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  1. Why are people against mods?

    I can relate to that thinking. I don't have the personal experience but there are so many KSP mods out there now that I can easily see myself spending way more time trying to find just the right combination of mods than actually playing with the game. Hence I play vanilla with KER and... um that's about it. I've got nothing against mods personally. I do get a bit irked at folks who assume that modded is the only way to play and the minority who seem to assume that it's the players job to mod the game and that Squad should be providing a skeleton game only and leaving everything else up to the modders. That always struck me as being overly generous with other people's time. Finally, I get a bit more than irked at the pat 'there's a mod for that' response that almost invariably gets trotted out on any gameplay discussion thread.
  2. Well hot-diggety. Note to self - before commenting on something, go read up on it first. Thanks @DAL59 - if that's ever released it looks like something I could get thoroughly engrossed with. In single player mode for preference - I don't have a lot of faith in cooperative multiplayer in a persistent shared universe where not being cooperative is also an option.
  3. The range of temperatures that your body will actually work at is likely to have a negligible affect to enzyme catalysed reaction rates. I don't know enough neurobiology to give a sensible opinion on whether increasing reaction rates in the brain will actually speed up thought but I doubt it's that straightforward.
  4. Human Ascension

    All of those can be learned, even creativity, but it does take practice and commitment. There's a somewhat worn saying about how to become a writer (as in a writer who wants to make their living from writing) which boils down to: read a lot and write every day, even when you're not particularly inspired. I can imagine that a version of that applies to pretty much any art or craft. Memory can be trained with practice. Maths can be learned. Comprehension, I would argue, is basically @Shpaget's comment about learning something about everything. The broader your pool of experience, the more you have to draw on when it comes to spotting connections, drawing inferences and making comparisons. As for thinking speed, I would argue that a lot of that is depth of knowledge and familiarity about a topic and analytical ability - which can be learned. Depth of knowledge means you can take shortcuts - you don't have to work everything out from first principles every time. Analytical ability lets you quickly pick out the essential parts of whatever you're studying and focus on that, rather than spend time being sidetracked by filler or stuff that you already know. Of course there's always the old saying about more haste, less speed. Sometimes it never hurts to check your assumptions and make sure that you're not discarding important stuff too. If you're looking for a quick technological or dietary fix though, I can't think of a reliable one.
  5. Not as I understand it, although I'm saying this having never played the game. At least at launch, NMS seemed to be all about the exploration, with some personal crafting thrown in for good measure. Not so much about the infrastructure building, or meaningful interactions with other worlds. NMS actually looked quite fun to me, its just something I never got around to playing. And the miserable failure seemed to me to be a classic case of a hype train out of control with every gamer and his/her dog fondly imagining what the game was going to be despite having very little evidence to support those fond imaginings. Then, of course, when it turns out they were largely deluding themselves, the backlash began. I'm not holding out any particular hope that the game I described will ever be a thing unless I do a HarvesteR someday and sit down to write it (which I blatantly lack the skills for and don't have anywhere near enough time to acquire those skills). Too niche and too difficult to do well.
  6. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Prepping the warp core, finding a suitable CD and doing Elon's makeup. I've seen this one before... Edit - you don't actually believe that crazy 'gonna shoot my car into space' cover story do you?
  7. Count me out then. A marvellous, photorealistc galaxy to explore and the only gameplay they can work around it is space combat? And space combat where you actively have to comb through goodness knows how many star systems to deliberately rain on somebody's parade. How incredibly deep and inspiring. A game based on exploration, the logistical challenge of building and maintaining the space infrastructure to support an interstellar empire, meaningful diplomatic and political interactions with either your own colonies or any alien worlds you come across, preferably skewed towards peacekeeping, cooperation and freedom rather than conquest. A game about the technical and scientific challenges of surviving on strange new worlds. Bonus points if any aliens you come across are more original than your standard, feline, reptilian and ethereal space elf tropes. I would be all over that. A tired old MMORPG where a significant percentage of the playerbase won't even regard it as a game unless they can go out and spoil somebody else's day for no reason at all (because only carebears don't like that stuff amirite)? Blow that for a warp drive and a handful of space marines. Edit: For the avoidance of doubt, I'm not aiming this rant at DAL59 personally. His description of the planned gameplay for SE just provided a convenient jumping-off point for it.
  8. ARCA Expendable Smallsat SSTO

    In most cases, the operative word was 'had'. Edit. Sorry - replying to old post. Please disregard or delete if a friendly moderator is passing by.
  9. Yup - not dissimilar to fermented yak milk in tea (although I think the quantities are about equal in practice or favour the milk). Very traditional in Mongolia, Tibet and neighbouring parts of the world (I think). Probably a Ussari delicacy too but naturally we do not speak of this. Or you could consume them separately I guess.
  10. This. Personally, I wouldn't count any 'dogfights in space' kind of game as particularly hard sci-fi. At best you might get a Star Citizen / Elite: Dangerous style hand-waving away of some of the issues (well it's all proper physics beneath the surface but your fly-by-wire system makes your ship handle like this.) Elite II: Frontier was somewhat hardcore space combat, at least in the sense that it used a 6 degrees of freedom, Newtonian flight model. In my limited experience and skill, most combat turned into high speed Space Jousting. Possibly somewhat realistic but a bit lacking in visceral, exciting gameplay.
  11. If it's not aboard a secret base in synchronous orbit over Mexico, I'm going to be disappointed.
  12. I'd love to get excited by this but - talk is cheap and Moon landers aint. Getting SLS flying would be a good first step.
  13. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    S'OK - pretty sure that they don't need to stir the tanks for this one.
  14. That's an ending that needs some music... Dum-dum dum-dum dum-dum dum-dum... Val! Aaaaah-ahh! Shavior of the universe! I'm sorry - the bad voices made me do it.