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  1. So basically the F-117 is a low poly stealth aircraft?
  2. Just a quick update folks, prompted by @CatastrophicFailure's epic writing week and posted here to avoid cluttering up the Revelations of the Kraken thread (because that would be rude!). Next chapter is a little over halfway done. First section is written, the POV change to the second section has been successfully negotiated and I've finally figured out how to deal with the third section. I can't promise it'll be good but I can promise it'll beat the flarp out of the page or so of exposition that I reluctantly had in mind but couldn't see an alternative to until yesterday.
  3. Dun dun duuuun! That's a heck of a week though - I can but dream of such productivity.
  4. That last bit is where most space war scenarios break down for me, especially if we're in a setting with FTL technology. The ability to deploy any kind of advanced starship engine requires the ability to harness very large quantities of energy - and having sufficient trust in your neighbours that those said quantities of energy won't be turned against you: "Yeah we appreciate that it sounds a bit far fetched, Mr President but honestly - we've run the numbers and it all checks out. We just figured we'd best be telling you before launching a spacecraft powered by our leftover nuclear arsenal." "Well I sure do appreciate that, sir. We're all wishing your crew godspeed and the President of the our National Academy of Sciences has asked me to pass on his congratulations and wishes you many fruitful discoveries." So once a civilization has developed the technology to build an FTL space battleship, not only have they managed to remain peaceful enough for long enough to avoid blowing their planet to bits with antimatter bombs but they also have the technology to essentially get rid of any meaningful reason to be fighting. Space is big - there's plenty of room and plenty of resources for everyone. The most diametrically opposed factions can - quite literally - never see each other again. If you're not squabbling over resources and you can leave all those irritating people that don't subscribe to your ideology light years behind - what's left to fight about?
  5. Thanks. Although I think it's the sign of a good story that different readers have different reactions to it and are getting something different from it. Amongst other things, I'm fascinated by the eggborne vs plantborne vs loveborne kerbals. And the ease of constructing lore vs the difficulty of executing it in writing? Oh, how well I know that feeling!
  6. Man, I would like to see the 'large' carrier that this thing is going to dock to. Okay, there's a lot of far future tech in here. The Alcubierre-White drive is very far future as in, might not actually be physically possible to build, although the theory is nice. I'm not entirely sure what the counterbalance drive is but since it's stabilising a warp bubble, it's probably far future tech too. The fusion cell isn't quite as far future as the warp drive but its definitely not near future either. I'm not sure what an ion laser even is, so that sounds like far future too. Likewise the armour - not sure what yellow diamond is but synthesisng 5" thick diamond in 3' hexagonal pieces is quite an extrapolation from current technologies. Then there's the sheer size of launch vehicle or alternatively, complexity of orbital resource gathering and manufacturing (if you plan to build this in space rather than launch it from the ground) required to get this beast to space. That's not exactly near future either. Couple of sci-fi points. A fusion cell won't generate enough energy to power the warp drive. Ion engines and VASIMR engines won't be moving this thing anywhere fast anytime soon - you'd be better off with a torch drive. What are the airbrakes for? And why are you launching rocket propelled shells from a railgun?
  7. Yeah - the plutonium pixies get grumpy if they're not fed and start casting counter-enchantments. Sorry - I'm guessing that was an unintended autocorrect but it just tickled me!
  8. Hope nobody minds if I jump in here? Short of starting an 'Eeloo is no Goddess: Remastered' thread with everything in the right order, I'm not sure what you can do to move chapters around once they're posted. Editing them is no problem but getting people to read the edited chapters out of sequence might be harder. One thing that might help though (and I shamelessly borrowed this from another writer on the forum) is to give your chapters names - and then update the thread title to include the chapter's name when you post it. It just helps to alert readers that there's new stuff to read. Interesting comments from @Alpha 360 too. I've been trying to find the right word to describe Eeloo is no Goddess - 'haunting' is the best one I have so far. Not sure I'd go as far as 'degenerate' although I think I can see where that came from. About POV changes mid chapter. Personally I don't find it disorienting and it's something I do fairly consistently in my own writing. If I could make a small suggestion, you could maybe try putting in section breaks (a row of six dashes between paragraphs or something) just to make it obvious that 'here be a POV change'. As always though - your story, your rules. I am but the reader here.
  9. Absolutely! Everyone needs to start somewhere and fan-fiction is a great way to start! Consider the old aphorism 'write what you know' - fan fiction is the very essence of that. More than that though - I don't see why anybody looks down on a starting out artist of any type for starting with other works that inspire them and using them as a springboard to develop their own style and talent. Consider that weekend garage band for example. It might well start as a bunch of friends thrashing out covers of their favourite songs in their spare time. Sometimes that's all it ever is. But sometimes the covers get better. Sometimes they develop into something new, distinctive and even wonderful. And without those covers to start with, you can bet that you'd never get to hear the wonder. Why should writing be any different? And for anyone out there that says 'but it's just fan fiction' (which can hide a whole range of snide and unpleasant subtexts) I'd point them at this article. http://www.chrisbrecheen.com/2014/08/no-apologies-defense-of-why-speculative.html Read it but mentally replace every instance of 'speculative fiction' with 'fan fiction' and Mr Brecheen makes the case more eloquently than I ever could. Take pride in your fan fiction! Enjoy it! And as @Just Jim said - learn from it too.
  10. Yeah - at the end of the day, if there's something in the expansion that really grabs me, I'll buy it for the grabby part and any qualms about the rest will be conveniently forgotten. I'm not seeing it right now but I'm certainly not ruling anything out either. It just means I'll be reading the reviews, maybe taking in a few Lets Play videos before deciding whether to buy the expansion, rather than pre-ordering or buying it unseen.
  11. Well it's a fairly big 'all'. Writing a mission editor that's simple enough for everyone to use, even if they don't have any programming experience, whilst being flexible enough to create interesting missions, strikes me as a pretty big deal. The historic missions also look like they're going to come with a slew of new parts too, so there's lots of work going into those. Personally, I'm a bit torn about both of them. I'm prepared to be pleasantly surprised but neither the historical missions nor the Missions really appeal to me - they're just not how I play (or played) the game. With that said, if the new parts fit nicely with the current stock parts then I'll probably be buying the expansion for those alone. However, if the new parts really only look decent with themselves then I'll be much less interested. Likewise I'd hope to see the Career tech tree expanded and updated to accommodate the new parts - if they're just some shiny new toys to build Missions around, I'll be less interested. The Mission Builder - hmmmm. On the one hand, I can appreciate the amount of work and developer time going into it and have no problems with paying for that work and time. On the other hand - it's a Mission Builder. The smaller, meaner part of me thinks its a bit cheeky charging people for the tools that they'll be using to make new content for you. Other folks may quite reasonably disagree with that small, mean part of me though - like I said, I'm kinda torn about it myself.
  12. Nuh uh. No waaay are we 'shipping Cthulu and the Kraken. That way lies bad things... terrible things... things of which we were not meant to. Nooooooo. Please. Nooooooooo. Excellent picture. I especially like the way that the seam in the probe core casing looks like a happy smile at that angle.
  13. Yep - that makes sense - thanks. I'd favour the curated collection of Lego bricks approach myself over a truly random generation system. Easier to make interesting planets and would (or at least could) use existing planet packs as 'bricks'.
  14. I'm maybe missing something but I didn't see anything in that link to suggest that the NERVAs were ditched after burning through all their fission fuel. It just(?) looked like they were staging the NERVA cores for the usual reason - to get around that pesky rocket equation.