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  1. Impossible to say what a reasonable price for propellant would be. Taking the obvious point first (as alluded to by @Shpaget) - what is $1000 or 1000 credits worth in any of today's currencies? I'm not an economist, so at the risk of looking dumb, I would think that the cost of propellant will reflect the supply of propellant and the demand for propellant. Both of which can depend on many factors. Supply, for example will be influenced by the cost of the portal system, the cost of whatever mining and refining gear used to extract the propellant and, possibly the physical quantities of p
  2. Leaving aside the slightly snarky point that scifi doesn't have to include space battles, I would argue that it just means you need a different plot. Okay, any space navy style fleet battles might be out (always assuming that your setting doesn't allow for some method of preventing enemy combatants zipping around at lightspeed) but that still leaves plenty of scope for war stories. Why are your protagonists fighting? Presumably there's some point to it over and above blowing up enemy ships for the heck of it, some valuable real estate to attack or defend, whether that be a planet, an O'N
  3. Chandra would be a good bet I would think. The Wikipedia article is light on performance data but does mention that Chandra was able to detect X ray emissions from Pluto. Admittedly, that doesn't tell you much on its own.
  4. The flying fountain pen look is nice. Classy. And on a serious note, good luck to them. I’m with @taterin that the <1ton payload market is a tough one to be in at the moment.
  5. It's all good - and I'm delighted that you re-read First Flight.
  6. Triple-cooked djan chips with cheese - now there's a real kerbonaut breakfast! I think Jonton would be proud of his namesake too. On a more serious note - great chapter. Things are really heating up along two story threads! Oh - and making that 'pock' noise by flicking a finger in your cheek. Totally reliable way of distracting babies - can confirm. I really enjoyed that scene, it brought back good memories.
  7. I suppose so, if you want to ham it up.
  8. That's like one of those 'figure out the next number in the sequence' puzzles.
  9. I admit that I hadn't noticed that all spacecraft are from 2010 onwards and all rockets from 2020 onwards. My first thought though is 'why'? Why have two different cut-off dates for the crew vehicle and the rocket? I'm sure you have reasons but, if you want to avoid the appearance of bias, you'll need to state them upfront and be prepared to defend them. More generally, any time that you've had to make a choice about which data to present, you'll need to be prepared to defend that choice against accusations of bias. On that basis, the one-per-company rule is maybe not the best ide
  10. What, the contracts you get in Career mode, or whatever the equivalents (if any) are going to be in KSP2? At the moment - not really in my opinion. Or at least not as I remember them but they may have changed since I last played KSP. The way I remember them though, the missions tell you where to go, what to do when you get there and how much you'll get paid for doing it but they weren't that great at telling you why (apart from the funds or science). Take the very first 'launch your first rocket' contract for example. Why are you launching it? As the first shots in a Space Race? Because
  11. Not sure. What missions did you have in mind?
  12. My 2p worth on this. I’ve thought about it quite a lot but I’m not convinced that KSP lends itself to an in-game story - and I say this as somebody who’s written a fairly substantial KSP fanfic. With that said, I also see no reason why KSP2 couldn’t include a story mode alongside any other modes that the devs have planned. Lore, on the other hand, I think would add a lot to the game and it doesn’t have to be particularly obtrusive. A well written set of part descriptions, for example, would go a long way, particularly if they were combined with a similarly well written Kerbopedia.
  13. The decision to include one rocket per company just looks odd to me. It also means that for two companies, you’ve prioritised boosters which are under development for which there’s currently very little data, over boosters which are actually flying. It’s your project of course but I would have thought it would make more sense to follow the old tradition of pairing spacecraft with booster. If you wanted to keep the comparison fairer for SpaceX vehicles you could maybe just include the numbers for Falcon 9 Block 5, since that’s the NASA crew rated one? At the moment though, it’s rathe
  14. I wish NSF wouldn’t anthropomorphise the Starships and Superheavies. Everyone knows they hate it.
  15. Yep. You just need to ask yourself - what would Cthulu do?
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