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  1. You should make your own folder in GameData so your items are not affected by upgrades, etc that we do with the Squad folder, same as adding mod content. The system uses the GameData folder in its entirety, if its not working like that then we done messed up
  2. Each fragment is its own comet when it breaks up, so yes they will stay - if you can catch and get it into an orbit after it skips through the atmos For those with MH you can create em down to class A size for super tiny ones
  3. Superfluous J has it, fraid I cant say - being in Aus 1 july is almost over here
  4. Thats the QoL section of the Readme - the bugfix section does have 120ish lines in addition to those lists. Thats across the 3 components, of various severities obviously
  5. Looking I dont think its in 1.10, but will give it a new look soon
  6. Wow, totally didnt see this post come up in the activity as it went past. Apologies for the lag Jamie ( @JPLRepo ) and I ( @TriggerAu ) are both active/available on the forum and I wouldnt call it a long shot, hey your in the right place , but let me speak to the boss about the best way to go about the specific request. There may already be things that the comms team have that could help with some of the questions thats easier than the ramblings of us. Get back to you soon
  7. v3.12 is the 1.8.1 compatible release my friend. If itsnot coming up in CKAN you can try form here:
  8. Cool, Was dredging the ole memory banks on that one. With the replace on it does lock it like stock - checkd the code just now. Thanks for askin and chatting
  9. Can you try turning off the Replace stock app button?
  10. Been a while since Ive changed it meself, but if you turn off the window lock in the settings then you can move it around
  11. Damn , I see that now too, but not yesterday, apologies mate Ill get it nailed if it kills me
  12. Unfortunately I dont have a specific 1.7.x version, but if you can try v2.9.3.0 (which was for v1.4.x) and let me know. I think I have KSP 1.7.3 in my archive and could compile a new version of that if ARP for that if that version is no good
  13. Updated this tonight with some edits that make it installable for VS2019 and avoid possible errors in the startup
  14. No need to apologise, and no harm done of any kind. It looks like me forum notifications are working again so Im back in the swing of things, now to see what else we can break in KSP land
  15. Will have a look tomorrow - I need to review it for a thing or two as well