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  1. ALL new updates contain EN-US localization, that is there is a complete English dictionary of all part names and part descriptions. Completing this was a mammoth task and needed to be done in order to keep pace with things in KSP . If you do not install this dictionary every name and every description will consist of something like "#autoLOC_SMIndustries_7000000 //= ProjectPlutoSS". The fix is simple, install the SM_Industries dictionary . In future every download will include a copy of this folder, as it has proved too difficult for people to find and/or follow the links, no matter how many times they are posted. The current SM_Industries complete dictionary and spoiler list has changed considerably since the last version and a whole new batch of downloads is due. There is just this one extra folder that contains an entry for 80% of the mods I currently run and maintain. It is not a massive download by any means. (27.4kb) This below is the last version that went out with the releases and without knowing , when or what you installed this would be the best option right now. may contain spoilers. SM_Industries for KSP 1.3 Updates As noted above all future downloads will include the SM_I folder. Only one copy of this folder is required per KSP installation. The folder contains a text file Always use the newest version if you have downloaded more than one. The correct installation path for SM_Industries is KSP/GameData/SM_Industries
  2. Cheers that pretty much confirms pretty much everything i get from the sources. Hi don't think that's going to happen as Tetryds has expressed a desire to keep his current balance and carry on using the legacy system. He has spent an obscene amount of time balancing his weapons to period levels of performance, and adoption of the new system would likely change the character and performance. Which in turn would mean going through the whole tedious and frustrating process once more. In that case as the mod developer they should be finding this information for themselves and then presenting it with the request, otherwise what are they using now? guesstimates?? . The better the info provided the sooner it can happen.
  3. Yeah i got it in the end, process of elimination, so many it can't be , except, everything i've hunted down states 13×64mmB (0.511" as opposed to 0,515) for the 131 and 15×96mm for the 151(0.590 as opposed to 0.594) , unless somebody knows (and can provide a source) different. Is the 0.1 presumed due to the name of the weapons perhaps?
  4. Hi, if it exists and is documented somewhere, yes, otherwise it's all a bit sketchy ( as in more sketchy than normal) . I can't find anything similar on my allegedly complete list of every caliber ever made, close but not those sizes, not even in imperial. So whats it for?
  5. Coming along nicely, still reckon you should bump up the poly count especially on the lamp body itself.
  6. Hi in addition to the points made above I'd like to add my two cents. The first log you should really examine is the standard written every time KSP.log which can be found in your KSP root folder. Also get yourself a decent text editor, notepad++ is used be many, with line numbers search options syntax highlighting etc. This will make the whole process of reading your log a lot clearer. If your game is locking up crashing on load, especially if you've just installed mods. then there's a good chance the cause of the crash will be among the last items in that same KSP.log. Using a good text editor you can search for the installed mod, check the paths, check the textures etc. There's a tonne more info in the KSP.log for non dev types than in any of the other logs, output logs and minidumps are the preserve of the devs. Generally there are very few problems that can't be identified by viewing the KSP.log and as a third party troubleshooting tool, should you not be able to work it out, a zipped copy of your KSP.log will allow experienced mod users or makers to identify your issue fairly quickly
  7. Hi it's a bit of a misnomer really, SLW = ship or sub launched weapon = torpedoes or similar devices, but not missiles, missiles are missiles regardless of the launch platform, be it a sub 100 meters below the surface or an aircraft 1000 meters above.
  8. Jettisonable nose cones are not supported, as such , BUT what you can do is create the missile and include the nose cone and use the booster decouple mechanism to fire the nose cone. Terminal thrusters will not do any good, terminal maneuvering is currently carried out via code, and there's no need to provide extra vector control, ALL BDA vector control is via an aero process rather than thrust vectoring or other means. All missile thrust is produced in relation to the center line only, the visible FX do not necessarily ( and usually dont )indicate an origin of thrust, for example the TOW missile appears to have a vectored thrust, it doesn't really, control is pure aero and despite the location of the FX the thrust is still generated down the center line as determined via code. Also if you intend to push the missile to real world speeds you'll have to seriously beef up the missiles strength, terminal maneuvers can and do cause high speed missiles to break up before reaching the target, the maneuvers are quite violent and subject the missile to massive stress. Worth noting is that more often than not a high speed super or hypersonic missile will end up missing it's target if subjected to terminal maneuvers and it's best suited to slower missiles ( imo of course)
  9. Hi yes sorry should have said, this is of course for the auxiliary booster version but as you have surmised it's just a simple matter of not making a booster, if your missile has an internal booster as some do, just place the relevant transforms at the exhaust point. Generally all my small missiles are one part with all fins still attached to the body, with custom collider for all the parts , the FC's are actually colliders and not really relevant to your question .
  10. Hi took a quick look at the files and if FuelTank is your new texture then it should work, you have all the path and the texture name of the stock part correct. All i can suggest is perhaps to ensure that your new texture format is the same as the one to be swapped (dds) and hope it's something simple as that. I've had similar problems pulling textures from stock parts, and sadly for both of us I wasn't ever able to get it to work 100%.
  11. Hiya, checked it out as i was curious to know how a supposed heatseeker jammer would work, and it doesn't I suspected from the pic that it was some kind of optical jammer and that's exactly what it is. An IR jamming pod (cool) It works by emitting pulses of IR controlled by the shutters. Saying that though, I think an IR jammer could be a thing. May be worth making it a feature request for record. ( little link for the AN/ALQ-144 ) (btw, this based on BDA not real world, in BDA heat and IR are not related)
  12. If your running manual rather than AI yup that's the only way, the downside being that the missile can be so small in cross section that the radar has difficulty locking it, in which case counter measures and evasive maneuvers are your best option, it also pays to know what's being fired at you, and different missiles will require different tactics. Thats not such an issue now, with the detonation range options all the intercept missile has to do is get within a few meters of the target and the blast radius will deal with the hostile missile it doesn't need to physically hit the target. The biggest problem, for intercept missiles is speed and maneuverability at speed, if you can get those tuned nicely anti missile actions are fairly successful
  13. Yup, all of the ways you have tried, thing is each countermeasure only works for 1 type of missile, flares for heatseekers. smoke for laser IR guided, and chaff for radar. and are totally ineffective against the wrong type ( I have recently been testing all these against new missiles so can confidently state they all do the job they are supposed to) You must also make sure the engagement options are set correctly for your weapons. they can be specifically set to engage missiles, however if you neglect the setting they'll do nothing. A modern style radar guided missile is capable of locking and intercepting almost any missile, non of the other types can really pull it off. The AI can also target missiles with guns, although on an aircraft turreted weapons are more trouble than they're worth, and fixed guns will not be able to target incoming missiles. Ground based anti missile turrets like for example the BDA goalkeeper are quite effective, there are also plenty of other mod turrets sporting CIWS turrets ( Anti Air and anti missile is one of my particular specialties, I make a lot of stuff just for that purpose) And of course the Radar jammer, which only works for radar locked or guided missiles, useless for IR or Heat.
  14. You have no such node named in your cfg, the reference attach node needs to be named . see below example for stock docking port. You'll either change referenceAttachNode = dockingNode to referenceAttachNode = bottom, or if that is not suitable add another node in the position you require the port to be . name = dockingPortLarge rescaleFactor = 1 node_stack_top = 0.0, 0.29, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 2 ////top node_stack_bottom = 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, -1.0, 0.0, 2 TechRequired = metaMaterials etc MODULE { name = ModuleDockingNode referenceAttachNode = top /// top nodeType = size2 stagingEnabled = False } }
  15. HI, cant work out from your post what exactly you are trying to do, aside from installing BDA. Which BDA version are you trying to install? which version of KSP are you using? A copy of your KSP.log would answer all these questions. We do not recommend using any of the earlier BDA versions unless for some reason you are unable to upgrade. It's also a certainty that there is only one currently supported release and that is for KSP 1.3, there will be very little support for previous versions as the structure of BDA has changed massively over the past few months. The current supported release for KSP1.3