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  1. 1.1.2 Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics 2.0.2

    @Ziw @ZodiusInfuser Pull request for the gui button issue post 1,3 sent. Tested working fix. Still an avid abuser of the IR plugins Cheers guys 0/
  2. 1.1.2 Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics 2.0.2

    Hi is that bug still present in the recompiled version linked in the post below ? If so it's a tiny one line fix in the code. Perhaps Ziw was unaware of the last minute change.
  3. [HELP] Update Kerbal Science Innovation

    Hi, checked out the mods forum thread and can't see any reference to a plugin, as such I think it a fairly simple process to update. Unless, Did something change that affected your mod? Have you tried running it in 1.3.1 ? if so what was the result?
  4. 1.1.2 Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics 2.0.2

    Hi did you follow the install instructions and procedure laid out in the post below. ?
  5. Kerbal Aircraft Expansion _Continued

    Progress report, all being well , final testing is about to commence with a beautifully clean log. So among the tasks completed, Custom Category for KAX parts . Rebuilding of all prop engines except the tail rotor ( which was trouble free) to remove prop spinner errors and log spam . logging once every revolution ends up being a lot of spam. EN/US localisation as it's sort of obligatory these days. as usual the bulk of this was accomplished by @gomker and his marvelous scripting talents Addition of the 3 vintage engines which are available in standard , sport and heavy version, the standard single cylinder, liquid fuel guzzling engine will astound you with it's awesome 3.5kn of power. And while i struggled to build something that would work at the requested feeble power, @inigma kindly provided a craft that would indeed fly with that little power, and provided "stock a feel" balancing assistance and design suggestions. Although they are small the little craft these little engines push or pull along are great fun to fly. ( I'd have never guessed ) The most noticeable difference being the stock alike appearance, it's even more stock alike than before , and all parts have been given the treatment. @DoctorDavinci he who is blessed with far more color appreciation than I , completely reworked every texture , and as icing on the cake added full KAX support to DCK
  6. Engine Emission

    you can also swap one for the other with no real problems, so plenty of room for experimentation
  7. Engine Emission

    = a unity FX model that is accessible in a folder somewhere as opposed to the PREFAB_PARTICLE type which is usually baked into a unity Asset bundle. The main difference being ( as a tweaker ) is that you can mess with the textures/colors in the former case and cannot in the latter. If you follow that file path you will find a model and texture relating to it, you will not find the same for a PREFAB_PARTICLE
  8. [1.1.3] BDArmory FPS - A BDArmory Expansion - 0.4 (9-10-16)

    Hi can't do that because it's purely ornamental, the weapons will not damage vehicles, well two of them will. but Kerbal FPS was the complete and only aim of this mod, anything else was a side effect of my involvement. So until the day that, kerbal FPS, is again possible, then the mod is indeed broken and not fit for purpose. Not the first mod to be made obsolete by game changes, and it probably will not be the last. I was not happy the day i found out, that a last minute changed had killed it,, but that was a good while ago now..
  9. [1.1.3] BDArmory FPS - A BDArmory Expansion - 0.4 (9-10-16)

    usually is. that truck is now, available in SM AFVS for now yes and with the current BDA, it's very unlikely that it will work after the next , following Radar release, release of BDA
  10. Kerbal Aircraft Expansion _Continued

    Hi I'm aware of some problems with the current old release and am working my way through the issues. Due to extra unexpected problems this is taking a little longer than i first projected . I would very much like to see a copy of the KSP.log from an existing user who has not downloaded the linked release and are using a legacy version. I'm going to remove the the link now as I feel that it will continue causing problems long after it's removed, and i have no wish to have merging good install with defective install problems going forwards. Sorry for any inconvenience , service will be resumed shortly. cheers @Combatsmithen As i suspected the previously linked download was not what not was supposed to be, I have made available a link to the last released version on Curseforge which was for KSP 1.2.2 ,This version IS known to have issues, and although all engines are functional there are problems that will cause log spam
  11. Hi, i'm going to have to scroll back a bit here. RE the above, are you now saying that the issue has afflicted all aircraft? I 'd ask for logs but. there's nothing yelling broken in the logs from my tests in a very similar environment i downloaded your craft and it displays some very odd behavior, (as a result of the clipped cockpits perhaps) and you have asked it to do something then , to me it seems, made it difficult to do it in a timely fashion by limiting it's angle of attack to 17.5 degrees and that is almost half the default value and seems from a quick bit of digging more appropriate to a passenger jet than a fighter . I'm not a KSP BDA Aircraft expert, but that seems very restrictive. Perhaps some input from an accredited (knows more than me) aircraft builder is needed here, because this does not look right. PS thanks for having the AI and WM located where i could find them
  12. @Deathpuff12, how did you get the vessels to the runway/s ? and did you notice anything odd in the navball position.
  13. Hi , based on the info in your post i would suggest that you check that BDA is correctly installed, as non appearance in game despite loading indicates that BDA is not in fact installed correctly. BDA must be installed in KSP/GameData and the only acceptable filepath is KSP/GameData/BDArmory. KSP/GameData/GameData/BDArmory will not work and is the usual issue . which is the result of unzipping the archive into GameData rather than the KSP main folder.
  14. [1.3] SM Marine, 1.3v Rib Waterjet and Torpedo enhancements

    Thanks for letting me know how it went, perhaps i should simply make some much larger ones, as it's true when i started the mod I had no intention of making ships as big as they are now, so yes i'll grant they are a little small. Cheers
  15. Kerbal Aircraft Expansion _Continued