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  1. I get ya, kk so for some extra info the UpgradePipeline is what changes parts/save values when we do things like remove old parts and need to reposition new ones, or make significant changes to a module that requires field changes. Every save that is opened is checked by it, but there is no code in it for 1.10->1.11 for example. For a comparitive idea a 1.10 save opened in 1.11 would be expected to have only the version stamp changed by the upgradepipeline. It would also have new fields with their default values for existing modules, but those are handled as part of the saving process and w
  2. No problem! Thanks for the measured comments and responses too. We are always looking to improve the process and the game as we go, and working smarter not harder is defiitely a goal in all the teams. For that one there about upgradepipeline, we didnt do any upgradepipeline work in the last few releases, I didnt see a tracker number for that one in the github - do you know if there is one? No probs. For consoles Ive seen the same sort of conversations and clarifications yeah. There are definitely some differences, like you say though, in the impact space dep
  3. Just reading back theres a few posts about bugs and priority that I feel I can add some context about without going into internal stuffs. Which bugs get attention in KSP land is a function of a number of variables which does have a fairly well defined logic annd process. From a player perspective issue voting is definitely one factor and people voting to indicate they are suffering the same bug is definitely a help for correlation and interest - this isnt taken as a "hey thats a popular bug we must fix it", but it is one of the easiest ways that players can interact with a specific issue.
  4. Heya, Will start looking this week. We had to get 1.11.1 to the door before I could go into modding obvs
  5. From testing that one it really depends on the GPU re perf effects From memory it seemed more of a tradeoff, but Ive not personally messed with it recently
  6. A setting of 1 tells Unity to use "Stable Fit" shadows ( the unity api bit is QualitySettings.shadowProjection) and a setting of 0 tell sit to use Close fit From memory, so dont crufcify me if I get it wrong, Close fit usually means better defined shadows, but at large distances can cause jittering, crawling and weird shadow gaps. Stable fit means less of that usually. Each graphics card does tend to be a bit diffn too as it goes through Unity at times it feels
  7. There is a way to do the no free refills and I need to add the details to that original bug report now weve released. In short what we did was add a flag to the parts that should reinit their resources (as opposed to refill) when they are stored. the KSPField is reinitResourcesOnStoreInVessel in ModuleCargoPart and can be added/changed using cfg editing ofr MM Patching. Transferring into cargo parts is a nice idea - do you know if its in th etracker for feedback already? Id certainly upvote it The limit is a range that can be found in the settings.cfg its called EVA_CONSTRUCTION
  8. There are numerous parts that can be attached and dettached to provide numerous opportunities. That may seem like a non-answer, but I probably cant be more specific than that atm
  9. Thats it, and you can control its visibility by clicking that
  10. Cool idea, ive added it as feedback here: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/26246 Do pop over and upvote it
  11. You should make your own folder in GameData so your items are not affected by upgrades, etc that we do with the Squad folder, same as adding mod content. The system uses the GameData folder in its entirety, if its not working like that then we done messed up
  12. Each fragment is its own comet when it breaks up, so yes they will stay - if you can catch and get it into an orbit after it skips through the atmos For those with MH you can create em down to class A size for super tiny ones
  13. Superfluous J has it, fraid I cant say - being in Aus 1 july is almost over here
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