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  1. It's a double edged sword, especially in new BDA, massive velocities impart massive recoil, and this massive recoil messes with the aim, as it can be so heavy that it moves a several hundred ton craft, which in turn imparts an unexpected velocity in the mount. Which sounds like a laugh, and it is for 5 mins, but it makes the gun fairly useless apart from as a curiosity. All is not lost as there are now a multitude of cfg options that can tune individual behaviors, but tuning them is not a ten minute job, takes many adjustments and many restarts, unless you get lucky.
  2. Shuriken particles and KSP part tools 1.4 onwards

    Thanks guys for your responses, it at least gives some indication , But, it's a less than satisfactory solution, as can be clearly witnessed in game, ( and it's just not my opinion) even Squads FX look pretty horrible and they're supposed to understand how to get the best out of it. It seems that they went for a great system then crippled it, we really cant use the shuriken with it''s crippled capabilities, and get anywhere near the results that we got with the old system. fair enough, we had an awful long time in which to get used to using it, but at least despite all it's deficiencies, what you saw in the editor would be pretty close to what you would see in the game, some variance , but nothing you couldn't work around. So far anything that's looked half respectable in the editor , once transferred into game , is reduced to glowing snowballs , that looks like a "my first FX" attempt. You'll have to forgive my negativity, however when looking at a good few hundred items, all with custom FX that all look horrible, it's difficult to be very positive.. That said i discovered at stupid AM this morning that the old system is still working, importing, and very subjectively looks much better than the diminished shuriken variety . ( I'm guessing this is because it's losing less in the conversion process) Not trying to rattle anyone's cage here just have an abiding hate of things that dont't come with even basic instructions ( even a readme attached to part tools is better than nothing)
  3. The railguns in the current version of NKD do not use EC at all. Although they could be configured to do so the ones included are normal ammo and bullet type
  4. Well NORMALLY, (for me) it's done at the time the pod is created, so from the raw model file, which gives you a unity scene you can rearrange and re export to your desires. Aside from exporting the IVA mu and re sorting all the transforms ( as i find they're rotated wrong by the exporter local rotations become global rotations ) colliders and textures and then back to unity i cant see any other way to get the result you want. Not saying among all the modders here we don't all have sneaky little tricks, and there may yet be a way to do it, that i haven't thought of, One thing you learn about modding KSP is that there are many ways to get to the same end point
  5. Hi adding this extra seat is going to take a little more than dragging the models into the IVA , but it's not extra tough, although having worked out the how to , it's not extra easy either You'll not be able to do this to an existing IVA as such and have it show. You'll need to export the IVA you wish to add the seat to, duplicate the parts and fitting layout , Add in your extra seat . seat Transforms, eye transforms etc if you want full use, as these have to be baked into the mu, as that's what the internal cfg is looking for in a section like this MODULE { name = InternalSeat seatTransformName = seat1 portraitCameraName = Cam1 allowCrewHelmet = false } MODULE { name = InternalCameraSwitch colliderTransformName = driverglass cameraTransformName = EyeTransform1 } All those named items are unity game objects baked into the mu, and if it doesn't find them there it'll throw errors . When you add things to a spawned by part tools IVA the only items you can add with any success are prop items, those not being individual remote models. All the important seat eye and cm transforms are already baked into that spawned iva. A thought occurred while writing this, a possible way around all this messing around would be to create a seat part complete with all the required transforms, run it through unity , create a prop cfg for it , have part tools spawn it, and then maybe it would perhaps work, can't say, but done a lot of IVA's the normal way You wouldnt get the window and eye transforms right BUT you' have a good chance with the seat and cam transform Something i've found useful over the years Note that with this fella when he's placed on a seat , the seat transform needs to be at around the same height as his feet in order not to hover above the seat
  6. airship eva

    Hi sadly its not possible to EVA ar kerbal on a moving or flying craft, However all is not lost , there is a mod called airpsrk which allows to to freeze your craft in flight , at which time Kerbs can climb out and walk around Last release is for 1.3.1 and i've not tried it in 1.4x,
  7. Which actually means they aren't launching or being activated and any explosion is that purely of the part NOT any contained TNT mass. Part of the correct launch procedure involves using the weapon manager selecting the missile to be launched and pressing the mouse button . having placed the missile is such a position that it is not obstructed by any part of the craft. We generally find in testing that depending on craft design and size that 250 is more than enough to take out anything, when used in accordance with correct BDA procedures It's already a thing, Though i will say that the detonation override setting is very useful for many players, especially those who understand how the damage system works, and like to tune thing for effect, especially in combat scenarios , and I'd be adverse to any adjustment being removed MODULE { name = MissileLauncher DetonationDistance = 0 engageAir = true engageMissile = true engageGround = false engageSLW = false ) EDIT btw a setting of Zero will in a lot of case do less damage than a setting of 1.5 due to the way the blast propagates, slow low energy missiles can use lower settings, but faster higher energy high mach missiles can and do beat game physics and a setting of 0 will allow the missile to pass right through before the game clock can trigger an explosion
  8. Non whatsoever . Hitpoints are calculated based on surface area and density. TNT mass is the quantity of TNT in a missile that gives approximately a realish world result and is tuned to each missile or weapon system For a detailed explanation and the formulas in use visit the post linked below difficult to tel via crystal ball, we have no clues as to the design, method of construction or control of your missile .
  9. [1.3.1] SM Marine, 1.3.1v BETA BDA Damage Overhaul version

    Hi, it's not really a question of support , it's time, quite happy to sort any issue that arise with the statics , but i dont't need or want another thread and all that goes with it. It's also worth noting that the popularity of mod X or mod Y is somewhat of an irrelevance , ( although i've a rough idea from dl data of what is and isn't popular) and makes absolutely no difference to me at all, if it's downloaded once or a thousand times it changes nothing for me. However once the 141 push and chaos of corruption has diminished I'll be going through whats in that group and rationalizing a lot of it perhaps removing to separate groups or dumping altogether . As there's a lot of junk gathered in there over the years, and some of it is very very old. The new incoming KK features will allow plans of old to be brought to fruition . such as auto night lighting etc.
  10. In that case, surely then, as KSP only really allows us to create screenshots as part of it's programming, not videos not designs, character or items, or for that matter anything else, unless they count craft files, as user generated content. ( watch out for craft pack DLC ala EAgames ) O i've never created a craft really I'd want to share with too many , so I'm good there, would find it difficult to care about ownership of a screenshot. As for the rest Unity, 3ds, notepad++ , gimp no touching of ksp in content creation whatsoever using any of KSP's built in software . IMO thats how it reads
  11. Shuriken particles and KSP part tools . So it's all changed , Anybody any clues on how to set it up? The actual KSP emmiter script only seems to serve as an interface for the new unity particles? it doesn't seem to have any effect on particle generation size or direction What does this setup particle system button do? if anything , as it seem non functional, or at least for me , in a brand new U2017, with the latest part tool updates, there's no indication of anything changing or being set up. Fortunately there''s plenty of unity info on the how to of using the Shuriken particles and creating effects. which is handy, but no real help in getting it done for KSP. KSP particle shader shaders which i presume we still have to use? have fewer options than unity 3 types for KSP as opposed to 12 for Shuriken and certainly in the editor do not look anywhere near as nice (subjective) I noticed (thanks JR) that smokescreen has adopted the new system, however whats not clear form github is , if the code changes act as an interface between new an old particles , or do we in fact have to replace the old FX and emitters completely Any clues, tips, advice, secret handshakes, special rituals needed etc would be most appreciated SM @JPLRepo any chance of one of the fine devs putting together a guide to the particles, similar to the one for the new font system Possibly useful links to help fellow lost mod makers
  12. Hi what you need to do, is first create your missile and save it as a sub assembly. load your aircraft, complete with weapon manager, and attach the saved sub assembly missile.
  13. [1.3.1] SM Marine, 1.3.1v BETA BDA Damage Overhaul version

    Hi cheers , its still here , i just don't currently have the space available to make it available.
  14. [1.3.1] SM Marine, 1.3.1v BETA BDA Damage Overhaul version

    Hi as some are aware i have a bit of a technical hitch, that resulted in the corruption of all my unity projects and KSP dev builds, the loss of the drive has meant i've had to do some serious culling in order to ksp 1.4.1 dev heading in the right direction. Part of that was clearing my locally stored downloads , in order to make room for the huge alpha updates that the team gets to review. The SMI group when packaged is bigger than i can get in a free dropbox, and that's just the major mods, not including adoptees etc SO things that are locally stored are temporarily unavailable . Normal service will be resumed ASAF (feasible)
  15. Cheers yes thats what i wanted to see, and as i suspected aside from some silly mod errors on parts that should have none, there's nothing in your log whatsoever . Which is annoying for you, as to ascertain the true problem as you've decided that it's not a memory shortage( it is) I suggest that you remove Kerbinside and NKD as they are the mods that are logging errors , kerbinside in particular is badly optimised for the current game ( yes i know it being remade) , and retry . Should that too fail. You'll have to pare it down even more and perhaps try it simply with Squad BDA and PRE