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  1. KSP: Making History Grand Discussion Thread

    How did I miss this thread. Ill have to keep this one marked. I can answer this one, yes missions are ConfigNode style files so they can be used the same was as craft, etc - but there may be some additional files involved in sharing em - which we have been working on as Jamie mentioned last week :
  2. [1.3.x] Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.8.5.0 (May 30)

    Apologies all for the radio silence for a bit - between work and KSP Work my modding time has been non-existent. Planning to get back into it over end of year break though, and always happy to look at PR's for the codey peeps amongst us
  3. KSP Weekly: The Cosmic Snake!

    Lots of activity in the weekly this week. I should take saturday off more often Great to see people thinking how they could use the Mission Builder and plays, I know Im not the only one that cant wait to see what you get up to with it
  4. KSP Weekly: An Interstellar Visitor

    Without committing to this not changing through design,feedback or testing... There's a single start node and you can have multiple end nodes, it is possible to diverge and converge so it isn't just a tree that spreads outwards only. Because of that you could put in a loop, but would be dependent on the tests in place as to how that could flow and how the objectives would generate.Hopefully that doesnt create more questions than answers
  5. KSP Weekly: An Interstellar Visitor

    You could certainly set up specific goals for the player, display messages and some other actions, whether you could do all the logic you might want for a tutorial would depend on what sort of logic checks you wanted to do and how interactive you wanted it to be. That said the nodes are "moddable" so tests/actions that are not built in stock could be extended on. Personally I think you could do it, but depends on how speicifc you wanna be as to whether it will all be there outta the box
  6. KSP Weekly: Godspeed, John Glenn

    Fix will be in the base game yes
  7. Pre-release 1.3.1 is live!

    As its a patch release we aimed to not change any code sigs/behaviour that would require mod changes. So it should be relatively OK, but can't guarantee things.
  8. [1.3.x] Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.8.5.0 (May 30)

    When the vessels are in the background on rails the mod cant see when an SOI change might occur in teh future - only after it. So it was dragging the warp back from whatever it was at to nuffin immediately (which had some physics impact) and then depending on the warp rate you could already be 100000 seconds inside the SOI - or in glancing passes would mean the intercept never occured in that time so it never triggered. I put it in the too hard basket at that point Imma bet the reason is cause thats how I wrote it. ill look at the code and see if/how hard that woudl be to unlock cause the core of the thing is as long as your orbiting the same "root" body then it shoudl be possible
  9. KSP Weekly: Watch out for the Asteroids!

    Not currently, and (this is my personal opinion not an official final decision type thought so take with a grain of salt) I dont imagine they will be due to the challenges that would cause for modding and things like MM, etc.
  10. KSP Weekly: Watch out for the Asteroids!

    Re the load times with the current amount of UI content in there its not much at all - there's more time taken by the new parts loading than the assetbundles atm. Obviously we are still adding more to it as well so that will grow, but its currently a small bit if you have the expansion installed at the loading scene and then no detectable diffn after that
  11. [1.3.x] Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.8.5.0 (May 30)

    There did used to be, but it was so wildly inaccurate that I pulled it - things kike some of teh changes never fired. It worked out better in testing with some people that the auto-SOI one woudl create the alarms as you changed vessels and catch you pretty well
  12. Thanks Stibbons, Ill try and look at it this week
  13. Looking at this one and the problem is a copy paste one in the translation table. The same message is being displayed for the second dialog instead of the one that says to load the Hopper. Getting it fixed up now
  14. KSP Weekly: The Arecibo Message

    I'll publish a dev article with more details once all the i's are dotted and the t's crossed. Perhaps save the doom and gloom ideas for later, we are (as always) concious of the modding community, etc and is why we are designing things to be as modding friendly as we can.
  15. [1.3.x] Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.8.5.0 (May 30)

    No apologies necessary. It simply checks once a day for the latest version. If we move on to a new version of KSP and KAC, you can simply disable the daily check on the last tab in the settings and not have to worry about it.