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  1. Yeah, been busy with work and life, so haven't been able to catch up to 1.8 yet. Unless I get really lucky, it looks like I'll have plenty of time again soon
  2. Don't worry about RF unless you want to support RF. It looks like you can use -1 for the basemass to tell MF to leave the part's mass alone.
  3. It's more that the code is heavily shared: RF uses MFT's tank code plus some extra bits. And then a whole pile of complex configs (all in the same repo, but built and released separately).
  4. Because MFT sets the tank mass, potentially per-resource (Real Fuels is just MFT with some extra stuff like ulage and boiloff). I'd have to go through the code again. If you do the math, you'll find that the basemass is the part's dry mass. TBH, I don't particularly like the system, but ialdabaoth and maybe NathanKell did it up before I got involved so we're stuck with it, though there might be a way to tell MFT to just leave the tank mass alone (if not, maybe I should add one).
  5. It parses all of GameData cfg files for resource definitions (to get density and thus resource mass, but tnat's not actually used, probably why I never noticed the hard-coded KSP version), after that, it goes through all the part cfg files in the trees specified on the command line. But yeah, it then generates MM patches sent to stdout.
  6. Hmm, something you might want to look at is my mftgen.py script in cfgnode github repo. TBH, I too always forget how much of that stuff works.
  7. @scottadges: as in your thread, Ex->EL for the skill name. Whatever configs you are using are old.
  8. @VoidSquid: tank defs would help very much. A PR to github might be the best way.
  9. Hmm, this sounds like a regression, and I do such a lot myself (especially KIS boxes full of useful small parts), but I haven't had time to do much playing lately, so failed to notice This is something I want, too, but the UI is an issue (getting a good parts list in flight mode... (and as EL is GPL, I have to be careful about using other people's code)). Odd, it's working here (just now tested both oribital doc and micro pad). Actually, the survey station is the builder, and the survey site (stake set) is where the build will be placed. That is, you can change where the build will be placed by choosing a different survey site as much as you want up until you actually finalize the build. Part of the reasoning behind this is I did not want to have to deal with locking down survey stakes that are used in a build. As for the default naming scheme... hmm. It should be easy enough to add a default name to each pad type (I might even make it a part config item (I can think of a certain mod author or two who might appreciate that)). As for extra options for EL, I do have plans for difficulty settings, but haven't had time to work out the details, let alone implement anything. That said, the whole point of the recipe system (most of which is hidden away unless you use something like that USI patch for EL, or maybe WBI (don't remember if @Angel-125 did special resources for EL builds)) is precisely that: difficulty settings for required build resources. Smelting recipes was actually a "hey, I can do that now" thing (and proof of concept for eventually implementing the smelting system outlined in the Landis paper (links in the first page or two of the topic)).
  10. @VoidSquid: I do indeed plan on doing an update... in my Copious Free TimeTM. That said, I do have a couple of my mods updated locally.
  11. Hmm, odd. I'd tested that, but must have missed something.
  12. @Pichixox: which pad did you use? Orbital dock or the micro-pad?
  13. I have released version 6.6.2 of Extraplanetary Launchpads Changes from 6.6.1: Fix incorrect handling of skinned meshes for craft hulls Allow rotation about the "vertical" axis for regular launch pads (orbital dock, etc) Make survey sites update the craft hull placement when the site is modified Fix survey station when ReStock is installed
  14. F5, edit quicksave file, F9 look for the pad in question, and its BuiltStuff node, Required. set amounts to 0 for build, or to what's in BuildCost for teardown (yeah, backwards)