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  1. SpannerMonkey(smce)

    Preventing parts from coming apart

    Hi, it's all a bit vague that , but the first thing that springs to mind is the size of the attachment nodes , either stack or surface attach. The size of the node is not just a visual thing, bigger nodes are stronger , the size value goes from 0 to 7 . Use small nodes on small light things and large nodes on big heavy things, although I use all the sizes up to and including 7, for most purposes size 5 is strong enough for pretty much anything you'll encounter in an average players game .
  2. SpannerMonkey(smce)

    [1.4.3] SM Armory SM AFVs SMI ML SM OSTnT

    HI, thanks for the report yes it's bugged, checked and fixed, and while i was there , i resolved some other OST issues . Update incoming
  3. SpannerMonkey(smce)

    [1.4.3] SM Armory SM AFVs SMI ML SM OSTnT That should get you going
  4. Hi that looks very interesting. As a first step go here And create a new issue as an Enhancement with the details of the proposed changes tweaks or upgrades, the more details the better . This is in order for it to come to the attention of the coding guru's. Cheers
  5. There you go fixed that for you Goddang it another tester turned to the dark side
  6. HI guys as mentioned when this first reappeared ( it does about once every six months) I've already sorted it, see post below, and i'm sure you can work out how to mod the exact engine you want based on the template EDIT Its' worth mentioning that very few FS engines use the bladed prop module, Most of the problem arises from FS own engine module that BDA does not recognize. Patching that out with something like above removes the issue This will not work for AP bladed prop engines or FS bladed prop engines
  7. SpannerMonkey(smce)

    [1.4.3] SM Armory SM AFVs SMI ML SM OSTnT

    Due any day
  8. Pitch KI is the pitch incidence damper. for all normal craft it should be left at default, and for competition craft it should be set at zero. What it does is control the overshoot of position, for example launch any stock craft with a PAI and leave it all on default. Now watch from a side on view, you will probably notice that the craft is constantly altering pitch , by a tiny amount, this means there is not enough damping on the pitch axis. Now slide the Pitch KI slider toward zero, you will notice that the constant pitch adjustment stops. The pilot AI should work happily with any engine that uses either Module Engines, or ModuleEnginesFX. The only engines i know of to cause trouble are firespitter prop engines . I made a conversion patch to enable the AI to use those engines , and linked it here a good while ago now, so it may be worth searching the thread for prop engine related posts
  9. Hi can you show a pic of what you are seeing and your craft. I've just run through the collection of radar and stock cockpits and the displayed results of detection and lock distances are what I'd expect from the BDA radar, and most others, and change as parts are added to the craft . Be aware that everything will be detected on most radar below 5KM although detection does not equate to a lock. . As mentioned by PJ there have been no recent changes to radar RCS or the curves in the BDA radomes.
  10. Going to PM you instead of answering here.
  11. Hi some pics of the launcher and the identity of the explodey missiles will be needed, as they've all be recently re tuned, and no anomalous behaviors. edit. Missiles should not be maneuvering while in the confines of the launcher, in a normal missile turret this is set by the rail length, when using missiles in self built or cargo bay launchers no control is in place, and we advise careful setting of dropTime, decouple direction and force, and check it works in that application, before committing to a full build or re arm
  12. Hi, is that all one part? RE you launchers they'll be better and work with the AI properly in guard mode, IF you scrap 3 of them, and convert the remaining one into a proper missile turret . There's also a question, as a one part craft, if, you don't use stupid levels of hitpoints for something made of plywood, If it'll stand up to combat. Get in touch if you need some hints Hi not possible on the fly, we've tried, things get really screwy. However the air launch version is configured with pretty decent terminal guidance, and with a little bit of care it can be surface launched, no cluttered launch environments. That particular model is as dumb as rocks, but I'll grant they aren't all that way, so perhaps there's a vague perchance possibility that discussions could be undertaken, as to if it's due it's 2020 upgrade a bit early
  13. hi, no sorry only one cohesive deploy animation per part. But i think you should be able to , using the unity animation editor merge them into one, but it's forever since i've done it. I could have suggested the animation compiler that was available in the U5 parts tools, that enabled you to merge several animations into one, but on checking I can't seem to find it in unity 2017. Is there any reason you can't either make the anim as one , or re animate it in unity using the animation curve editor? There's pretty much no deploy animation that you can't do in one element, either that or i'm not making them complicated enough
  14. SpannerMonkey(smce)

    Rocket poll

    Deceived or perhaps an attempt at deception The image is titled spaceballs spaceball one 3_4 view by jaythurman Thou shall not claim other peoples work as your own. ( unless you are of course Shadowstate, in which case ,nice work)
  15. SpannerMonkey(smce)

    Has anybody got the image file for the KSP cursor?

    Hi the cursor will probably be cooked into one of the Asset bundles, which pretty much means it's inaccessible under the current eula etc