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  1. This is an awesome new addition! I wonder if it would be possible to make it work with one of the visual mods that adds clouds. By the way, though, you should add the forum page link to SpaceDock
  2. Excellent work, this is definitely needed! I'm not sure how the code here works, though. Does it use MM to search for KIS inventory and replace it with the stock system, or does it need compatibility for certain mods?
  3. Really great Bealealike you've got here! Do you plan to add a bit more colour? In mockups at least, the engine mounts as well as the nose cones are in black. The real vehicles don't seem to be, but it might add a little bit more visual appeal. I looked at the roadmap and there's a lot of promising stuff in there too! I recall a rocket called the Rus-M that I thought was based on similar hardware to Angara. I'm not sure where its development plans stand today, but is it something you might consider?
  4. N1 doesn't have a thrust plate to actually put NK-33s into though right? Christmas? I think you mean Fall of the Soviet Union Eve. I am very excited about the new Energia though! I'd suggest using Cormorant for the Buran. Art-wise, it matches Tantares better while SOCK matches reDIRECT. Plus it gives you some visual distinction between the Buran and the STS. If you use the SPT extension though, the wings need to be upscaled. I made a cfg patch for it, so let me know if you're interested.
  5. Good work @wisdomsavingthrow. I didn't think there would be any major issues with 1.11, and those are small enough for me to keep my game modded. Hopefully it's an easy fix, though. Is it something a cfg edit would solve?
  6. The Dragon 2 has this code in the cfg file that allows to switch to reverse orientation: MODULE { name = ModuleCommand minimumCrew = 1 defaultControlPointDisplayName = Forward CONTROLPOINT { name = reverse displayName = Reversed orientation = 0,0,180 } } Perhaps adding that to the Starship aft might help. As far as I can tell, Mechjeb gets confused by pointing in the wrong direction, so this might fix it. But as I've said, I have problems getting Mechjeb to control this mod in general, I don't know if there's an easy way for @damonvv to sort things out.
  7. Amazing, I've been hoping for this for ages! The real booster looks like it has an RCS system here, also. Not sure if that's going to be implemented. It's cool to think about what it would be like for the Soviets to have built soft-landing rockets years before SpaceX
  8. I'm loving the look of the new Energia boosters. Is it safe to assume that these gaps are for the booster return system?
  9. If you're using the SuperDracos to do your orbital burns, they run out quickly because they aren't intended to be used this way. The real Dragon 2 uses those for LES only, and does burns using nose RCS. This does confuse MechJeb, though
  10. Just to let you know, the Spacedock page is missing a forum link
  11. Dragon 2 seems to not be playing nice with Mechjeb for me, it refuses to perform burns using the nose thrusters, even with the control point reversed and fore by throttle enabled. Has anyone else been able to find settings that make this work, or is it a bug?
  12. EVA lights are a very nice idea. That means it's time to recreate this scene
  13. I must've missed the patch notes on that update, there definitely was a point where they didn't! Clearly I don't use the SPH enough
  14. Unfortunately they are kind of impossible with SAF too, they need to be dedicated parts, at least to have radial attachment for grid fins too, which would make them unusual standouts. I wouldn't mind, I just want a good LES. For now though SAF support is awesome!
  15. Nice idea! What about internal and gear lights, or is there another mod that already covers that?
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