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  1. Spartwo

    Kerbal Powers Roleplay

    Completely fine, there are some who do that already.
  3. Spartwo

    Good couch co-op games?

    Reach has split screen as does halo 4
  4. Before people come to ask I will say that Ven, while functioning in 1.6 is somewhat broken. Engines stay on which is common, and right clicking the new mk2 lander can prevents right clicks until exit and re-entering the SPH/VAB. MK1 inline docking port also does not animate. Nothing major. Edit:Should note that the engines don't seem to be a ven thing.
  5. Spartwo

    Naval Battle League 2016-2018

    0.1g is still gravity and will ruin the accuracy of weapons.
  6. Spartwo

    Kerbal Powers Roleplay

    KERBALPOWERS 2076/7 Making changes and small additions to 2075 systems WHAT'S NEW? KP 2075 focuses on automation of game systems for easier use. Expanded Conflict Systems Added mechanics for battle retreat, a simplified grand strategy map, and conditions for declaring or joining wars. Improved Corps Corps now have alternate routes of income and will greatly benefit from future updates. Improved AI again AI relation sheet automatically displays who AI are subjects of and what AIs nations are lords over. AI eco is now simpler to track and manage. Colonies Spread Bastions of Kerbal society across the system. AI colonies allow alternate routes of power projection from Moho to Eeloo. WHAT'S COMING? Improvements to production, and more developments on the next event. Making changes and small additions to 2076 systems WHAT'S NEW? Collapse stuff and preparations for December's event. More Collapse Scenarios Double the number of potential disasters should you mismanage your funds. New scenarios are less damaging to couple the higher overall probability. Collapse Buildup Percentile chance now stacks year upon year with negative chance reeling it back in. Improved Production Corps produce a greater amount of craft per money spent the more locations they have. Colony Changes Colonies can now be merged and have a defined area of control. Better Explanations Game systems now have more comprehensive descriptions of each component via notes.
  7. Spartwo

    Kerbal Powers Roleplay

    KERBALPOWERS 2075 Following on from the additions of 2070 kp 2075 cleans up and improves the systems added WHAT'S NEW? KP 2075 focuses on automation of game systems for easier use. War and Conflict guide Link Improved AI AI GDP now varies by 50%. AI will now take action against players if deeply negative in opinion. Green type ideologies have now been amalgamated so nobody has to redo their forms. Trade v4Fight for control of trade nodes across kerbol to boost your power or keep your enemies down. WHAT'S DIFFERENT? A number of changes have been made to how the game works in conjunction with KP 2075 to allow more ease of use. Cleaned Economy Again The economy sheet has been downsized even further into a single row and is sorted alphabetically. This change is in anticipation of trade additions. Improved Sign Up Sheet Questionnaire has been trimmed down and now tallies on GDP size. Outcomes are now automatically converted to game data. WHAT'S COMING? Recruitment drives, overhaul of corporations, and KP's new year event. Also here a set of info about our first year running
  8. Every update is a gutpunch to modders who have done a better job improving the game than the developers for the last half decade. You can tell this because they keep hiring modders to put their mods in the base game and burning them out in the process.
  9. Well this was pretty much ignored. I'm done. New suggestion. Just stop 'developing' the game, as in replacing what exists with varying degrees of better and worse.
  10. Please for the next set of part revamps could squad avoid creating part duplicates with intent to eventually remove and instead simply update the info for parts to maintain craft compatibility. Several months on and I am still digging up craft and rebuilding from the ground up so they won't be lost forever. Old craft hold a lot of sentimental value for many people.
  11. Spartwo

    Kerbal Powers Roleplay

  12. Spartwo

    Kerbal Powers Roleplay

    That is correct. A KSP roleplay. It's difficult to explain but I guess model UN crossed with risk and collaborative writing.
  13. Spartwo

    Kerbal Powers Roleplay

    KERBALPOWERS 2070 Coming up to the game's anniversary, the 2070 update hopes to support international trade and add a deeper political focus WHAT'S NEW? KP 2070 focuses on more depth on kerbin and improved ways to get ahead. Improved Resources Take-Two Resource nodes have been scattered around kerbin and carry rewards for those with trade routes. AI relationships AI nations now have an opinion of players, good opinion allows you to make requests of them. Any currently aligned AI will remain so until broken. Sign Up Sheet A simple questionnaire is the new way to join KP, the short list of questions will set you up in terms of eco, ideology, and military ability. All nations who haven't yet filled the sheet in are required to. Soft Reset 3.0 From now until 2072 the game will be undertaking a third soft reset. Players will be allowed to move and start new provided they are not at war. The claim can also not be larger than their current size. WHAT'S DIFFERENT? A number of changes have been made to how the game works in conjunction with KP 2070 to allow further depth. Cleaned Economy The economy sheet has been downsized and is now organised by continent with Charts comparing GDP, Savings, and Military sizes. SOI changes SOI changes can now also be notified using the diplomacy channel on discord WHAT'S COMING? Improvements to the fighting of wars, delegate meetings, and biggest is the RPs 1st public anniversary which will be celebrated with Kerbal Power's third timed event Monolith Work is also underway on an improved world map.
  14. Spartwo

    Kerbal Powers Roleplay