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  1. Hey man, I remade this and released it december 2016! It's a much, much better replica, one of my finest. Here's a link to the release thread and a few pics to give you a flavor of it. Let me know if you run into any issues as it's getting on for a year old now, updates ect.
  2. No nothing was clipped between the rover and lander it was just very, very tight. The limiting factor are the wheels. Try gettting creative with wheel placement. Increasing camber ect. Damn man. Nice work! Is that the first working ornithopter in new aero?
  3. Agreed. It makes play almost impossible. I would go so far as to say KSP will never get an official MP update. Good luck playing one on one with a single player in another country let alone several from several contries. It just wont work.
  4. My thermo hinge is the smallest possible in the game. You cannot make one smaller. That's the point of it. Nice looking build you have there mate, I'm sure you could fit a rover in there. Did you see the one I put in my Apollo LM? That was about that size.
  5. How? You cannot calculate Latitude from using unknown reference points. The part he was in was unmapped surely.
  6. How, exactly, did he calculate his latitude 'underground'?
  7. Yup that mod does help in bearing design although trial and error is a good alternative. I never used that mod in any of my inital trials and thermo designs. Download any of @klond's designs that use his RCS bearing to see hoe to make a working one. See above. They have been out in the KSP-o-sphere for months now folks! Download more of @klond's stuff..!
  8. LOL I just re-watched it myself. I'm proud of that video, even if it's not a slick as some of my newer ones. Thanks man, don't hold your breath though.. I am very busy these days with work and will be for most of the remaining 'summer' here in the UK. I agree the removal of the door on the DRV before launch was not ideal. I couldn't at the time fit a similar upward openeing door there, it's just too small. I'm sure I could come up with a new solution though. I'm glad you like the craft mate, I spent months and months perfecting and tweaking these crafts. And loved every second of it!
  9. Hey man. Thanks for the message! This craft is a few versions old now and as such the bearing I used for the door (the first thermometer bearing) is now broken (Squad changed the part geometry..). I have been updating it as a side project but have yet to finish it. The rest of the craft are good to go though. Also, it's not a mod as such, it uses all stock parts. MJ
  10. They are great it must be said. The first person to use the RCS balls as bearing was the mighty @sgt_flyer in his excellent Canadarm. @klond was the first to team them up with my type of thermometer bearings making some excellent bearing with them. RCS balls are great, solid but too big for the door hinges I use so I still stick to the tiny antenna/thermos for those.
  11. Personaly I prefer an open cockpit. Yes you dont get IVA as such but you can have an ejector seat. And you can design a nice looking interior that, for me, boosts the imersion.
  12. 'Is that tobacco in your helmet?' 'Yeah.. Tobacco..'
  13. I've already asked this, DLC should be FREE for all those who purchased the non functioning console version and have had to wait over a year and counting to actually play the game they paid for.
  14. Good man/woman! I really need to finish off some stuff.. So little time these days.. Damn you real life!
  15. I like it a lot! You should dedicate some time to making the full rocket.