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  1. @JPmAn Now there's the reason why we can't get past Size 2 bulkheads Not that I'm not to blame. Hehe. Time for IVA making and configs too. As well as sounds. I'm semi happy with this quick work. @FlyHighAviator If you knew how much @qromodynmc has been pressing me to do that But I did say I already have an idea for implementation. But not a tail boom. It's something else.
  2. @qromodynmc Honestly, it's going to be personal preference but I'd like the look to be as faithful to the reference as I could make it. Here's the adjusted blindspot now in a lame replica:
  3. @AtleSt The issue is actually the stock parts' standard of weight. They're pretty heavy. So everything else based or alike to it will be heavy. BDArmory I believe uses realistic enough weight (it would be a problem if they actually changed it). I base the weight off of stock too so there will be discrepancies if I changed it. The power of the props are already boosted as well - though that's basically the best way to circumvent the problem of weight. However, the bigger picture in all of the engines (early ww1 up to modern) has a balancing issue if a certain category is boosted significantly. In reality, the engines in APP is actually more powerful than some of its alternatives already as well. Anyway, should I boost everything equally to avoid the imbalance, the props may end up to be a power creep against jet engines (they are more fuel efficient). Now, I'm not certain about how much room there is to move around. I'm happy with the current balancing and so far nobody has complained about BDAC+APP except this one or maybe one or two I have forgotten. I just explained the situation but I'm still going to do some tests and snoop around things I can do, though. Don't hold your breath on it, but I'm not ignoring this either.
  4. @qromodynmc @neistridlar Alright, how's this look? @Vaga It's actually based on the Cessna 152 (most of it) and Best off Skyranger (tail). So the plan is to make this available early in career. It should match with the stock landing gears @[email protected] There are sample crafts in the OP. Click on the images, it will take you to its respective craft files.
  5. @Trevisan I'm certain now that FSAlternator broke in the earlier versions and probably not yet fixed. It's a firespitter issue as I use FSAlternator. I assumed that it will work with the FSEngineBladed but I will see if stock alternator works with it, I'm assuming not of course but hopefully it does. @scottadges Most of those are intentional deleting due to them not being needed but I exported them while referenced by the model. They're not game breaking but I intend to fix them when there's not much going on. Anyway, just a few parts as I said, here's a preview. I'm not even sure if 1.4.5 is out or when it will be out, I'm just making this so I can port to 1.4.5 as soon as I can with new parts... It's Mk3S1 sized but I'm not sure if I could fit 2 kerbals in there. I'll try my best to, I know I can. That's the Mk3S1 tail for comparison.
  6. KSP 1.4 wasn't the friendliest to stock module usage for mods... Some parts of it are still a mystery. @Trevisan Was it really generating electricity before? Last time I saw it not generate electricity was when I first released my Grounded mod. If it did then perhaps it's a good idea to report this issue to FS. As for suggestions, there's an overwhelmingly large amount right now, don't be surprised if not all make it in the game. Plus I want some parts in too. I'm making something else right now for a quicker patch, just a small number of parts.
  7. @Nightguard There is supposed to be one but I think I don't have the transform in the model itself that's why it doesn't show up. I like it without smoke but I'll try fixing it because it's supposed to have one.
  8. @GrubbyZebra Sorry for the trouble while I was away. Couldn't sleep and fatigued so I took the week off of KSP modding. @Mathrilord It's radial only so it has no nodes. I should disable it from being used as a first part. @Airomod That's a bit of a broad topic. Add-on Development subforum has a lot of info regarding it. Majority use blender because it's free (It's part of my modding process too) then Unity. @Nightguard I suppose it will work since it's not a major update and just a change in 1.4. @Trevisan Hmmm. It was a concern for me too, actually. I just remembered. I'm gonna go check on it. @Bottle Rocketeer 500 I kinda forgot about it. I'll try finding it and upload it when I can
  9. Probably because of the 2 reuploads, I don't know how to fix CKAN issues though...
  10. Ah, that would be the Size 2 Radial Liquid Fuel Mount
  11. @Daniel Prates Thank you, the "root" wing is a 3-parter, it's composed of the FAT wing set. @neistridlar Trust me, I've done every way I could to have a variety of opening the door if you check the Mk1, it's based on the Citation Business Jets, the Size 2 is both for general Airline Design and Lockheed Airstair. Now I have nothing else I can think of but that. Let's settle that the Bombardier type door is like how we made it. I though I tested the 1.875m cabins already... I need to recheck it. The floors on my hollow parts don't usually line up but that would be neat, yeah, I don't know, we'll see. The CF34 is actually not performanced based on the CF34 but a middle ground between Size 0 and Mk1 engines.
  12. Alright, I'm sneaking in a nother re-upload. I fixed the issue regarding the 1.875m fuel tank and used a .version from ksp avc.
  13. Hello, there seems to be no rule about 1.875m which are not Making History. Here's my chance With that in mind here's my entry: Moa Regional Jet Mk2 (MRJ-2) Range · ~1100km Fuel · 1040 units Cruise speed · ~130m/s Cruise Altitude · 7000m~7400m Burn Rate · 0.12 Passenger Capacity · 40 Kerbals If you click on the image, it will take you to the craft page on KerbalX. It should fill in the spot for a small regional jet. Carries actual 40 kerbals and has usable flaps and slats as well as reverse thrust capable. Also features an Air Ramp, deploying from the door to get up and down the craft (adjustable). Needs the latest version of Airplane Plus, though. No rules against making my own set of parts Edit: KVV Images
  14. I fixed this on my dev version already! *stomps on the ground repeatedly*. This is so infuriating Edit: @Lisias So it needs github?
  15. Hmmm, alright. I really have no idea about it, how does one go about fixing this?