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  1. Exactly how is one supposed to launch and land these modules? I haven't found any information from design proposals on this. SLS, I presume, but how do I mount the MMSEV inside the fairing? Where do I attach the propulsive landing kit? I mean sure I can get creative with stock parts but I was hoping there was a more true-to-life plan
  2. Honestly this sounds like a legitimate Boeing strategy
  3. Not related to that alt timeline specifically, but there is a Shuttle-C mod based on SOCK on Spacedock (no forum page) https://spacedock.info/mod/2472/Project EOC(WIP) Shuttle Block II is currently available in Cormorant, but is based around the stock MK3 fuselage.
  4. Benjee, There's a few config fixes/tweaks I would like to suggest. These have bothered me enough that I fix them on my own installs. 1. The shuttle cargo bay needs a radiator. I usually make it equivalent to the stock medium radiator. I don't know if there's a way to make it more advanced and match the state of the doors, though. 2. The ET decoupler has fuel crossfeed disabled by default. I think there's a way to set this for the part in its cfg. I've launched many times without SSME startup due to this. 3. The tags for the search function don't seem to be set correctly. Searching for "shuttle" or "STS" doesn't get me all the parts, so I have to look for them separately (offhand, mostly it's the landing gear and engines that hide). 4. I would prefer that if Restock is installed, the SSME MM patch uses its model instead rather than the stock model. This one I haven't been able to fix myself. Just my suggestions, but these seem easy to implement and significant QOL improvements.
  5. Is there any benefit to this colour scheme? It seems like it would have very poor thermal properties.
  6. Looks great! Are the landing airbags going to be possible?
  7. If you're going to split this up anyway, why not put the shuttle stuff in SOCK?
  8. But I mean besides just roleplay, does anyone actually play on science mode and get use out of the science experiment features?
  9. It should be easy enough to add, the white ET parts in reDIRECT add mass. I think it would be a great addition. As well as the different ET and SRB upgrades, there's a lot of possibilities.
  10. I tried doing this with tweakscale and whatnot, but I always had problems with it glitching out when trying to decouple a part inside another part. I think the best way to design a new part would either be a Raguda part which looks like and functions as a docking port when attached, or a hollow docking port ring that you can put a Raguda in. It would be difficult without a hollow Progress part, so it starts to look like a lot of parts. Maybe depending on how much people like the Luna return capsule would make it worth revisiting?
  11. Speaking of science capsules, any chance to see a Raduga down the road?
  12. Hey, great to see this mod back! I love having the shuttle livery variations. Do the Columbia parts come with increased mass, the way the real orbiter was? Though I think this may be a better "extras" feature. If you ever do decide to include different tiling options on the fuselage is probably the time to worry about the names. Don't they need to be flag files for Conformal Decals to work, though?
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