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  1. could I possibly be allowed to download some of your mods for bda? I don't really care about what version they are for I just love these mods and would like to be able to use them again.

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    2. Delta dart

      Delta dart

      Ill create a thread for people to report Illegal distributing of not just sm armory but other deleted mods and hopefully report them to the authors of the mods. 

    3. epicfailure2020


      i will check that out.

    4. Delta dart

      Delta dart

      Okay its up


  2. (don't read)

    1. HebaruSan


      I don't think he wants to be bothered about this by random people, since he requested both of the forum threads for those mods to be closed in March 2019.

    2. siklidkid


      Ok i'll close this.


    3. siklidkid


      How do i delete this

  3. Hi, the drag cube, is the games representation of the crafts/parts dimensions, the game uses this info to calculate drag. Drag cubes for standard style and simple animated parts are calculated at every game start up, and written to the part database, once a DC has been written to the PartDatabase.cfg, this is the info that the game will always use. Rather than repeating whats lurking elsewhere, have some links The first is the post that started my interest in tweaking DC's and the other two explain how to set it all up for parts that may, by default generate a procedural cube(BAD) or no cube at all.
  4. It reads a lot more painfully than it feels to do the first time is a bit sketchy but once that's over and you've seen how it works, it's all rinse and repeat.
  5. Dear mods, for the sake of all the new mod makers out there, please unpin this horribly outdated and misleading post. Anyone following the advice in this tutorial and applying it to the current (or any version from 1.3.1) KSP will find they have created a part that will not load It would be nice too if you could pin the linked post instead
  6. Hi, it's been a couple of unity versions since you could last animate emissives that way, you now need to use the color animation editor, check this thread
  7. I love a bit of wheel porn, especially when it's because you can, nice one buddy
  8. Hi not enough information there or in the screenshots, have you tried right clicking on the radar PAW and selecting activate? Have you tried activating the radar using the BDA window, selecting modules and the radar/s you'd like switched on? Do you have a weapon manager fitted ? Are you running the correct version of BDA for the version of KSP you are using? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, a zipped copy of your ksp.log will be required to aid further diagnosis
  9. Hi the AN/APG-63V2 Radome is the nosecone styled forward facing radar and can be found, along with all the other BDA parts, in the BDA category
  10. Hi there can be a couple of causes for this issue in your case it seems to be mainly multiple tweakscale values on the same part, this is caused be having multiple tweakscale modules being applied by different patches. The fix for this is fairly easy to carry out, but extremely time consuming, and should not be the responsibility of the end user( that's you) Rather it is the responsibility of the mod maker/maintainer to ensure that the patching is correct. Visit the tweakscale thread for more information and contact the mod makers concerned, regarding the problematic patching of their parts. I very much doubt you are the only player having this issue with those mods. Note that as the fix for this issue involves sorting out and then repatching the parts, problems can occur with saved or in flight craft
  11. Hi all in the various SM mods there are an assortment of hydraulic/robotic parts, all are currently broken, and as you may know, have been for a good while now.
    So a fix has presented itself in the form of the latest KSP dlc release, in that it has basic robotics as stock(ish) , this in all likelihood means that with a bit of research , I can probably convert the broken bits to use the stock system. Obviously this will make the parts only available to anyone with the appropriate dlc,  while not the perfect solution it does mean that the parts will probably remain fixed for as long as KSP exists, and rather than breaking every update, then waiting on a mod update that may never come, players should ( within the realms of KSP probabilities) to be able to transition complex craft between versions. 
    While i've tried several other robotic plugins to power them , nothing has worked as well with the parts, as the original Infernal robotics, despite reworking the parts many times, there's always an issue somewhere.

    Opinions welcome

    1. willwill2will


      I think, if you can get this to work, it will be awesome! Breaking Ground has gotten a great deal of praise, and was adopted far more widely than the first expansion, I think.

    2. TheKurgan


      Well, you know my opinion ;) but I would say if the robotic parts in your mods can be modified using KSP expansion robotics, then go for it!

      I would love to see those parts working properly again!

  12. Hi something that may answer some of your questions (and give you a whole lot more ) The KSPedia pages are compiled bundles created in unity, aside from the patching methods described above, there is no way (I'm aware of ) to change the contents of a compiled bundle.
  13. Hi all, answers to a few questions I've received.
    Am I back?   Tricky question, although  having just viewed and edited around 960 cfg's and patches, all without flying into a ksp induced rage, is likely a very good sign. Mainly addressing tweakscale, MM and general cfg issues, further work is still required to prevent issues going forward.

    Will SM mods be back soon? (and all the associated questions, no links etc.)   Its looking promising for some of the mods to return for 1.8.x, I doubt 1.8 is going to last long enough for me to get where I want to be, and knowing you lot, eager to make the jump I don't see any point in rushing out maintenance  releases for 1.7.3

    As it stands today what happens for KSP 2 depends entirely on what KSP 2 will require in the way of changes.
    There are many things that it's easy to do, and many things that are neither easy or particularly fun to do, on the way to updating a mod, and should the changes require far too much of the latter and not enough of the former  ( for example the idea of retexturing several hundred parts for pbr is nasty just thinking about it)I feel that they'll stay as KSP 1 mods.  
    That's not to say that there wouldn't be KSP 2 mods from SMI, because if the rumors are true our stuff could finally get some proper use :ph34r:

    Cheers 0/

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    2. SpannerMonkey(smce)


      Lols, behave yourself, compared to you I'm a creative noob. Thanks though :)

      Curious to see what KSP2 brings, regardless, it'd be nice to not know where all the limits are.

      I very rarely say no to an interesting project :wink:

    3. YoloT47


      Glad to see that you're back, buddy! :D

    4. Delta dart

      Delta dart

      Cant wait to get one of the best extensions to bd armory back 

      Here is what the community thinks that happend to sm armory


  14. SM Armory is seemingly down again, can i get a link?

  15. Hi you need to use the color animation editor, that is part of the PartTools package, you have not been able to animate emissives in the way you are trying for quite a while . There's a tutorial elsewhere in this subform