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  1. Yes its settings file only and value 0->1 with 1 being the most opaque value - simliar to thethe UI_Opacity value in the file
  2. Currently its a simple scale from the request, if your looking for an atmospheric curve model check out RealPlume
  3. TriggerAu

    [1.4.x] Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.9.0.0 (Mar 17)

    yeah that looks bad Is on my list to look at along with the time format stuffs
  4. TriggerAu

    KSP Weekly: The Asteroid Miners

    Hehe, Two of those I am the Modder - TWP and KAC. Maybe to expand on my comment, I set the version checking in the mods to be only the major and minor version, so the checking software/CKAN know its not revision dependent (ie. the third number of the version) and from the KSP side we have been very careful to avoid any changes in revision releases that change code signatures/behaviors etc. So for 1.4.0 I recompiled and fixed a few tweaks, for 1.4.1/2/3/4 and 5 nothing for me to do and the version checking config in the mods means it doesnt complain about it being incompatible when a new revision comes out I cant guarantee every mod will work like that obviously, but its definitely the intent to not change stuff that could impact mods as we have (and have had) many mod authors as developers who all understand the problem changes to the code/structures used by mods can cause, and appreciate the time commitment it is to maintain and improve them.
  5. TriggerAu

    KSP Weekly: The Asteroid Miners

    Hopefully you don't have to cause we try to not update anything that should affect mods in the revision releases. To my knowledge that's the case with all the 1.4.x releases. I updated mine for 1.4.0 as there's been no changes that need rework on those since, and pretty sure I've seen LGG (who maintains a massive list - I dunno where he finds the time) and some others too with the same.
  6. TriggerAu

    KSP Weekly: Hera Reborn

    Not every bug that gets worked on is listed in these, and I'd say that ones an oversight as we do have a fix for that yes. On the too fast/too slow patching cycle (hopes he doesn't get flamed for this) we have been pointedly not making changes in revision releases that affect mods (Unity upgrades, method signature changes, etc). This should mean that I compile a 1.4.x release of my mod and its all good and working as LGG mentioned above. That's not a guarantee, but we do aim to not affect mods and call it out in the release notes if there's a change that could have an effect. I do know there will always be cases where people will want faster/slower update cycles
  7. TriggerAu

    Whats in a Vessel Name?

    Thanks, working with LGG on it
  8. Just to let you know am looking into this one, If there is a bug/feedback number I can reference that would be super. Its altogether possible my bug tracker search fu is weak
  9. Looking into this one - if theres a bug report number for it I can use that to track/keep it up to date
  10. TriggerAu

    [1.4.x] Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.9.0.0 (Mar 17)

    I was yeah, but the PR changed the formatting on the alarms time and the UI didnt match any more, so I need to spend some time recoding it. Ive been prioritizing core game work over it though I really want to do this though
  11. TriggerAu

    KSP Weekly: Colonization of Mars

    The plan is not to impact performance, but to fix some of the issues we've identified in our review, things like the broken surface effects, reentry or engine effects. It is a patch release so please don't expect 4K magic real world flames and smoke, some of it is under the covers work too
  12. TriggerAu

    Whats in a Vessel Name?

    Sound slike the handling of a default name isnt quite right - lemme see if I can tune that. Done that one for ya already
  13. TriggerAu

    [1.4.x] Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.9.0.0 (Mar 17)

    Weird to see that one back again - like you say super old For the checks getting "reset" try stting it in the cfg file directly and ill look at why its not working via the UI in some spare time
  14. TriggerAu

    Joining the dots... The Mission System

    if you have a catch all which allows repeats and uses a non-event driven test like fuel level - it will get in a loop yeah, it cant progress. in places where Ive needed stuff like that I dont use a catch all, but have multiple nodes conncted to the fuel level one - but that may not suit every occasion. We dont have a "disable/enable" node currently - but thats a pretty cool idea
  15. TriggerAu

    Whats in a Vessel Name?

    Sounds like a bug, or a use case not thought of - If you can log a bug report with deets, save, etc and poke me back with the number that would be much appreciated