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  1. Are you certian AirplanePlus is the problem? First time I've heard of this issue, I have no idea how to replicate it either. Is APP the only mod installed? Collective is what makes the craft go up and down. There is always thrust, but the blades get oriented from 15 to -15 depending on your input. If it's positive, it's oriented to go up. Negative is down. Hovering automates the management of collective to (almost) negate the vertical movement. AA doesn't work well with this, I've tested this, at least recently. TCA is already covered, APP has custom FS configs, it's not recognized by TCA and will never be, because it's more work for such a small problem (I'm the only one using these FS modules). Alright, helicopters, Usually you'd have the main rotor, providing lift on the aircraft's center of mass. Unfortunately, in KSP (Because I don't know VTOL flight mechanics irl), with perfectly centered CoT and CoM, whenever you put too much "power" on a vtol, it will nose up and do a somersault in no time. Of course there are many factors to this, but that's straying away now. That's the gist of it. - Airplane Plus rotors can definitely get to 3000m (+), I assure you, I've tested it (because at some point I tested the ceiling limit for oxygen deprived helos like Huey),. Whether or not you hit your absolute ceiling is due to your power to weight ratio. If you're using the L K53 "Valkyrie" (Huey rotors), it's tested to be able to haul up to 4.8t weight, including the craft itself. The closer you are to this, needless to say, you're going to have a lower ceiling. The HUE-1 Chieftain on KerbalX weighs at 3.28t(/4.8t), it's capable of reaching 3000m, but it requires a very small AoA. Basically, if you want to go up, you shouldn't move forward. Moving on, that isn't the most ideal case. The rotors really are limited by me, due to a few factors: First, they are limited to their unwritten bulkhead. Basically, the rotors are Mk1, Size 1.5, Size 2, and Mk3, and their power increase accordingly. Second, they are ridiculously efficient with built-in hovering. In fact, the K73 "Beluga" can carry up to 12t under it, including the aircraft's weight. Third, they are categorized based on their real life counterparts, as said, the K73 "Beluga" is based from the S-64 Skycrane. It's pretty heavy duty. Fourth, this is the least considered but still affecting factor, I don't want them to ascend too fast. Because it looks ridiculous, and it helps in preventing somersaults. Regarding the speed, yes, they are actually slow. About 3/5 or 2/3 of a real life helicopter. But seriously, a helicopter is actually slow in real life too. (50-60m/s - as fast as early APP engines). Increasing power will really affect the weight capacity. I'm worried that Hueys can suddenly lift rocket tanks and such, which should not be. - Anyway, I acknowledge that FS hovering isn't perfect. There are better ones out there, but it's free to be used from FS and it works. It's not the major dependency of this mod, a lot of APP is intertwined with FS, which is why it's better to use all the features I can, at least I think so.
  2. I actually can't replicate this. Is Airplane Plus the only mod installed? I'm trying my best to get out of the smaller bulkheads. We'll see
  3. lmao It's still working though, this one has no plugins so no need of updating at all unless Squad decides to change the game itself (like wheels). I'll still update it though, I just prioritized AirplanePlus. I'll fix things then.
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    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Yes, I haven't abandoned it. It's should still work on the current version. @damonvv I apparently need to tag someone.
  5. Probably not, at least right now it's probably not going to happen. That's an old version, due to overlapping audios when you start and stop immediately, I decided to shorten the sounds, and yes, it will keep spinning until it eventually stops, the sounds aren't connected to the animation and I try my best to match them on most engines. Confirmed. I think this is a model problem that can be fixed by nodes but I'd prefer to fix it with unity if I did (not at this very moment). Sorry about this I exaggerated them a bit, yeah. I made the exhaust the size of the entire muffler instead to keep the general shape. Though the top of the cone is supposed to taper down, I didn't, due to imitation of stock tail ends, I just tapered the bottom gently instead. Edit: @GaponeDetails?
  6. @panzerknack That is exactly the case I was talking about, yes. And @neistridlar is right, having a duplicate part is the only way, and having it flipped other side. @Bottle Rocketeer 500 On the current patch? It shouldn't have any difference now... I need to check it again. @buddysWorld Yeah, it looks like the Mk3, which will be developed sooner or later, it's just a matter of time. Also, thanks to the mod who edited my OP, it's back to normal now.
  7. Release 25 I updated. Finally. But I encountered same problem when I edited the OP as when I last updated Grounded too. I just put in an image and youtube link. I'll need to report the OP. Until then, I apologize for any inconvenience, if you are inconvenienced. I'll post the video and screenshot here. It's not a huge update, most of the time inbetween was waiting, but here it is. Here's the changelog: Added Size 2 Non-Commercial Cockpit based on C-130 Hercules Added Size 1 100-KE Auxiliary Power Engine based on Honeywell RE-100 and RE-220 APUs Added Size 1.5 220-KE Auxiliary Power Engine based on Honeywell RE-220 APU Added Size 2 131-9K Auxiliary Power Engine based on Honeywell 131-9A APU - Fixed issue where obsolete texture paths on landing gears cause NREs Fixed issue where Kerbal Standard has a missing title Fixed some landing gears having omitted aerodynamic changes when deployed/undeployed - Updated for 1.6.x Screenshots: Here's the APU in action, the electricity isn't actually used to power the gears, APUs have small thrust in it. The APU is really mostly experimental. If any drastic change is needed, don't be afraid to put it in here. I hope you all enjoy, I'm not so sure if the update is needed since the pack works regardless anyway. But here it is. I'll go report the OP now.
  8. That matchRotation is a mechanic for animation and gear retracting, it has nothing to do with the entire part's attachment. Also, whatever flipping, or sinking, jumping of aircraft due to landing gear is not my fault but Squad's constant overhauling of the wheels and physics. I'm testing dev version of APP on 1.6 with old mods right now, and I can conclude (and mostly predict as I use only PRE) that any physics easing mod will fix it, such as World Stabilizer or from the Physics Range Extender. Regarding "sidegear" forcing only one orientation, you may take it for granted but I've studied that technique for years (not really, months probably). It's a legendary Squad dev magic, I only imparted such knowledge with few people... because only few people ask. But it's used to mirror parts properly - let me elaborate: If you put parts mirrored in SPH w/o this special config, it will attach the same thing on the other side as if it was rotated 180 degrees. This means the "bottom" part will face opposite side on the bulkhead [ ^Ov ] the arrows represent the orientation of the "bottom" which could be wheels as an example. At least the config fixes this by locking the bottom down, and the front forward, only mirroring the sides, thus it always faces the same direction regardless of rotation. About the 1.6 version, despite my constant lethargy and denial of the fact that I just can't make top notch quality content, I'm almost there Here, I'll show one picture.
  9. This is just not possible if you want the hovering to be implemented with it, sadly. Firespitter can only handle one rotor in the center of mass to be able to hover properly.
  10. @TMasterson5I've updated the OP, tweakscale compatibility is now linked to your OP. Also, yes! I'm quite happy the cockpit I left here a few posts ago is working right for kerbal scale. Testing is going good. Got 3 more parts in, just need to texture the IVA and config works will be next. In actuality, that cockpit isn't as good as the 3 new parts I'm going to add because it was made in 2018 where it was subject to my practice of improving polygons. No teasers yet, You'll all know once the parts are ready to be released. Believe, it's under development (unless you're on a certain discord channel which must not be named).
  11. I've not been too active during that waiting time on 1.5, but now I'll be developing slowly. Earlier releases I could output stuff in a week or so. Textures weren't a problem, especially models. Now I'm trying to reduce Ngons, trying to have better UVs, etc. I'm planning to use normals too, we'll see, really. I'm in the middle of development right now so I don't have much visual teasers yet. I'm just a self taught modeler and these things, I learn as I develop my mods, especially this one, and it's great.
  12. I think it was for DMP? I uhhh, I haven't tested the mod on 1.6 as I'm working for an actual patch for this one. Also, I was asking about what people are trying to carry on such huge planes jokingly I haven't even entered Mk3 size yet. I want to but aaah, I want to improve everything existing. Squad is already doing it.
  13. What on Kerbin are people trying to carry? Anyway, I do have parts to come on the next update that I'm determined to work on after the holidays pass. Though, I'm thinking of pausing part additions for now to revisit everything. Not balancing, but fixing, revamping, possibly. I'm still thinking on it, though.
  14. Oh, good god. At least they don't break mods every single update. Thanks for this though, at least I'm not gonna wait indefinitely knowing that they're gonna do this.
  15. Is this referring to the really old dev parts I made? I couldn't think of a better way of implementing 2.5m sized seaplane parts so that's a little bit on the negative side. But finally, KSP is in a new version. Hope this one stays. Just need to make one more model for the next release. Though I still need to texture and import them after that.