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  1. Ah, cool. I'm glad you got it working (and I suspected it was just an installation issue).
  2. Just level 1 (for workshops that aren't fully equipped, 0 for fully equipped). Right click on the part with your engineer(s) and check its productivity (note, there will be two productivities listed: part and vessel). If you don't get any productivity listed at all, then the part is not capable of providing productivity (not a workshop, or something went wrong configuring the part). If you do get productivity listed but it's 0 even with Bill Kerman in sandbox mode (note: Bill's base productivity is 0, but at level 3+ it should be 0.5), then something went wrong configuring the kerbals
  3. Yes, this is by careful design, actually, but as a side effect of designing the LFO smelters. Once I worked out the minimum J/kg available in LFO (which is in the manual, btw), I took a look at how the stock fuel cells compared with the assumption of 1u EC = 1kJ and found them to be horribly nerfed compared to realistic fuel cells: 40% efficiency is realistic, stock fuel cells were getting a tiny fraction of this, thus the factor of 30 improvement.
  4. The VAB and SPH are run by Boeing, your orbital shipyard by SpaceX On a more useful note, there's EL_ResourceRates, which is not set by default, but you can do something like EL_ResourceRates { default = 10 } In a config file to double the kerbalhours/ton (it can be set per resource)
  5. @NateDaBeast It's probably your browser rejecting the http;// in the link. Try editing the link to be https:// (and then fight with your browser to accept the self-signed cert).
  6. That's a bug in the CKAN metadata, so take it up with the CKAN people. KIS (and KAS) should be recommended or suggested, not required.
  7. @UltraGeek Unfortunately, there aren't any clues in there to help find the problem part (not your fault, python's), After looking at the code in the area suggested by the exception and doing a quick test on my system, I suspect that either the model referenced by the MODEL node is missing, or it has the wrong case: while windows is case-insensitive, linux (what I use all the time) is not, and nor is the database.
  8. @UltraGeekIt's mentioned several times throughout this thread but your problem is most likely that you have not set your KSP GameData path in blender via the options panel where you enabled the addon (you'll have to open the panel as it is collapsed by default).
  9. @Grande1900You put too much stock in thread titles. It has been working on 2.9 since before 2.9 was released (deved on blender git).
  10. @schlosrat I know the window can be moved off-screen manually, but not completely, though I suppose it can be hard to find (especially if you don't notice moving it). I will, however, look at getting window movement limits into EL's UI. On a separate note, I have found that click-through blocker doesn't really work all that well, and can negatively impact user experience (in particular, blocking vessel controls just because the cursor is over a window). However, EL's new UI (when I get it done) removes the need for click-through blocker (with the new UI, the only time input locks are nee
  11. @schlosrat It would be quite helpful if you could investigate the cause of the window going off screen. It has never happened for me, so there's currently no way for me to reproduce the problem and thus do proper testing.
  12. @ayothepizza There is a rather comprehensive section on configuring parts for EL in the manual.
  13. I have no idea how STL export works. However, one thing to try is exporting your imported craft as a mu, then importing that mu and exporting the result.
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