recently. TCA is already covered, APP has custom FS configs, it's not recognized by TCA and will never be, because it's more work for such a small problem (I'm the only one using these FS modules). Alright, helicopters, Usually you'd have the main rotor, providing lift on the aircraft's center of mass. Unfortunately, in KSP (Because I don't know VTOL flight mechanics irl), with perfectly centered CoT and CoM, whenever you put too much "power" on a vtol, it will nose up and do a somersault in no time. Of course there are many factors to this, but that's straying away now. That's the gist of it. - Airplane Plus rotors can definitely get to 3000m (+), I assure you, I've tested it (because at some point I tested the ceiling limit for oxygen deprived helos like Huey),. Whether or not you hit your absolute ceiling is due to your power to weight ratio. If you're using the L K53 "Valkyrie" (Huey rotors), it's tested to be able to haul up to 4.8t weight, including the craft itself. The closer you are to this, needless to say, you're going to have a lower ceiling. The HUE-1 Chieftain on KerbalX weighs at 3.28t(/4.8t), it's capable of reaching 3000m, but it requires a very small AoA. Basically, if you want to go up, you shouldn't move forward. Moving on, that isn't the most ideal case. The rotors really are limited by me, due to a few factors: First, they are limited to their unwritten bulkhead. Basically, the rotors are Mk1, Size 1.5, Size 2, and Mk3, and their power increase accordingly. Second, they are ridiculously efficient with built-in hovering. In fact, the K73 "Beluga" can carry up to 12t under it, including the aircraft's weight. Third, they are categorized based on their real life counterparts, as said, the K73 "Beluga" is based from the S-64 Skycrane. It's pretty heavy duty. Fourth, this is the least considered but still affecting factor, I don't want them to ascend too fast. Because it looks ridiculous, and it helps in preventing somersaults. Regarding the speed, yes, they are actually slow. About 3/5 or 2/3 of a real life helicopter. But seriously, a helicopter is actually slow in real life too. (50-60m/s - as fast as early APP engines). Increasing power will really affect the weight capacity. I'm worried that Hueys can suddenly lift rocket tanks and such, which should not be. - Anyway, I acknowledge that FS hovering isn't perfect. There are better ones out there, but it's free to be used from FS and it works. It's not the major dependency of this mod, a lot of APP is intertwined with FS, which is why it's better to use all the features I can, at least I think so.
  15. I actually can't replicate this. Is Airplane Plus the only mod installed? I'm trying my best to get out of the smaller bulkheads. We'll see