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  1. KSP doesn't simulate each blade as a wing that propels the aircraft forward, unless you're using robotic parts with no sounds. "Simulate" is key, in reality, like neistridlar said, it's just Mach Speed * Thrust Multiplier, aside from Atmospheric Pressure * Thrust Multiplier. KSP Jet Engines have spool time so they can delay this effect but they behave the same way. The props of course have basically no spool time needed for reasons already obvious, this just means that when your speed slows down, the engine immediately adjusts the thrust multiplier that "keep your speed". When the mechanic is supposed to be normal power thrust at lower speeds such as take off, and weaker as the speed is less efficient for the blades, this also means slowing down while going up gives you higher power in that same curve. If the engines are powerful enough, it will keep the speed. This can't be done on earlier era engines. If you use KAX you'll know its engines are simulating it better because it's not powerful enough to "keep your speed" when at high angles of attack.
  2. I'm not necessarily inactive, I check the forums everytime I can. I'm just trying to earn money on the side by drawing 2D art commissions. Like I've already said before. I've already one fixing the slat issue but trying to find the time to fix the wrongly referenced decal textures.
  3. Ill check this out. I can't like you guys' post to affirm or thank you but thanks for answering the more common questions as usual
  4. No parts were removed in any update, only changed one and it's not an He 111 cockpit, perhaps you've mistaken it to be from this mod?
  5. Do you need to change anything in the files? If not, you can just do as you wish no problem. I'm actually not that familiar with CKAN so I don't know what you need to do.
  6. That's really unfortunate to hear Usually these cases are from other mods yes. And it is indeed heavily reliant on SAS. I can't do much about it considering the nature of the situation and KSP.
  7. Kindly make sure the navball is oriented right. If you're using my own cockpits, back then there were issues where if you revert flight to launch it could change the cockpit's actual orientation. I'm currently not sure if there are cockpits with that issue but as for my last tests, there are none.
  8. It's normal, but not intended. I still haven't fixed it. It's an mu problem and been asked here before for a long long while now. If you need info it's basically the placeholder I used for the flag decal on cockpits which I unintentionally exported, resulting in the game trying to find them. But they aren't really needed. Nope. But there were patches which are outdated now. I'm not quite sure if people have patches somewhere for it. Try asking in their respective threads perhaps?
  9. Make sure the wheels aren't sideways. It's the same orientation as stock ones. The initial attachment is sideways.
  10. You mean fuel tank? Like in the OP screenshot? That's from stock still. Grounded doesn't add its own tanks, unfortunately. I thought it'd be redundant.
  11. The options are only possible through plug-ins. Assuming that the implementation I have in mind succeeds, there's only one way the lights will flash. Otherwise, if it's rotor powered, it'll just spin depending on the rpm.
  12. I just realized another problem that the rotators will be two. I don't think they won't be rotors anymore (I don't think it's possible to have two or it will not be intuitive if ever). Of course, if I do succeed, they'll still have color sliders. I'm not working on it right now but I was thinking of implementations in my mind. I think I have a workaround if I get to it. Im hopeful.
  13. Yes but the lights will be same color or separated left and right. I feel like I wanted to have a separate color bar lights and opted for a no deal instead during development, plus with that problem in mind, a single light is now even more practical and easy to make. If you think that having same color is fine, I'll reconsider my life choices.