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  1. Haven't been on the forums much and didn't know Nertea was on the KSP2 team... that really does fill me with confidence, as all of his mods are on my must-be-installed list to play KSP. And to counter the doomsayer, I'm glad development is taking as much time as is required. However, I really wish I could play it in an early state whenever the game is far enough for player feedback and bug testing to be useful to the devs...
  2. Would it be possible to have parts like the K&K launchpad act as an assembly space? I'd love to be able to construct DIY kits on the launchpad and assemble them right there. Unfortunately, EPLP hasn't been updated to 1.11 yet and doesn't work in 1.11, so options on having an art style consistent base are nonexistent if you want to be able to build and launch rockets. I took a look in the part cfg, and it refers to an internalspace in the ground assembly line for the assembly space so I'm assuming it's not something I'd be able to tinker with and get working...
  3. I had been away from KSP for a few months, and stumbled across a video on a new type of kraken drive, the Zombi drive. Definitely has some nice features, such as not exploding in a horrible ball of death, working consistently everywhere, and operating at low speeds. However, I haven't seen any throttle-able version of this drive, so I re-downloaded KSP and set out to make one. I ended up making a little bit more, because I didn't like the lack of insane acceleration packed into a tight space. This thing was a bit of an adventure to make, all because I kept trying to make it more powerful or easier to use with fancy robotics sequencer toggles that it didn't need. https://kerbalx.com/TheUnamusedFox/Throttleable-Hybrid-ZombieKraken-Drive-w-Example-craft That little light beside the green one is the indicator light for the k-drive same vessel interaction toggle. If it's on, you are channeling the kraken. Zombi drive produces ~284 Kn of thrust. K-Drive produces ~1200 Kn, depending on planet, speed, altitude, and price of tea in china. Fine throttle mode k-drive can produce as little as ~2 Kn, but is dependent on the same variables [Action Groups] 1 - Toggle K-Drive [Yellow = On] 2 - Zombi+Kraken Afterburner [Green] 3 - K-Drive Throttle [Red] 4 - Fine/Limited Thrust Throttle [Blue] 5 - Toggle Zombi [Red face back = off] Zombi only toggleable in mode 2, greatly reduces thrust if at full throttle. Also prevents re-engagment of zombi drive if you throttle down.
  4. It looks so good I don't even want to go past Rhode's SOI... I can't understand why just having rocks on the ground adds so MUCH.
  5. Question - is Armstrong supposed to have any scatters? Ran into a bug with auto science sampler that gave me every single scatter interaction/sample on craft exit, and found some stuff for Armstrong in there, but I can't find any scatters on Armstrong what so ever. Flew over quite a bit of the moon with an infinite fuel Jebediah on 4x warp, nada, nothing. Can't find any on a pure BH install either, ksp 1.10. Are they just in certain hidden spots? Terrain scatters load just fine on Rhode. -edit again many hours later, a bit more educated- Surface features don't seem to spawn at all. On 1.9 or 1.10 - is this a current issue or something I need to do a completely fresh install for and get some logs? Nothing appears even when using the surface features cheat menu.. arrow... thing. Tried on Rhode, Lua, and Armstrong.
  6. It’s been 8 years of playing this game and this announcement just brought me to actual tears. I’ve dreamed about a sequel to ksp for so long and the idea it’s finally happening is just... unreal. This game and community shaped such a big part of my childhood, I can’t wait to see that happen to even more people
  7. @blackrack https://imgur.com/a/Tnhdd I did some performance testing for your EVE modification, details in the imgur album. Did it with AVP 8k textures, is there a pack or pack config that spams the volumetrics for testing? Thinking old Tekto style solid sky/wall of volumetrics ---edit @blackrack Not updated, but the clouds work fine. Seems to be waiting for Texture replacer to update for its skybox.
  8. If you're going to do this, please at least don't post about it. People did that for Kopernicus, everything seemed fine, then people's saves started breaking.
  9. Thank you for sticking with it in spite of your frustration with the update. We really do appreciate all the work you do!
  10. Is there a way I can add the persistent thrust during timewarp to Near Future engines? I love this mod, but I'm trying to go with lower tech stuff this time around, and fusion engines are anything but I took a look through the part cfgs in hopes that it was simply a module I could add to an engine, like Persistent Thrust, but that does not seem to be the case. Is it hard coded for the specific engine controllers in this mod? I would use PT, but your version is so much better.
  11. Thank you for all the work you've done. You don't get nearly as much appreciation for it as you should, and regardless of your decision I wish you the best of luck. Your contributions to KSP will always be loved and remembered.
  12. Just go on steam, right click and hit properties for kerbal space program, go to betas, hit previous_1.3.1
  13. This was KSP's EULA when I paid for it. I took a trip in the wayback machine to 2012 Compare that to now. Lots of things changed, lots of things stayed the same. --edit I'm just curious, I don't actually care, but this license doesn't have anything like "This limited software warranty and license agreement (this “Agreement“) may be periodically updated and the current version will be posted at http://www.take2games.com/eula (the “Website“). Your continued use of the Software after a revised Agreement has been posted constitutes your acceptance of its terms. " Like the current one does. What does this mean?
  14. Love this pack so much! Such a massive, leaps and bounds improvement over the old pack. I also have another reason for loving it so much... https://imgur.com/a/ahQHl KRAKEN DRIVES! The base frame is a massive improvement over airbrakes as a drive throttle. I would love it forever for this reason alone, but thankfully there's a whole lot more reasons than that --edit for @minepagan https://kerbalx.com/TheUnamusedFox/Propulsion-Module Gonna need tweakscale and ven's stock revamp, the one from github. https://github.com/VenVen/Stock-Revamp/archive/master.zip
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