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  1. Hmm, it's been a while but isn't this a Kopernicus bug? I've definitely noticed the same thing myself.
  2. Made a pasta Carbonara last night in the Instapot. My favourite kitchen gadget.
  3. That is an excellent video. No blockchain for me, even moreso now.
  4. Changing the mass of intake air would be changing the mass of one of your propellants, which may have surprising effects on atmospheric engines. It's probably better to change the amount of intakeair storage in the Airplane Plus engines down to something like 1. (Alternately, it should be possible to remove that storage all together as long as you have something, somewhere on your aircraft with some intakeair storage, like an intake.)
  5. I'd asked this question myself a while back for the Near Future suits, and the author of Kerbal Occupation Colors made it an option for me. Now, it DOESN'T work for assigning the Making History suits, but shows that it should be possible.
  6. I've often thought a stand-alone builder would have been a great feature for KSP1. I could have whiled away the hours designing ships when running full KSP would have been impractical.
  7. Just use the capitals as an indicator of where the syllable ends. So it's Buh-Igfuh-Ats-Toopiduh-Ed. Simple!
  8. No problem! I was surprised it wasn't here because you commented extensively in the thread. On the other hand, you are very active on the forum, so maybe I shouldn't be too surprised you overlooked something you helped out with. I just edited my playlist to include these tracks and now, even with reverting back to SoundtrackEditors included original playlist, I have no ingame playlists. Something odd is happening. I'll dig up my logs and attach them. It's a pathing error. Somehow. Not sure how that happened!
  9. I'm surprised you don't have the Original Score Project linked on the front page.
  10. This mod sounds extremely exciting, and I look forward to its further development! I have wanted realistic ANY weather patterns to exist in KSP for the longest time, and so thank you for bringing it to us!
  11. Once you get used to using propellers like Vanamonde has suggested (be sure to have your propeller DEPLOYED!), you can start using a more advanced method to control them. Assign one of the three "translate" action groups to control the propellers pitch, and you can have a great deal more control over your speed without touching the throttle!
  12. You obviously have it facing backward. <Insert drag-racing car gif here>
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