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  1. @Arco123 Please either use the correct map with credit or use a different map
  2. I'd argue this falls under RP based on precedent set by trying to do this previously. Especially considering you've used our roleplay map without asking first for very similar purposes and there were strict warnings against that by vandamode.
  3. I know you guys aren't fans of militarism so I've tried to tune most of that out. Name is a yes. I just saw the aspect ratio rule, I will crop these down from 2560 to 1920 and edit in.
  4. Kerbal Powers has recently celebrated two years of active play, to celebrate this I've made a second summary poster for the time since the last.
  5. let's a go. Really confused as to why there's a prize though.
  6. I have a fairly wide variety of stuff from a roleplay. Would need to know what you're looking for though.
  7. KERBALPOWERS 2083 POLL UPDATE 2083 is a major update to many game systems in response to player feedback from the new years poll Wiki Home page - Zekes Task was not completed Modpack Improvements - Gag Several New, larger, armor pieces have been added alongside weapons grouping to the game specific BD. A new colonial pod has also been added which will help to drag down the part count of ark ships while maintaining balance. Discord Rules - Plecy Task was not completed Corporate Expansions - Twinky Task was not completed Economy Rebuild - Spartwo Nations are capable of going into debt with excessive spending automatically withdrawn from savings. Collapse is a function of the ratio of DEBT to GDP. A conflict guide style document to accompany this new economy is partially complete. Trade in either direction have been amalgamated into a single value as the new economy allows for negative values. The Craft management sheet has been updated to match this new economic model, existing craft lists from the old management sheet can be pasted into the new. Trade Node Balances - Gag Appropriate changes made, increased value of Doren, Kolus, and Firesvar. Reduced value of Veiid and Kafrica Colony Improvements - Miffed The new colony changes make investment scale with population present- if you have more kerbals on site than you need to create a colony with your target GDP, the setup cost goes down. AI Calculation Changes - Spartwo Gifts to AI carry a hard maximum to prevent "AI bribery" towards nations that view the player nowhere near positively enough. Ideological similarities or differences now act as a multiplier of opinion rather than a stacking effect. This makes AI value the actions of similar nations more highly than that of dissimilar. Remaining with ideology, a third green dataset has been re-introduced. Antagonism. A conflict style guide has been introduced to accompany the changes, see here for ideological descriptions. A number of AIs have been tagged as independence focused, this means they cannot be aligned through any means. AI Events - Herr Task was not completed Mid-war exit procedures - Twinky Task was not completed Industry - Twinky Task was not completed, proposed by Twinky Event Planning - Zekes Task was not completed Suggestions Channel - Dark/Thrity A suggestions channel remains open on the RP discord, any notable suggestions made are taken to the mod team for implementation. All resources have also received a visual overhaul. The prior statement that any player who completes a task is automatically taken to vote for mod status and any existing mod that fail to complete any task are demoted.
  8. Completely fine, there are some who do that already.
  10. Reach has split screen as does halo 4
  11. Before people come to ask I will say that Ven, while functioning in 1.6 is somewhat broken. Engines stay on which is common, and right clicking the new mk2 lander can prevents right clicks until exit and re-entering the SPH/VAB. MK1 inline docking port also does not animate. Nothing major. Edit:Should note that the engines don't seem to be a ven thing.
  12. 0.1g is still gravity and will ruin the accuracy of weapons.