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  1. Hard to say for sure. Maybe post some pictures, or post the craft for us to check out? Also, are you running any mods?
  2. These are some good improvements. I'm looking forward to playing 1.9!
  3. Another neat toy moving to stock. Cool!
  4. We had quite a good discussion a while back about this over HERE. This was before shrouds came out, so they may make a world of difference.
  5. Doesn't setting the rotation gizmo to absolute work for you? I've never had a problem with mismatched angles when I've used it.
  6. I would love to see the result. Go for it!
  7. Grip pads can already be set to have a circular shape; I've used them as rover wheels in just this way! Over here. They are a little less than ideal as wheels, so good luck!
  8. I DID just have a rover explode on me, but it was in terrible mountainous terrain so I didn't think much of it. Never had a problem before so it could be the same bug.
  9. This just adds the resources to stock parts - tanks are editable for exactly which resources goes into them. As an added benefit, tanks should be able to be configured to change which resource they hold (in the same family, so no switching from LFO to snacks, for example) for when your base upgrades from shinies0 to shinies1.
  10. I can't figure out what triggers it. First time I used the VAB, gizmos were broken, then worked properly for a while after reloading the game before breaking again, and then I couldn't get them to break at all. Intermittent errors are the best.
  11. It seems to be throwing a huge fit about nullrefs with the rotation servos. Something about checksymmetry. Is there a way to copy the console output? ...maybe the log? I need more coffee. [EXC 14:49:42.487] NullReferenceException Expansions.Serenity.ModuleRoboticRotationServo.CheckSymmetry () (at <2f09e2f5ae2d4c39b733b9f146e6c807>:0) Expansions.Serenity.ModuleRoboticRotationServo.OnEditorPartEvent (ConstructionEventType evt, Part p) (at <2f09e2f5ae2d4c39b733b9f146e6c807>:0) EventData`2[T,U].Fire (T data0, U data1) (at <2f09e2f5ae2d4c39b733b9f146e6c807>:0) UnityEngine.Debug:LogException(Exception) EventData`2:Fire(ConstructionEventType, Part) EditorLogic:onOffsetGizmoUpdate(Vector3) EditorGizmos.GizmoOffset:OnHandleMove(GizmoOffsetHandle, Vector3, Single) EditorGizmos.GizmoOffsetHandle:On_MouseDrag() EditorGizmos.GizmoHandle:OnMouseDrag() MouseEventsHandlerBase:OnMouseDrag() UnityEngine.SendMouseEvents:DoSendMouseEvents(Int32) [ERR 14:49:42.488] Exception handling event onEditorPartEvent in class ModuleRoboticRotationServo:System.NullReferenceException at (wrapper managed-to-native) UnityEngine.Component.get_transform(UnityEngine.Component) at Expansions.Serenity.ModuleRoboticRotationServo.CheckSymmetry () [0x00068] in <2f09e2f5ae2d4c39b733b9f146e6c807>:0 at Expansions.Serenity.ModuleRoboticRotationServo.OnEditorPartEvent (ConstructionEventType evt, Part p) [0x00085] in <2f09e2f5ae2d4c39b733b9f146e6c807>:0 at EventData`2[T,U].Fire (T data0, U data1) [0x000b0] in <2f09e2f5ae2d4c39b733b9f146e6c807>:0 So about a dozen of these each time I try to pull or rotate something with a gizmo.