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  1. HI all, first off thanks to all those who've inquired after my welfare, as to the reasons I'm no longer active on the forum or releasing mods, they are many and numerous, primarily it's health issues, I've been fighting a mystery virus for several years,  and as I've become older the effects of that have become more difficult to live with, tbh it's really difficult to be creative ( or sociable) when you feel like crap. Along with that, the frequent KSP updates combined with the size of my mod catalog meant that just keeping them all updated or even working became a chore, much more like unpaid slavery than fun, and guys it needs to be fun.  There are of course other reasons, some to do with the forum in general and some  to do with mods that have been a cornerstone of SM mods since the very beginning but we'll leave that there.  
    Regarding the closed threads and broken links, when i decided that enough was enough I was not in the best frame of mind, and certainly was not in the mood for explanations,  so perhaps a final message was in order, but honestly forum interaction had dropped to a point that it hardly seemed worth the effort.  Shortly after closing the threads i became aware that certain parties had without my permission, or even asking for it, taken  parts of various mods, the simple solution at the time, and to prevent further unauthorised use of assets,  was to simply pull the mods from the various locations, and while it was perhaps a bit heavy handed, I do have a serious amount of time invested  in that lot, as any of the guys on the team would tell you, and somehow i don't feel like just giving it all away.

    Which brings me nicely to the current SpaceDock situation I'm aware that SM Armory and SMAFV's are back up on SpaceDock, this is completely unauthorised, they are not supported . I've not been contacted by the user RecoverMod regarding them, and such publication is in breach of the license. I and others are taking steps to have them removed, something I shouldn't have to do.

    As to the future,  difficult to say, but after playing KSP since 2012 and making KSP mods since 2014, I think a break is in order, but the sad thing is we, the team and i, know pretty much where KSP outer limits are, we know what can be done and where, and while the game remains unity based they are very unlikely to change in any great way, so where's the new challenge? the idea of doing the same thing over and over just in different ways is not something that appeals

    Thanks again to all those who supported the SM mods in any way, particularly those who got my gears spinning.
    Happy travels guys

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    2. HebaruSan


      Thanks very much for explaining all that. That RecoverMod guy had the gall to request CKAN indexing for his unauthorized uploads, which we declined, but it's nice to know the situation for sure.

    3. Olympic1


      I removed the mods from SpaceDock due to license violation. Thanks for letting us know.

    4. Nightside


      Hey Spanner, I just found this note, and I wanted to thank you for your work over the years. You are the king of the tinkerers. I never really got into the military stuff, but I very much enjoyed the boats and statics pack. 

  2. since I'm unable to message privately you due to low post count and I think that this may be important, I'll just leave this here unless asked to remove it.

    I was on SpaceDock and noticed SM Armory and SM AFV's posted by a user named 'RecoverMod'. Just wanted to let you know in case it wasn't you and instead someone without permission to post them.

    here's the links to the mods and the profile: Armory AFVs

  3. Why are all links broken? Hope everything is okay man, sm armory is pretty dope and it seems strange all threads have been locked.

  4. Hey man, what happened? most of your Threads' locked and links' broken, hope you're ok?

  5. What has happend to sm armory? No links are working. Can i download it from somewhere? 

  6. Hi would one of you fine fellows be kind enough to lock the following threads Please note that at this time nobody has asked for or been granted permission to update or modify any mods from any of the above threads Cheers all
  7. Not wrong, there are ways around some of the issues, but non of them will work with guard mode, part of the problem is there's no high angle trajectory for shells, and no way to aim even if there was. Shell trajectory is mainly a product of velocity and mass, you can manipulate the shell trajectory by increasing shell mass or lowering shell velocity, but in doing so you encounter all kinds of undesirable and peculiar side effects. Conducted a good many experiments with high angle artillery but nothing useful has come from any of it.
  8. Hi, yes doable, we've been experimenting with physical projectiles, in this case as they're easy to mess with simple cannons and cannon balls, but the same principle could be applied to mortars etc. Loads of cons and not many pros right now though, in fact apart from novelty value it has not a lot going for it, little video demo below, scroll to end to see actual balls loaded and fired .
  9. Hi. no problems noted in my recent scenario runs. Water craft are quite fussy in Ai set up, I've not found a suitable setting that would work for everything , each craft has to be set up individually. There are also issues that only water craft suffer, such as control surface/rudder runaway that shows itself if the ctrl surface is scaled, this starts to show in a turn, the vessel will start to gather speed , regardless or throttle position and the ai will not have a clue how to stop it ( its a result of some deep internal KSP code that was introduced with the aero package in ksp1.0) , purely scaling parts can also have a horrible affect on a crafts behavior, excessive deck weight can also induce a turning moment that the ai will be unable to control as it usually combines with the aforementioned runaway syndrome
  10. Reworking the statics is on my (very long) to do list. A lot of them need a serious birthday/burning as appropriate. Cfg updates etc, all of the pre placed stuff has to be redone properly to suit current KK standards, proper groupings etc.
  11. Sorry don't understand what you're asking, lost in translation perhaps?
  12. Don't be tempted to split the actual model and use that to carry the colliders, it plays havoc with the smoothing, and once all the parts are separate its all too easy to nudge one slightly in unity and end up with a gappy model. Always (imo) clone and cut the clone (and don't worry about how many colliders you have, some of my full size ship hulls with internal spaces have 30 or more)
  13. Hmm, well you'll have to make a set of colliders then, doing it in the modelling app is going to be easier as lining up game objects on cylindrical stuff for box colliders is no fun and time consuming. You'll have to decide if you can live with parts hovering above the surface when attached, only in relation to the endcaps though, as a convex collider placed over the whole endcap will bridge the taper out to the end of that cylindrical extrusion . If you can bear the odd hovering part you can do the end caps in one collider each, if you cant bear it, you'll have to make them in two colliders, Then just decide how many faces you want to have in each of the wall colliders, difficult to say but 5 looks about right from your image, which will still allow plenty of clearance inside roughly abused your image as i couldn't find an easy to view unity ref image in my collection, each color roughly represents an individual collider
  14. Yup thats expected, how did you get the top image and why cant you use that
  15. Hi again:) What you're going to need to do is create a convex hull, this is a group of colliders arranged to provide an open space. Without a reference image I can't tell what you've got, this then is based on a simple box with doors on the end. Modelling app version Step 1 clone your cargo bay less the doors( don't move it) Next hide the original model and doors . Now you will need to divide your cloned object into 5 parts, left wall, right wall, base. top, and back, unhide everything and make these objects a child of the main model and export as normal. In unity you apply a convex mesh collider to all these clone collider parts and remove the mesh renderer component. Unity only version, create a new gameobject align it with 1 of the walls etc, assign a box collider to that game object and adjust dimensions to suit, continue doing this until you've done all 5 faces