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  1. (PM for craft cause there are certain people I don't want getting hold of this)
  2. Post Your Satellite Designs

    Launch a bunch at once?
  3. Conflict with a solar panel config from Kopernicus, a section from the Renaissance compilation, issue non existent in 1.3 Edit: Just remove the solar config from it and it works perfectly fine.
  4. I'm not sure, I'm having an issue with solar panels where they're just static and open, not receiving light either. I'm gonna try re-installing and see if that fixes the issue.
  5. See the thing is that it's not. You place parts at 45 degrees and boom, stealth. Case in point. Myself and Canberra both built these with ease. I just don't think that something like this should outdo other craft designed after actual stealthy planes. In my opinion a positive change would be to retain some parts of the previous system as to not make the new rule of thumb "everything at 45 degrees". Or like mentioned in another user's post; divide the different directional RCSes into only being used from that direction. In front of plane? Frontal RCS. Above? Above RCS. and so on... This would create a lot more specialization for Bombers, Fighters, or surface craft where different vectors would be more important to cover yourself. Something else that would be good to see is RCS taken from more angles. As it stands the views from only front, side, and below are easy to exploit as shown by my craft and others on this thread.
  6. Kerbal Powers Roleplay

    No idea what TPT is but Kerbal roleplays have ran as long as the game. Our group has been hosting them ever since RP was banned here on the forum. As for @WinkAllKerb'': absolutely no idea what youre saying.
  7. Kerbal Powers Roleplay

  8. Kerbal Powers Roleplay

    Or it could be that you've been banned. The links have been tested and are both fully functional.
  9. Lovin' The Orville

    Third episode wasn't just good for that show it was damn good Star Trek.
  10. Advanced Vehicles Competition

    I'm lacking MLRs, don't see the point in firing up to 40km away when you can send aircraft or move SPGs up closer. Don't go looking for craft where you think we can't see you, pretending you can make your own instead of taking the ones you were offered to save face.
  11. Stock warfare (Spartwo's videos)

    Bit more effort went into this one.