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  1. Planes and planes and planes and planes and planes and planes
  2. Miffled is maintaining a solid lead as having done a load of battles and won most.
  3. What's the result and who were fighting?
  4. Wait, mobile launchpads. Woah. I really hope they work in orbit.
  5. Can the mission builder move existing craft? Like if there were a mission to transport Duna landers and you wanted the player to land themselves but move it into orbit using the builder(like for a rover stage) could you have it so that any broken legs would carry over or would it have to be a freshly spawned craft?
  6. Thank you. Haven't checked for a while have no idea who is even head mod nowadays.
  7. Number war? Also who would I go to with a forum related proposal.
  8. Yea, I don't agree with it but I can really understand why it's been forced external.
  9. What Miffed said
  10. #Drama
  11. Clearly a fool did. Dres is great.
  12. Kerbal maps. Toggle space centres to on.