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  1. You will be greatly missed. You were able to herd cats for some four years, and that's no mean feat. I wish you all the best, and many more. o7 Twenty one bottle rocket salute! ~~~~~~_____#======> ~~~~~~_____#======> ~~~~~~_____#======> ~~~~~~_____#======> ~~~~~~_____#======> ~~~~~~_____#======> ~~~~~~_____#======> ~~~~~~_____#======> ~~~~~~_____#======> ~~~~~~_____#======> ~~~~~~_____#======> ~~~~~~_____#======> ~~~~~~_____#======> ~~~~~~_____#======> ~~~~~~_____#======> ~~~~~~_____#======> ~~~~~~_____#===
  2. You punned. that style of column - fluted upright with curled top treatment - is called "Ionic style"
  3. @NathanKell Can you weigh in on both part textures derivatives, and shader derivatives? I STR textures were in question at one point, and shaders are currently a prickly question per the past few pages
  4. maybe this is answered elsewhere but hitting P while mousing over the parts only shows the 'available parts' hilight and there's no stock apps button. does it need the Blizzy bar? I can't figure out how to open the GUI window edit: LinuxGuruGamer DLL works fine
  5. Seconding the separate part water-RCS nozzles - they're A, Cute and B, useful as heck
  6. ok, pulled down the MKS Lite pack - the included Firespitter Core works. the Firespitter Core download you get from the FS thread does NOT work.
  7. pull in a RetroFuture Firespitter-prop and I see this - Firespittermultitanks from RetroFuture also cause breakage - one tapered tank-adapter becomes unselectable after right clicking and getting no menu Edit - I just checked and I do not have old MM Cache, no extraneous copies of the FS plugin. this is as stripped-down an install as I could make for this test
  8. Multi-select and engine blades/FX are not working, as best I can tell. Will try a minimal mods test to be sure.
  9. yes - multi-mode tanks don't provide the type selector buttons. are the necessary changes documented anywhere?
  10. is there a discrete way to test Firespitter Core's functionality? because I'm having failures with both RetroFuture tanks and Roverdude's Otter sub parts
  11. Godspeed. Fair skies and following seas.
  12. So it applies a New Position to the active joint part, and torque or force is an emergent effect of that delta?
  13. does IR apply a Force, or an Acceleration to the parts?
  14. how do you properly use the Vtol Fan Wings - I figured out how to map them to forward thrust, but is there a way to map them to the RCS controls? I'd like to use them in lift sustain and forward thrust together
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