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  1. Whats the easiest way to provide shielding on stations built around the MOLE, Mk One Botany Lab and Mk one Habitat? The shielding seems to be getting lost with the ability to switch contents.
  2. The Science crew on Artemis Station are glad to hear the pay dispute has been resolved and are returning to work.
  3. Quite possibly. time to doing the whichmod shuffle.
  4. Is anyone else having problems with KEES experiments? I'm having no problems with attaching the experiment carrier to the vessel, then attaching the experiment. The experiment opens on 'start experiment' but the experiment doesn't actually start. LOG: https://drive.google.com/open?id=12Eimrhv5KDQ1Aasbd5hx3o94wGCtLHIe
  5. Apologies in advance if this has been discussed before If it has I'll take pointers to the location in the 370 pages of this topic. What is the best way to get the -force-d3d11 or -force-glcore working in Windows 10, if one isn't launching from Steam? Thanks, and again apologies..
  6. I've noticed that Restocked doesn't interface well with SSTU when it comes to the various LVN clusters.
  7. You might want to have a word with @Shadowmage. Restock seems to be messing up parts of SSTUlabs' , so far I've seen problems with the LVN cluster-able variants.
  8. If I could get some help with the numbers in this, and the correct NEEDS tags so it only activates with EPL and USI's MKS mods I'd be grateful. It converts Equipment (WBI) into Material Kits and Specialised Parts (OSE workshop with MKS added) Also, where do I put it to make it work? OMNICONVERTER:NEEDS[Launchpad] { templateTags = workshop TechRequired = specializedConstruction description = Retool Equipment to produce Material kits. ConverterName = Retool Equipment StartActionName = Start retooling Equipment StopActionName = Stop retooling Equipment AutoShutdown = false Gene
  9. Latest update seems to have broken the IA-18/-25/-etc series, with the nodes remaining in the correct place, but the framework rings not showing. IA-18 in this image is inverted.
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