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  1. Okay, I didn't have any luck getting it to work on 1.7.3 with the newest KS3P.
  2. Use Leatherneck's recompile from page 25 of this thread, works fine for me on 1.7.3.
  3. Seeing the same thing here as well.. Not at the computer at the moment but will get more info and logs tomorrow.
  4. Question, for the KS3P config is it the "DefaultConfig.cfg" file that I'm supposed to replace with it?
  5. @physicsnerd @DR_RDR @Sharp12 @SilverState @Sir Mortimer Okay so regarding the issue with the Kerbalism and SSPX gravity rings not appearing in the VAB, I've done some digging and found the culprit to the problem and have come up with a solution. The first thing I did was look at the config files for all of the missing parts and ensure that all of them had researchable tech nodes and categories set in the VAB, which all checked out. After that I opened up the Module Manager cache file and searched for the configs for the parts in there.. Suspiciously it said that all of their categories were set to "none". Upon seeing this I figured some patch somewhere was doing this and I opened up the Module Manager log and searched for any patches applied to those parts (I have 178 mods so this took awhile). After looking through each and every patch that touched those parts I found only a single patch even mentioned the category.. And set it to "none".. The cultprit patch is one which comes with Kerbalism itself, located in the file "GameData\Kerbalism\Support\CCK.cfg". Within that file, there is the following.. // @PART:HAS[@MODULE[GravityRing]]:NEEDS[CommunityCategoryKit]:AFTER[zzzKerbalism] // { // %tags = #$tags$ cck-lifesupport // } @PART:HAS[@MODULE[GravityRing]]:NEEDS[CommunityCategoryKit,!FilterExtensions]:AFTER[zzzKerbalism] { %category = none } As you can clearly see, if you have Community Category Kit installed, which is a dependency for several other mods, but don't have Filter Extensions installed (which is why some people found the fix was to install Filter Extensions mentioned earlier in this thread) the patch will then proceed to set the category of all parts containing the module "GravityRing" to "none", but not set the tags required to put those parts in a CCK category which results in the parts vanishing from all VAB tabs. There are two ways to then fix this problem, the first option is to simply uncomment the commented out patch which will result in the parts using the CCK category, or the second option is to comment out the second patch which will result in the category of the parts remaining unedited, leaving the parts in their original categories. For those who want a quick copy paste, here you go. // @PART:HAS[@MODULE[GravityRing]]:NEEDS[CommunityCategoryKit]:AFTER[zzzKerbalism] // { // %tags = #$tags$ cck-lifesupport // } // @PART:HAS[@MODULE[GravityRing]]:NEEDS[CommunityCategoryKit,!FilterExtensions]:AFTER[zzzKerbalism] // { // %category = none // } I'd submit a request of some sort on Github but I have no idea how any of that works as I've only ever downloaded stuff off there.
  6. Noticed this as well.. Any known fix? If not I'll perhaps do some digging tomorrow.
  7. Hey so just a heads up I've now updated the JNSQ PBC Rebalance to use Module Manager patches instead of full replacement configs. It's much cleaner now and more compatible than ever. (Just thought I'd mention it, I'm assuming based on @JadeOfMaar's post in my thread that you guys were waiting for me to change that to put it up in the OP.)
  8. OFFICIAL RELEASE 0.2.1 Hey everybody, so after finally getting some testing done and verifying that all of the new Module Manager patches work properly I've decided that I'm happy enough with it to go ahead with an official release. Functionally not a lot has changed from the 0.1.0 release, the largest change was the migration from full replacement config files to Module Manager patches which is much cleaner and much more compatible with other mods. Aside from that I've fixed a couple of typo's from stock PBC, fixed a nasty reference error from the unofficial 0.2.0 release, and added version checking. The only notable change to any contracts is that I've increased the altitude requirement for the "Skim the Corona of Kerbol" contract, as it was still at stock values which made it impossible to complete. I've set it to a number that should still provide a good enough challenge, but still be achievable. Though I will mention the actual number I chose was suggested by @DR_RDR. ALSO IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT IF YOU ARE UPDATING FROM AN EARLIER VERSION THAT YOU MUST COMPLETELY DELETE AND REINSTALL PROBES BEFORE CREW, THE NEW VERSION NOW REQUIRES THAT ALL ORIGINAL PROBES BEFORE CREW FILES BE PRESENT. IT IS NO LONGER REQUIRED TO DELETE OR OVERWRITE ANY PROBES BEFORE CREW FILES. VERSION 0.2.1 - Added KSP AVC version checking - Fixed Skim the Corona of Kerbol altitude being too low, increased it from 180,000,000m to 540,000,000m to account for the increased scale of JNSQ. - Fixed mod reference in ScienceParamMod patch which caused Module Manager to encounter a fatal error if you did not have Celestial Body Science Editor installed. (This error was introduced in version 0.2.0) VERSION 0.2.0 - Migrated from the use of replacement .cfg files for PBC stock bodies to Module Manager patches - Fixed Typo in Parameter of Stock PBC, Under Crewed Kerbol Contract, Parameter "landPK" changed to "landCK" - Fixed Typo in Parameter of Stock PBC, Under Probe Tylo Contract, Parameter "landPV" changed to "landPT" @JadeOfMaar Thanks for the tips you gave me regarding the MM Patches, without you I'm not sure if the migration to Module Manager patches would have happened at all. I'm happy it did, as it's much cleaner for me, the players and other modders.
  9. Okay sounds good, let me know if you figure anything out. Also one other question.. I noticed that in JNSQ the flying low altitude is 500,000,000m .. What would be your opinion on that altitude for the contract? Or would that just simply be too difficult to complete?
  10. Hey thanks for the input, every little bit helps out a lot. Regarding the Kerbol probe mission, I was actually looking at that while working on 0.2.0 but ran out of time and it didn't get changed. But I can say this will be done in the next update. (Since I've released 0.2.0 unofficially I may skip an official 0.2.0 to avoid confusion and just push the official release as 0.2.1) As for making probe returns optional, that is actually a wonderful idea (in my opinion) and would also make so much sense. (Why return a probe if you dont have to?) I'll look into that next time I'm working on the mod. EDIT: One question, if you make the return portion of a contract optional, what keeps the contract from auto-completing when you have everything except for the final optional parameter completed? Or on the contrary if it doesnt just auto-complete then how do you complete it without doing the final optional parameter? (I'm still learning how contracts and contract configurator work, so bare with me) I'll note I'm not actually at my computer right now, on the road coming back from a trip. Probably won't have a chance to work on the mod until tomorrow evening, so the above questions may answer themselves when I actually sit down to work on it.
  11. In most cases many mods will work on later versions of the game than the version which they were compiled against. Only certain updates (I believe KSP 1.3 was one of then) will break a lot of mods. It all depends on what a KSP update does under the hood on if it will break mod compatibility or not. That isnt to say that every mod will work on every update either, but many will retain most if not all functionality on most updates.
  12. Hey everyone just a heads up I was planning an official release tonight after some testing but an emergency happened IRL and I wasnt able to get any testing done. I'm going away on a trip this weekend and won't be able to do any testing so I'm going to push an unofficial release for now and hopefully it all works. The MM patches are untested so I hope they all work. Sorry for the delays. https://www.dropbox.com/s/nkt0jay3cb0o8gp/JNSQ_PBC_Rebalance_0-2-0.zip?dl=1 EDIT: Note that for version 0.2.0 you DO NOT NEED TO DELETE OR REPLACE any PBC files, on the contrary you now REQUIRE ALL OF THE ORIGINAL PBC FILES BE INSTALLED for the patches to be applied properly. Hopefully next week I have some more time to push an official release. Edit2: Also I will note, minus one or two minor little bug fixes, 0.2.0 is effectively functionally identical to 0.1.0. The primary change was switching from full replacement config files to MM patches for all stock PBC bodies.
  13. Okay so just a heads up, this evening I had just enough time to get everything ported over to Module Manager patches, however I did not have enough time to do any testing to make sure that everything worked okay. So while I was tempted to release the new configs without testing I opted to wait until I have more time, which likely will not be until Wednesday evening. That all being said @JadeOfMaar I was wondering if you would be willing to look over the new configs and let me know if the MM syntax and everything looks alright? It would be greatly appreciated. If interested let me know and I'll PM you the links to the new configs on my DropBox.
  14. Hey so the reason I hadn't used Module Manager was that I wasn't sure if it could be used to modify Contract Configurator configs. But if that is the case that I can use it for that purpose I wouldn't hesitate to do it that way as I also prefer the use of Module Manager to modify things. Consider that part of why this was released in addon development. Also @JadeOfMaar I am aware of the intended use of :FINAL and would not use it here, thanks for the heads up though. I should have some time tonight to go through and modify the patches into MM configs. @garwel Download link should work now, first time using SpaceDock and forgot to hit the publish button.
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