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  1. Majorjim!

    Time for KSP 2.0

    You're on.
  2. Majorjim!

    Time for KSP 2.0

    There will be no KSP 2. Ever. I would bet real money on this.
  3. Majorjim!

    KSP Weekly: Curious about Mars

    LOL! Not a chance. It's always been slow. I just want them to finish the damn game and be done with it. It's time.
  4. Majorjim!


    The crane! We lost the crane! It's on it's way down to you! Absolutely one of my all time favourite movies. You did the movie proud mate! Great build.
  5. Majorjim!

    Future of Console?

    Given the current speed of development the DLC will arrived anytime within the next two years.
  6. Majorjim!

    KSP Weekly: A Martian Helicopter

    If you're in a hurry maybe KSP isn't for you. Seriously.
  7. Majorjim!

    Kraken Magnetic Drive

    Damn this is awesome!! A stable kraken drive? Someones in line to win a Kobel prize!
  8. Majorjim!

    KSP Weekly: The Greatest Contest of All

    I see a scared, tired kerbal cowering in a corner as an evil, besuited buisness man stands over him whipping him over and over and over again...
  9. Majorjim!

    KSP Weekly: The Greatest Contest of All

    Please no.. It's time to stop development. Fix the current bugs, add dv then leave it alone. As it stands it's just going to become a money making exercise. Plus the whole bugs/fix balance ride became boring a long time ago.
  10. Majorjim!

    I had a thought today.

    Launch it like a rocket.
  11. This is the second best LLRV replica Iv'e ever seen. Great work matey! I'm very impressed you got the gimbal-ing central motor man, thats the icing on the cake right there.
  12. Majorjim!

    KSP Weekly: Mars In-Sight

    Yeah but folks are usesd to calling them dev notes and the new name is KSP weekly not real world news plus dev notes weekly or some such. LOL
  13. Majorjim!

    JoolTube:Street Fair Day At The KSC!

    They used a hinge design I invented called the Thermometer hinge. It's now ubiquitous.