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  1. Pre-release 1.3.1 is live!

    As its a patch release we aimed to not change any code sigs/behaviour that would require mod changes. So it should be relatively OK, but can't guarantee things.
  2. [1.3.x] Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.8.5.0 (May 30)

    When the vessels are in the background on rails the mod cant see when an SOI change might occur in teh future - only after it. So it was dragging the warp back from whatever it was at to nuffin immediately (which had some physics impact) and then depending on the warp rate you could already be 100000 seconds inside the SOI - or in glancing passes would mean the intercept never occured in that time so it never triggered. I put it in the too hard basket at that point Imma bet the reason is cause thats how I wrote it. ill look at the code and see if/how hard that woudl be to unlock cause the core of the thing is as long as your orbiting the same "root" body then it shoudl be possible
  3. KSP Weekly: Watch out for the Asteroids!

    Not currently, and (this is my personal opinion not an official final decision type thought so take with a grain of salt) I dont imagine they will be due to the challenges that would cause for modding and things like MM, etc.
  4. KSP Weekly: Watch out for the Asteroids!

    Re the load times with the current amount of UI content in there its not much at all - there's more time taken by the new parts loading than the assetbundles atm. Obviously we are still adding more to it as well so that will grow, but its currently a small bit if you have the expansion installed at the loading scene and then no detectable diffn after that
  5. [1.3.x] Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.8.5.0 (May 30)

    There did used to be, but it was so wildly inaccurate that I pulled it - things kike some of teh changes never fired. It worked out better in testing with some people that the auto-SOI one woudl create the alarms as you changed vessels and catch you pretty well
  6. Thanks Stibbons, Ill try and look at it this week
  7. Looking at this one and the problem is a copy paste one in the translation table. The same message is being displayed for the second dialog instead of the one that says to load the Hopper. Getting it fixed up now
  8. KSP Weekly: The Arecibo Message

    I'll publish a dev article with more details once all the i's are dotted and the t's crossed. Perhaps save the doom and gloom ideas for later, we are (as always) concious of the modding community, etc and is why we are designing things to be as modding friendly as we can.
  9. [1.3.x] Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.8.5.0 (May 30)

    No apologies necessary. It simply checks once a day for the latest version. If we move on to a new version of KSP and KAC, you can simply disable the daily check on the last tab in the settings and not have to worry about it.
  10. The Weighting of Fonts

    From memory the fonts in the project are all scaled the same value, but will check it for you - have you got a good example I can use to reproduce? For 2) all the glyphs used in the the languages that are translated should be there yes, as we haven't done french yet that's obviously going to have some gaps in a stock game, but if you wanting to you could look at the modding information about how to add your own font . If/When french is added Im sure all the glyphs wil be available
  11. Ill see if I can hook the undo path, but not sure. You can however simply edit the NextID in the settings window (which updates the file) and the next use of a tag in the file will replace the contents for you eg Settings window says nextID = 1... Refactor string for id 1... you press Ctrl-Z , Simply change the nextID value in the settings window to 1 again and on you go - it will update the #autoloc...1 tag when you do the next refactor
  12. Can you whack me an example line of an interpolated string you had and I can try and hook it up? Imma try and get it so it can replace a parameterized string.Format in the next week too, but that's another story Reusing keys is something that I'm not 100% sure on myself. I have most of the code for it, but I left it out intentionally because of translations. One of the things we saw in the stock translation is even if the same word is in used in English its not always the same word in all the other languages. We had to go back and redo a number of keys to make extra ones due to this context, Ill see about putting it in as an option, but you do need to beware of the context EDIT: Just realized you said about the context stuff too - sorry
  13. Addon Localization Home

    Not directly related to the translations, but for modders on the refactoring code journey I finished this last night. Its a VS extension to help do teh refactors of strings to tags and create your base cfg files
  14. In working on Localization for my mods I was finding it sorta tedious to correlate all the numbers/files etc so I indulged myself in spending some time on something I've always wanted to do: creating a Visual Studio Extension. Currently this has a single focus - which is speeding up the replacement of strings with localizer calls, but with enough time will add in any useful additions. So What does it do? In a nutshell it does this (cause pictures give you a better score right?): It makes it a bit easier to replace strings in your code with Localizer.Format calls. When its actioned it: Replaced the string under the cursor with the Localizer.Format call that has the next tag injected Made sure that the usings statement is in the top of the file Added comment to the end of the line to say what the tag equals do you can still search your code for the text Written the key/values to the cfg files you configure Updated the ID in the settings so we can move straight to the next one Recorded the steps errors to a custom output pane With this I can now run through and refactor strings, and write the cfg files, using the native VS refactoring toolset. I've published it in a git hub repo with an MIT license as per usual modding rules and will add any other features/functions I can come up with that help too. Lots more info on the wiki. Links and Further Info Wiki: Source: This work is licensed under an MIT license as outlined at the OSI site
  15. Addon Localization Home is my go to page the showhelp checkbox shows you all the params