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  1. Found out about Curtas via William Gibson, and I'm also in the "gosh maybe I could sell a kidney to buy one of those" camp.
  2. Revamped textures and models so far have been separate parts. There's no reason not to assume that'll continue. Squad seem to be favouring preserving existing craft and save games over cut-to-the-bone memory usage, and that's a reasonable call. If you're worried about memory footprint, though, it might be worth looking at the sizes of textures in your existing gamedata folder across previous releases? Like, check the old and new parts in 1.6, downgrade to 1.5 and look at the old and new parts there, and how the total size between versions fare as well.
  3. Meanwhile, parts of Australia casually sauntered past 48°C (118 and change in the old scale) over the last few weeks. The weather station in my yard has only (only?!) hit a top of 44 this month, and I'm counting myself fortunate.
  4. A non-exhaustive list of mods that can help: Telemachus can send telemetry over a websocket. kRPC provides telemetry and full RPC control over a protobuf interface. It has Python and C++ client libraries, amongst others. KSPSerialIO and Kerbal Simpit can also be used to get telemetry out of the game, but both are limited to serial ports only. I like them (obviously), but they may not be the best choice if you're building a Pi-based interface.
  5. My first change to somebody else's mod was a small patch for chatterer, to play a sound file when a vessel first launches. Because obviously. I don't think it was ever merged. After that came a handful of changes to KSPSerialIO, adding functionality for things I wanted to be able to do. And, eventually, I started writing my own serial mod, based on alternative ideas for a lighter weight serial protocol, and because I got tired of maintaining a fork of the code for Linux.
  6. Weird takes about KSP development aside, I love AVP. The original graphical enhancement mod, and still one of the best. Very glad to see it still being worked on. Great work, @themaster401.
  7. I suspect you're misinterpreting the question. Can MechJeb successfully dock with a vessel currently landed on a low gravity moon like Pol?
  8. I was curious about that too. The FAQ entry I pasted above names 20th March 2013, and Wikipedia agrees. So I dug up the Steam announcement at and it's definitely March for the first Early Access release. That'd be 0.19.1, released a couple days before on the 18th. The confusion probably came about because the oldest package steamdb has seems to be November.
  9. If it's not available through the KSP store, then I suspect your only legal option is to buy a Steam key.
  10. For a long time my communications network design has been "take a lot of satellite contracts and slap relays on the side of all of them". Works well, and I get paid for it.
  11. Turn off Steam auto updates. Set the KSP version to the one that you want to play. Both of these options are available in the properties dialog by right-clicking the game in Steam.
  12. I've spent a little time trying to find pictures from the meetup. Not sure if it's because I can only search in English, but haven't yet found anything. Are there any pictures online that you know of?
  13. I've been a part of KSP meetups at the last few LCAs. It was super fun to talk little green folk with @pjf and the other Kerbal Players Guide authors. Alas, won't make it to this year's conf, only partly because it's in Christchurch.
  14. I saw! Thank you so much for that. I haven't yet had a chance to go over it properly, sorry, holiday season and all. Will add some comments to the PR soon though, and think long and hard about starting the ports automatically again. I've tried to write the plugin to support subscribing and unsubscribing from channels at any time (not least because that's something I would like to do for the ghetto MFDs on my controller). But I've never explicitly tested this, all of the arduino code I've written for this plugin so far subscribes in `setup()`, long before a flight scene is loaded. I wonder if something is going strange there.
  15. Weird, I've never seen that launching from Steam regularly across all three platforms. I wonder if it's because your Steam language settings have ended up getting screwy somehow? What language is it set to now? (right-click game -> Properties -> Language tab). It might be worth setting it to a different language, letting Steam download the new locale files, then changing it back? You're talking about two different things. One is an unmodded game that's not behaving properly, the other is a half-hearted solution to dealing with mods when you don't know how Steam works.
  16. My hot takes: It's not cheating, but the "you can't cheat in a single player game" argument is terrible because cheating yourself is still cheating. It's not good for learning how to fly, because you're not learning how to fly you're learning how to imitate an autopilot. I wish I were a waterbear.
  17. That works? Awesome! I'd wondered, but hadn't found the time to actually boot my one Windows install to try it out. Thank you so much for letting me know how you're going doing this stuff on Windows. The arduino library is all doxygenised, which is how is generated. But, once again, I've been working on the plugin code with the assumption nobody else would read it. Pretty much all of the documentation that's there was intended to be notes to myself. But properly documenting what's there sounds like a good plan.
  18. I had to go and read up on all of this stuff again, because it'd been a while since I looked hard at this code, sorry. And I realised that hardcoding magic numbers like that isn't much fun. So I've added constants for the rotation and translation masks, similar to the action group constants. You can set the mask like this now: rotation.mask = PITCH_ROT|ROLL_ROT|YAW_ROT; Heh, if it makes you feel any better, this is pretty much my first C# project too (after some small contributions to other KSP plugins). YES. Definitely. Contributions are very welcome, and using the debug terminal like you're suggesting sounds great. Note that the way the plugin is built is currently a little idiosyncratic, I'm generating the .csproj and AssemblyInfo files dynamically, which may not play nicely with IDEs like VS and monodevelop without some work. has some details on getting set up to build it. For what it's worth, I've been using a trello board at to track what I'm doing. But that's not easily accessible to people who aren't me. So, sure, I've just turned on the issue tracker on the bitbucket project - After fighting with my deployment environments for a while, there's a new release of the Kerbal Simpit plugin. 1.3.0 includes a new command channel to set the SAS mode, thanks to @TrainWreck. CKAN should have it in the next few hours. The Arduino library has also bumped to version 1.2.1. This includes the bits needed so your Arduino can send SAS mode commands, which look a lot like this: mySimpit.setSASMode(AP_RETROGRADE); I've also added some constants to make setting the mask on rotation and translation commands a little more intuitive. The Arduino library manager should have the new release shortly as well.
  19. For creating a release archive from a git repository, I use git archive. At its simplest, from the root of your repository, you can run something like this to create a zip file without all of the extra repository junk. git archive -o ../ --prefix=MyAwesomeMod HEAD Things get more complicated if you're building a plugin. For that, probably best to just write a script that assembles all the bits you need in a staging directory and zips it up.
  20. Well, dang. Apologies for the dumb bug, and thanks for sorting it out, @TrainWreck. Can I assume the PR for SAS mode is from you too? I'll make sure I can merge that, and get this fix in a new release this week. I really hope getting set up to actually build the plugin wasn't too hard. Tried to document it thoroughly, but have never heard of anybody else trying to do it. Please let me know if there's anything that wasn't clear, or that could be done better. Possible, but I'd avoided it because adding UI code seemed massively complicated, and to be honest I've only really thought of the dev loop in terms of getting the plugin and arduino library functional. Actually hacking on serious controller code isn't something that I'd considered, sorry. I've added manual disconnect/reconnect at runtime to my backlog.
  21. That's exactly how engineering notation is supposed to work...