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  1. I can't. The Non-Commercial part the the Creative Commons license means it is not GPL compatible (the GPL permits commercial exploitation).
  2. [1.3] Modular Fuel Tanks v5.9.1

    Well, it would help if you expanded on "breaks this a bit". Saying such is about as useful as saying that putting a silly expression on your faces "fixes it a bit".
  3. [1.3] Extraplanetary Launchpads v5.8.2

    It is meant to be a landable, self-sufficient (to a point) pad in one part. Not something I would have created (Skykooler did), but some people like it. Really, I haven't used any landed pad since I created the survey system.
  4. Nothing is meant to happen when you click on a hex. The only thing that happens is an info window pops up (tool-tip style) when you hover your mouse over a hex. Unfortunately, to scan in kethane, you need to stay with the scanner because I have not implemented background scanning yet (dealing with ElectricCharge is the reason).
  5. Hmm, the code there looks a little bogus. I need to double check what I had in mind because I'm not sure what the right fix would be. Thanks for the report.
  6. [1.3] KerbalStats v3.0.2

    Kerbal reproduction. Genome provides the genetic code, Progeny does all the messy stuff. Getting the Progeny scenario working without throwing exceptions or otherwise losing track of kerbals was the main thing slowing down progress (when I had time to work on it). I started back in the days of late KSP 0.25/early 0.90 (even before KSP had females). I'm pretty sure the progeny branch is working now in that regard. Current work is focused on gestation, iirc.
  7. [1.3] Talisar Parts v1.0.2

    I've simply updated the KSP version in the title as this is predominately a parts-mod (and the dlls on which it relies are external).
  8. [1.3] Survey Transponder 0.5.2

    I have released version 0.5.2 of Survey Transponder. The only change is compile fixes for KSP 1.3.
  9. I've released version 0.9.9 of Kethane. Changes from 0.9.8: Fixes for KSP 1.3. Add Kethane-specific kerbnet access to the scanners. I have not had a chance to redo the assemblies, so do delete the two that are not for your OS or you will probably get magenta hexgrids. Also, no progress on background scanning yet (I have plans, just not time: need my own background "scanner" )
  10. [1.3] KerbalStats v3.0.2

    Sorry about the delay. Part of it was the impression of there being little interest in the mod and thus insufficient motivation when I had time to do some modding.
  11. [1.3] KerbalStats v3.0.2

    I've released version 3.0.2 of KerbalStats (thanks for the prompt, @linuxgurugamer). The only change other than recompiling for KSP 1.3 is to silence a lot of log spam.
  12. [1.3] KerbalStats v3.0.2

    Progeny is not ready yet, so it should not be included in any builds (it's not in the Makefile). The only reason it's there on the master branch is I had done a lot of work to improve scenario loading and it was easiest to just merge and disable Progeny. Same for Genome (really part of Progeny). There is a lot of work on the progeny branch that I'm pretty sure fixes the exception, though. Anyway, I've been meaning to do a release for a while now, just kept forgetting due to being busy with RL stuff. I've got some quiet time right now. Might as well sort things out while it's on my mind .
  13. [1.3] Extraplanetary Launchpads v5.8.2

    It's actually being worked on, though I'm a bit busy with other things right now. I do have a set of containers I have created (in interesting shapes) that I intend on using for scrap metal storage. In the meantime, there's @Terensky's link, and there's also Talisar Parts (needs modular fuel tanks), or even editing GameData/ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads/Resources/Recipes.cfg such that the RocketParts recycle recipe states Metal instead of ScrapMetal.
  14. [1.3] Extraplanetary Launchpads v5.8.2

    Those scanners require Kethane and use only its resource system. If you do not wish to use Kethane, then use the stock scanner and switch the display to show MetalOre. As of yet, there is no documentation for them, sorry (docs are very much a work in progress) Sorry, but due to resource flow issues of old (ie, KSP 0.21 era) EL uses its own resource management system (to deal with resource flow rules) and I haven't gotten around to seeing how the new system works. Thus why EL still needs to be connected even when MKS is used. Sorry for the lack of communication, but I have once again been on the road (wing?). This time I'm in Seattle after four days in the Canadian Rockies (for those who don't know yet, I live in Japan), so much happier travel reasons than last time. This is my first quiet evening as my family went back to Japan today (kids and school and all), but things will still be hectic due to PAX.
  15. It should, yes. Sorry I haven't updated the mod yet, I've been rather busy with other things.