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  1. The Spacedock page could use a forum link. Just the Moonraker version isn't very interesting to me, but a correct Enterprise is a great addition! I was also going to post that same external markings pdf too. The most prominent differences are Columbia's gold service panel and black tiles on the OMS, imo, but I'm interested to see what you do. EDIT: Having played with it, I absolutely love having subtle livery changes, along with SOCK's Columbia black chines. The white OMS tiles are good for more than just Enterprise! I don't know if you're comfortable with modeling, but a STILTS pod on the stabiliser is another defining marker between orbiters.
  2. A gallery of the included decals would be nice, and is there a way to customize this on the user end? Is this similar to how the ESA parts' decals work? Either way, it is a great time for fans of putting decals on their rockets!
  3. @henrylzy As the others have said, connect it to Destiny. It seems weird but this isn't wrong. S0 never connected to Z1 irl, it attached like the mod. Z1 was used as a temporary holder for PMAs and solar arrays.
  4. I'm still confused why exactly this needs Tweakscale. Pardon me for asking, but can't you edit the scale on the part config file?
  5. Speaking of the first stage revamp, I may have misremembered, but were you planning to separate the Octoweb into a cluster for separate Merlins? I've always thought this would play nicer with part failure mods. But have there even been engine failures on Falcon IRL? Also, happy scrub day
  6. Hype! Doesn't your Shuttle pack use the DLC robotics? But Kibō's robotic arm is for experiments, not for assembly manipulation, so couldn't it just be an animated part like the rover science arms in Breaking Ground? Not sure if it's feasible, but maybe a MM config to switch its function to the latter for those who don't have the DLC
  7. I love this, it's just what the KSC was missing. I also support making it play nice with the extended space center. However, if I can just add my suggestion, the hexagon bases look a little too unnatural for a coastline or a harbour. Maybe blend the natural coastline into it somewhat?
  8. Soyuz revamp? My greatest wish is to see "hard" fairings (like the ones on Tundra Exploration) to better emulate the LES, especially after the recent abort. Also, is there a Soyuz 2-1v engine? I thought one was included but I cannot seem to find it.
  9. Is there a good way to make the Kliper? The StarWatcher and its LV adapter is so close, but I don't know what could be used for the propulsion module. Maybe one day you might be interested to add this part compatible with Tantares to fill in the rest?
  10. Still looks great! What's up on Github, and what's left on the roadmap?
  11. This is great! I'm so glad to see this rover again, especially after the Breaking Ground surface science packs
  12. Isn't this a little big for its launch vehicles? I rescaled it to 50% and it fits perfectly inside TundraExploration's Falcon 9 fairings.