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  1. KSP putting out a final release without a unified art style or music I see?
  2. Correct I'm thinking along the lines of TheFleetMaster?
  3. This in incredible, I was working all this stuff out by hand. Does the wind model base itself on 6h kerbin and the sheer quantiy of cells? or does the coriollis ajustment made compensate into being earthlike?
  4. I've fixed the main page discord link. Main problems with activity that the mods will strike down anything that looks like characters(ie, factions or companies), we've been placed into a section of the forum not for KSP,(I've tried to appeal that), and there was a mass bleed out in 2018 as a result of player shift towards KerbalPowers. EDIT: oh look we got moved to challenges, guess that can be removed as a reason. Activity also tends to waver without any sort of youtube series to drive it. The two larges blocs of activity were around Spiritwolf and Kethane Station submissions opening.
  5. @Arco123 Please either use the correct map with credit or use a different map
  6. I'd argue this falls under RP based on precedent set by trying to do this previously. Especially considering you've used our roleplay map without asking first for very similar purposes and there were strict warnings against that by vandamode.
  7. I know you guys aren't fans of militarism so I've tried to tune most of that out. Name is a yes. I just saw the aspect ratio rule, I will crop these down from 2560 to 1920 and edit in.
  8. Kerbal Powers has recently celebrated two years of active play, to celebrate this I've made a second summary poster for the time since the last.
  9. let's a go. Really confused as to why there's a prize though.
  10. I have a fairly wide variety of stuff from a roleplay. Would need to know what you're looking for though.
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