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  1. Nothing major recently. I paused for a bit, until the end of the month because Im playing another game, though it started with me waiting for KSP to settle on a version at least. But the most developed so far is only this cockpit: I have another model, and that has IVA already but hasn't gone testing yet nor implemented.
  2. I think these are newly added things on Agents. I don't remember those being needed before. Thanks again.
  3. @kyklop The design difference is actually intended. May I ask what your reason is for wanting to scale it perfectly with stock? If it's to be faithful and make a replica, I do understand. Though the current design has a purpose instead of being faithful. The G1 size is actually 1.25m so it makes loading to a 2.5m+ hull possible. Aside from that. The G1 widebody on the other hand is actually 1.875m. It has even less uses but it's just a slight change to the 1.25m as it's 0.625m * 3. This was done to make the chassis look closer to stock, but not to replicate it. If I make changes on these chassis numbers, all those framework I have will fall apart. It's doable, It's done by Lack's SXT, I'm not a hundred percent sure if it's 1:1 to stock though (and it's less modular). One last, minor thing is that it also needs to look like a car aside from looking stock-a-like, it's modular, after all.
  4. Which part is this? I don't understand the error, isn't herculesgeartex in AirplanePlus\Parts\Wheel\sharedgear?
  5. It is, it's in the changelog on the OP and all download mirrors: Added Pontoon and Pontoon-Mk3S options for**Mk3S1 Liquid Fuel Fuselage*Mk3S0 Liquid Fuel Fuselage*Mk3S1 Liquid Fuel Fuselage Junior*Mk3S0 Liquid Fuel Fuselage Junior
  6. There were wheel changes, they are much more stable so far, less super bounces. Now it's only half their fault and half my fault. But it's still a KSP problem too I think they fixed the wheels on my tests so far. I might need to make tweaks but I am unsure how as of yet. There are new shaders which I am so tempted to use. I want to redo everything though Im not sure how, but that will stop all the new part updates.
  7. It's an issue reported to me already not very recently. It's an old habit of mine to use the file before, so it's an artifact of my unity exporting behavior I gotta fix that when I remember. Is what I said before too. @AccidentalDisassembly Sounds useful. But I have no idea what to do... @theonegalen For an airplane based mods, I seem blissfully unaware about part aerodynamics. Do they really not? I believe I used a standard config for it. >>>Also, breaking news, I'm from 1.5! And surprisingly, very surprisingly, so far, everything works. Even firespitter. Even other mods in my install. So... wow. Alright, then.
  8. What I get for not using notepad++. I mean I have it but I can't resist the beauty of notepad. Rest assured I'll fix it, if I don't upload a wrong dev version. For the next update whenever that is.
  9. I've never had any real issue in flying the rotorwings. If it's a straight flight, I don't use hover, usually just managing the throttle in a low pitch forward works. It's really difficult to stop the Hummingbird Mk2 though, that one's just bad design.
  10. I tested with the current version, I can't replicate this, but if the trailer and the puller both steer, it counters the "bending" @damonvv but issues like what you recently reported still exists. Ah well... Looks good though!
  11. Yeah, that's the thing. @Val fixed it, though there are still some remnants. It's my fault after all, though it's invisible to the eye. Thanks again.
  12. Release 4.0(L) There's a weird thing going on in the OP and I think it's not my fault. Anyway, here's a small update just so it's legitimately 1.4.5, as well as fixing some issues, uploading sample crafts, too. I hope the OP somehow becomes alright, I put the pictures there and all that's needed is to click the ones under craft files. The legacy version only has a single fix but the version number still goes up because it's under the actual release, but legacy. Here's the changelog: Added "Brake Red" and "Turn Orange" to: Place-Anywhere Square Illuminator Place-Anywhere Circular Illuminator - Fixed Modular Platform Segment A + Chassis nodes being only the top Fixed missing mesh for TR-1L 22.5" Ruggedized Vehicular Wheel Fixed wrong model for TR-1L 25" Ruggedized Vehicular Wheel Fixed wrong G1 Mini Service Command bump texture change for deluxe black Legacy Changelog: Fixed Modular Platform Segment A + Chassis nodes being only the top if anybody knows how to fix the OP, please do tell.