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  1. Heat Glitches

    She's also hovering...
  2. 1.4 coming to Enhanced Edition?

    If yes I would say it's over a year away from release.
  3. What's with Imgur?

    Do any other image sites allow for albums?
  4. Fps drop op Xbox One

    This will never be fixed. It's a matter of CPU speed. XBOX1/PS4 are just not up to the task. The game does not make use of the extra power of the new consoles sadly. If you want high part counts you need a fast PC.
  5. Update

    NO update can fix the weaker CPUs in those gen consoles sadly.. You need a faster CPU man. I start to lag around 500/600 parts.
  6. Poll: Do you like the new DLC?

    I'm happy I didn't have to pay for it.
  7. Good to see you back mate! And with two awesome looking rovers too!
  8. Why are we surprised? Yeah they might ****** you **** a ***** *****...
  9. [STOCK] SpaceX Family

    These are great mate! They look to be very well made indeed. I look forward to seeing more of the BFR!
  10. Game crashing with larger ships

    How was the slideshow? Seriously though, that's a low part count compared to PC. It's straining the console and will make it vaunerable to crashing. Which may lead to lost saves ect.
  11. Yes please! Can someone please do this? @SQUAD know that we don't like our precious creations getting broken and changing the geometry of a cruital part like that is both unessasry and damaging. A lot of people use antennas as bearings @SQUAD.
  12. Game crashing with larger ships

    Your answer is: consoles. Sadly the Xbox1/PS4 are simply not up to the task of playing KSP with part counts that high. That's why the Flying tiger version had part count limits. Removing the limit just opens you up to crashes and major slow down. although, If there is a KSP 2 it will be made for the current gen consoles and will absolutely fly!