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  1. Hi. no problems noted in my recent scenario runs. Water craft are quite fussy in Ai set up, I've not found a suitable setting that would work for everything , each craft has to be set up individually. There are also issues that only water craft suffer, such as control surface/rudder runaway that shows itself if the ctrl surface is scaled, this starts to show in a turn, the vessel will start to gather speed , regardless or throttle position and the ai will not have a clue how to stop it ( its a result of some deep internal KSP code that was introduced with the aero package in ksp1.0) , purely scaling parts can also have a horrible affect on a crafts behavior, excessive deck weight can also induce a turning moment that the ai will be unable to control as it usually combines with the aforementioned runaway syndrome
  2. SpannerMonkey(smce)

    [1.4.X] SM Marine, Version KSP xx PSA important

    Reworking the statics is on my (very long) to do list. A lot of them need a serious birthday/burning as appropriate. Cfg updates etc, all of the pre placed stuff has to be redone properly to suit current KK standards, proper groupings etc.
  3. SpannerMonkey(smce)

    Making a command pod

    Sorry don't understand what you're asking, lost in translation perhaps?
  4. SpannerMonkey(smce)

    making a collision mesh for a weird part

    Don't be tempted to split the actual model and use that to carry the colliders, it plays havoc with the smoothing, and once all the parts are separate its all too easy to nudge one slightly in unity and end up with a gappy model. Always (imo) clone and cut the clone (and don't worry about how many colliders you have, some of my full size ship hulls with internal spaces have 30 or more)
  5. SpannerMonkey(smce)

    making a collision mesh for a weird part

    Hmm, well you'll have to make a set of colliders then, doing it in the modelling app is going to be easier as lining up game objects on cylindrical stuff for box colliders is no fun and time consuming. You'll have to decide if you can live with parts hovering above the surface when attached, only in relation to the endcaps though, as a convex collider placed over the whole endcap will bridge the taper out to the end of that cylindrical extrusion . If you can bear the odd hovering part you can do the end caps in one collider each, if you cant bear it, you'll have to make them in two colliders, Then just decide how many faces you want to have in each of the wall colliders, difficult to say but 5 looks about right from your image, which will still allow plenty of clearance inside roughly abused your image as i couldn't find an easy to view unity ref image in my collection, each color roughly represents an individual collider
  6. SpannerMonkey(smce)

    making a collision mesh for a weird part

    Yup thats expected, how did you get the top image and why cant you use that
  7. SpannerMonkey(smce)

    making a collision mesh for a weird part

    Hi again:) What you're going to need to do is create a convex hull, this is a group of colliders arranged to provide an open space. Without a reference image I can't tell what you've got, this then is based on a simple box with doors on the end. Modelling app version Step 1 clone your cargo bay less the doors( don't move it) Next hide the original model and doors . Now you will need to divide your cloned object into 5 parts, left wall, right wall, base. top, and back, unhide everything and make these objects a child of the main model and export as normal. In unity you apply a convex mesh collider to all these clone collider parts and remove the mesh renderer component. Unity only version, create a new gameobject align it with 1 of the walls etc, assign a box collider to that game object and adjust dimensions to suit, continue doing this until you've done all 5 faces
  8. SpannerMonkey(smce)

    Animating Cargo Doors

    Depends on the part hierarchy (and the why of the hierarchy) but generally if you have imported the party with animation, the animation would be on the model mesh (first child object) and this should have the animation component added from the inspector window. If the animation is created in unity it can be either, in the example image above, it's all on the parent gameobject (containing the part tools exporter) as all the animations are created in unity, and that was the highlighted object when i opened the animation window.
  9. SpannerMonkey(smce)

    Animating Cargo Doors

    Must admit that i don't import anything except really complicated animations these days, I create simple animations once the model is imported using the legacy animation and the curve editor, no need to splice animations, and the option to endlessly tweak it should it not be right first time. Note dont use an animation controller or the Animator component for this, remove those if added, use add component > miscellaneous > Animation for this , which looks like
  10. SpannerMonkey(smce)

    Animating Cargo Doors

    You can use the animation tool, to combine multiple animations into one , (just firing up unity 1 sec) select both your animations , right click, select the animation option from the menu that pops up, then compile selected. this will result in the multiple becoming one , and result in a new file called CompiledAnimation, rename this to whatever is best for your project ( doorsOpen sounds right) then select debug option in the inspector and make sure your new animation is set to legacy, reassign it to the model, check and continue with setup export
  11. SpannerMonkey(smce)

    Making a command pod

    Hi part tools has no defaults that i know of, (apart from the export setting of name and texture type(which nobody uses)) you make the part in a suitable 3d modelling program and import it into unity, work a little magic and export it to ksp. Part tools is the set of tools that converts your model into a KSP readable format, it doesn't create parts. As above As above, plus animation either in the modelling app or using the unity toolset
  12. Except your craft is still inverted!! Which as mentioned previously will have a detrimental effect. Also be aware that we are only able to provide bug fix support for current BDA release versions, which right now means BDA v1.2.4, and any issues arising from v1.2.4 will be dealt with during the next update cycle (ongoing) rather than being retroactively applied . I have tested these parts (as shown previously) in both the publicly available BDA v1.2.4 release and Pre release test versions of BDA and am unable to discern any problem, apart from the previously known issues with launchers. Not sure if the lag, very evident on your video is as a result of recording or signs of deeper problems in your game resulting in excessive logging. Should your problems persist I'd like to suggest a complete fresh install of the latest BDA and a careful examination of the KSP.log to ensure that there are no other mod related issues, BDA runs best in a clean (No excessive logging of null refs etc ) game environment
  13. SpannerMonkey(smce)

    Texture not showing up in-game no matter what

    Congratulations (Tip I think your model has inherited some blender oddness, you may be able to get a more consistent finish by clearing any smoothing applied in blender (automagically or otherwise) and use the Unity version, once imported to unity select the import so it shows in the inspector, the top half of the inspector contains various settings and the lower and image of the model. By default the Normals and Tangents options will be set to import and calculate, change the Normals option to calculate, and observe the change in appearance, if you like it click apply and re export, I think you'll like it )
  14. SpannerMonkey(smce)

    Texture not showing up in-game no matter what

    Well that's odd, it clearly shows the texture has been applied to the model and was exported, I doubt very much if it's anything at all to do with your uv mapping technique , as I could show you some real horrors that work quite well in game. The log you need is the KSP.log found in the main KSP folder, I'm guessing that it'll show a texture not found error for texture 3.png. I have to check at this point your file structure, It is KSP/GameData/Yourmod/yourmodParts/ and the texture Mu and cfg are altogether in the same folder?
  15. It also looks from your video at 0:53 , as if some of the launch tubes are obscured by that 2x2 structure, if any of the tubes that contain missiles are obscured it will trigger the clearance check, and that will be applied to the whole launcher, clearance check prevents you shooting your own craft.