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  1. thats a weird one, ill dig into it
  2. The Update method loops through each alarm and calls ScenarioUpdate on each alarm. The UI calls UIInputPanelUpdate on the alarm that is shown in the window
  3. Twas a very cool mechanism I have to say Theres a number of lists in KSP that use that DictionaryValueList class - its very useful Hmm, I thought it was, but now Im a wonderin... to the code EDIT: Darn sorry its internal. the way we do it in other place is a loop. This will work in the meantime for (int i = 0; i < AlarmClockScenario.Instance.alarms.Count; i++) { AlarmTypeBase a = AlarmClockScenario.Instance.alarms.At(i); }
  4. Ill put my hand up and say - I totally missed pitting the GetAlarms method in there. AlarmClockScenario.Instance.alarms is a DictionaryValueList - can be used as a dictionary and a List The quickest way to get at the list is: AlarmClockScenario.Instance.alarms.ValueList - which returns the List<AlarmTypeBase> that underpins the dictionary, etc The Modders notes are up now too:
  5. Always! I've sent everyones piece by mail
  6. Its coming in the modders notes yes, but do feel free to ask questions as we go
  7. Straight in the bug tracker for sure @panarchist
  8. Thanks for the info, and details, will get into it next week
  9. Ill be getting to update it in my week off from KSP shortly, there will be an update yeah
  10. If everyone had cake for brains you could sign me up wit a few million others I reckon
  11. For the weekend my wife (Leanne) made me a chocolate cake to celebrate the 10th Anniversary. Its really cool and I thought Id share it (not the cake obviously its too tasty), as thought others might get a kick out of it as well. Hope your enjoying the tenth anniversary
  12. Hey Rylant, there's a little drop down tab undersave button that give you access to the saving, same as the little drop down under launch that gives you all the launch sites Yes the KAL can be used to sequence launchers, its pretty good fun
  13. Can you expand on that one a little bit - do you mean available in the VAB/SPH scene then yes
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