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  1. Because it has the same name as KIDI essentially.
  2. Kethane Station Discussion

    I think somewhere from 400-500
  3. Kethane Station Discussion

    fiddy eight
  4. Kerbal Powers Roleplay[2050 Expansion]

    KP 2050 We've passed the 10 year mark and the game's first big update is now coming out. What's new? KP 2050 features a number of new features to expand game options and make the game experience easier. Robotics A number of robotics parts has been added to the modlist allowing for anything from variable wings, to tiltrotors, to giant mechs. AI Nations 14 AI nations have been added for players to coerce, fight over, or invade to their hearts content. Nations Automatic Economy An automated and public economy has been added, every player will know roughly about all others, making cheating more difficult and running a nation easier. What's different? A number of changes have been made to how the game works in conjunction with KP 2050 and to improve on the rule set. Player Protections New players are given a 1 week grace period in which they cannot be attacked so they may get their bearings. Collapse The formula for economic collapse has become exponential starting at 15% rather than the previous rate of straight starting at 20. Alliance Limit An alliance size limit has been agreed to as 5 and is enforced on a moderation level now. 1.3.1 The game has moved to 1.3.1 officially with a fully updated modlist
  5. A definite improvement on that one major issue but now that there's some parts of a system taking it from 6 angles why not take it from all of them and average from there. As it stands making the side less stealthy than the front is a worthless effort because the calculator will just switch to a less favorable angle. Directional stealth is more problematic now than even before. Without a doubt the beta is heading in the right direction.
  6. (PM for craft cause there are certain people I don't want getting hold of this)
  7. Post Your Satellite Designs

    Launch a bunch at once?
  8. Conflict with a solar panel config from Kopernicus, a section from the Renaissance compilation, issue non existent in 1.3 Edit: Just remove the solar config from it and it works perfectly fine.
  9. Seems it's not a Revamp related issue.
  10. I'm not sure, I'm having an issue with solar panels where they're just static and open, not receiving light either. I'm gonna try re-installing and see if that fixes the issue.