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  1. 34% is amazing! I don't think peeps realise just what a feat of engineering this is! Someone has to make this into a huge grand tour vehicle.
  2. Damn... Thats a lot of fuel! Even if not used for a grand tour that will serve as an excellent orbital fuel depot. Great work mate!
  3. Squall Mk2 - Light Trainer

    deceptively simple, effective and cute. classic cupcake!
  4. I fear there will be fewer and fewer people with the skill and patients to make craft like this. As most people these days seem to be making Kerbin based craft that are relitively easy to make and a breeze to test. I've learnt that the hardest thing in craft design is the bloody testing and testing more than one interplanetary craft, especially those meant to work together is hard in the extreme. That's the only reason I have not released my magnum opus, my constellation craft rebuild.. The testing takes such a long time that the game gets updated before I can release and things change or get broken by the updates. It's maddening and the reason I have not played KSP in months. When the updates stop breaking mods and the craft I will glady play again. Anyway, I don't want to tarnish your thread with a rant.. Keep up the masterful work mate, you are one of the few with the ability to make these crafts. Kudos!
  5. This is an incedible build! I tip my hat to you mate. The aesthetics are spot on an that VTOL mode transition looks flawless. I'm sure folks would like to see the mechanism in more detail.
  6. tank with tracks - the rebuild

    Great work Klond! You should make a big version too! A massive crawler base or something like that would be epic!

    If you lack things to do in KSP you lack imagiation. The things to do part is up to you! Build a craft pack that work together to complete a complex off world mission. This takes real skill, dedication and imagination. Build craft the work together on the surface. Craft that have a purpose. Completing the mission and returning all kerbals back home is what makes this game so damn awesome. Yes the planets are devoid of features but they are HUGE. covering them with detail will be hard as hell and reduce game performance.
  8. Threads of the Month: October

    Well done all! Incidentally, who votes for these things?
  9. Why do you even play KSP? The entire concept is unrealistic.. Perhaps you would be happier playing orbiter or something of the like.
  10. This sentence highlights my point exactly. It is no more an 'exploit' than making a turboprop or even just using the engines as squad designed them to be used. it's a game.
  11. This will only come from a stock rotating part.. I too will just build my own bearings moving parts ect as you know the issue is as you say the seperate craft farce and the fact they don't really work properly, timewarp for example and part count for another. It's all well and good just making a 'single' craft with moving parts we want many seperate craft working together to acomplish a goal, ie setting up and runnning a colony either on Kerbin or pro mode, on another world. Think @katateochi's old constellation video but using stock parts. That's playing!
  12. You said in the title that it was hurting performace.
  13. I just hope someone doesnt use this 'information' to belittle someone in their choice of craft propulsion.. It is a game and all of it is effectively magic.