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  1. Wow, you're really making some nice stuff here!
  2. Nice update. Thanks for keeping the mod up to date!
  3. That'll teach me to sleepy-post. Fixed!
  4. If it helps to have an example, I added the resources from Progressive Colonization Systems to CC. You can find the files on my github.
  5. So far, so good. Next up is hard mode, where Kerballed parts cost power to run the AC.
  6. The first thing I do with ALL my (legitimately purchased, mind you) games with DRM is find a no-DRM patch. Though I actually don't buy any games with DRM anymore.
  7. It is true that stele is a more apt description, but I'm certain that Monolith is meant to reference 2001 - A Space Odyssey.
  8. So, I loaded up KSP in Windows, and containers deployed properly. So I think whats going on is some sort of Linux issue.
  9. Can you not just turn off the machinery storage tanks? You know, with the little button that's beside it?
  10. I shoved my savegame up to my github. The only mod needed to load the orbital station is Project Orion. Updated the save with a modless station. And this time I made sure the upload actually commited. Go me! Thanks for taking a look!
  11. Now that this is updated to 1.10, I can finally ask... Is anyone else having issues with orbital containers not deploying, or subassemblies not being oriented properly in orbital containers with their open nodes towards the D side?
  12. There are instructions some pages back on how to make it work in 1.10; you need to make a whitelist and an ignore list. I'm not sure what the ignore list does, but it might be a belt and braces situation.