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  1. There's a reason why if you see the Mk3 sizes on those screenshots, you see Mk3S0, Mk3S1 and Mk3S1.5, all bulkheads will be there on next update. Now it's obvious what I'm planning for the future.
  2. I tested em and it works but indeed, it seems like the cover's collider does not animate with the mesh when it opens. For now, you can attach and interact with things inside it by clipping the camera inside.
  3. It's just a config file, people are free to use it. Besides, why would I prevent a fix for a problem I can't fix yet.
  4. @Antik Hatchback is meant to be a hatch... on the back. Which you can open and attach things inside. Kind of like a service bay for rockets. You're supposed to attach experiments there as it's made for career. @Beetlecat Well, it's just that the hybrids consume too much fuel for power right now. It's true that the electricity stored are in a way, just a buffer. An ever expandable buffer. What is needed is more ways of attach hybrid engines to a Grounded Vehicle. I need it to not be easily attached so placing it anywhere couldn't be exploited, though. @XmxldyX The one attached to the vehicle driving towards the Airliner in the OP? It's the G1 Access Ramp.
  5. That's the Mk1 but if you're comparing it to Hummingbird Mk2 anyway, you're still right. Which means there's a possibility of a black hawk cockpit in Mk3S1.5 bulkhead, right? Because Mk1 is too populated. Who knows, helicopters come in all shapes and sizes. At least the little bird is actually gonna be a little bird.
  6. @NotDavidTenant For good reason. If you could browse back for a few pages, there are reasons there. @Voidryder Good to know, I do appreciate those words. @[INDO]dimas_1502 Hmmm, here's a size comparison of prototype helicopter and Hummingbird Mk1
  7. Im back from the depths of wherever, still busy, where Im working at does not want me to go for a while + real life issues really squeezing me tight, Im playing games to ease up too. Anyway, that doesn't mean I haven't been developing but very slowly. Sorry if I haven't been updating a while. Here's a teaser for the future. Not yet done completely, a lot more to come. The size is an Mk3S3 but Mk3S1.5, it's a new bulkhead, basically an Mk3 with 1.875m diameter.
  8. Make sure you're using the correct version of the mod in the correct version of KSP.
  9. Best of luck! There's an awesome journey ahead. Meanwhile I'll be returning from my short break hopefully soon. Maybe a little more than a week.
  10. blackheart612

    [WIP] Neist Airliner parts

    @Bottle Rocketeer 500 I don't know how to read. I just read the post I was tagged on and the issue, saw the awesome pics and replied. My bad.
  11. There's nothing wrong with it, I've answered all your questions, don't be afraid to ask more or suggest more. I love to know what people think. @JH4C Yup, the fuel cells supercharge batteries. Also, this was actually only tested in sandbox so naturally, it doesn't consume electricity while coasting. Though, technically it still shouldn't while in Career mode. Does fusebox show that the wheels themselves are using the electricity? Not SAS or some other part? @TiktaalikDreaming Thank you, I'll refer to that when I am not already experimenting on configs because I easily get distracted and get lost. So I tend to focus on one stuff at a time...
  12. blackheart612

    [WIP] Neist Airliner parts

    Yeah, don't forget to add the layers properly everytime, they cause the IVA to be wonky. Make sure your external cockpit export is properly oriented too, there's an issue where if it's not properly oriented, it will change it's orientation upon revert to launch. You can test it by, well, reverting to launch and see if it changes orientation using the navball. Also, that looks like a Bombardier CRJ... I planned to add CRJ parts...
  13. @neistridlar I find myself lost whenever I have a work not started by me (I know because I help a few people fix their stuff). It's difficult for me if I haven't started the workflow, so it would be best for you to use your models to contribute. Plus you'll get the well deserved credit. More often than not, the Original Post Author gets credited for most of the things in a mod if it's a collaboration. Don't hesitate to ask me if you need anything.
  14. Then it can not be, no plug-in for Grounded is the rule! Though, maybe one day, it could be optional.