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  1. Considering, I would still say that was a success.
  2. I use the version of Firespitter in Air Planes Plus. Additionally if anyone is interested in making mod propellers, Eskandare Aerospace does not use Firespitter, but instead uses KerbalActuators by @Angel-125. It is easier to set up for making propellers with prop-blur, has a great hover controller, and returns the rotor/propeller to the start position for specific blade folding. Firespitter is the go-to plugin, and has been a part of the community for almost the life of KSP. Overall whether you use Firespitter or KerbalActuators it is a matter of personal preference. Again on my end Firespitter works for me on 1.9.1, And I haven't had any problems yet.
  3. Hmmm okay I believe that should be CKAN'ing from the SpaceDock repository, so you should be good. The only thought I have with the FPS drop in accordance with KSR is animations. KSR has a few constant animations like radar rotations.
  4. Are you using an old version of KSR? The only things that ate up resourced were some of my old anomalies recycled from my "TopSecret" mod, they had colliders that ate up a lot of resources. I used simple geometry and low impact colliders. I even remade a lot of the anomalies to prevent GPU drag.
  5. To my current knowledge KK hasn't been updated to 1.9.x yet, this is probably a PQS issue. If @Ger_space is available to chime in.
  6. I haven't updated the github release, I apologize. Use the SpaceDock release. I'll update github in a moment.
  7. Which runway is doing that, and are you using the latest release?
  8. A lot of the KK functionality is being revised by @Ger_space. The current facility syste requires there to be barracks to put kerbals into the facility. Currently @Ger_space is busy with real life stuff, but he's the owner an main dev of KK. Please note: KK is under an All Rights Reserved license and cannot be redistributed. I thought I solved this issue. This is caused by the meshes in the model not sharing the same origin point. Just to note, KSR doesn't support RSS and could be an issue with the origin not aligning..
  9. Oh that is a shame, I see it is using the KSPIE license. Well I guess this mod goes to the grave along with the DEMV mod (which I have a copy and I cannot update ever) and many others. Edit: Huh, DEMV "is" creative commons (at least the MK-5 version) But BobCat wanted them never to be updated as the rest are under ARR.
  10. There is talk of me taking over cosmodrome and making it more stock alike.
  11. Just a small update to the EHI Master page.
  12. Just a little news, I just started cleaning up the landing gear and setting up the suspensions and new wheel colliders. Also, just now made the depth mask for the IVA. Next I'll be giving the Dauntless a new cargo bay collider. I think after I got the depth mask, cargo bay, and landing gear fixed up, I should be able to update everything else via config.
  13. I'm certainly still developing this mod. Yes, IVA's do take a bit of time. I'm working out a new work flow to speed up the IVA process. Really it is no different from making any other part, just the inside. I have another project where I am making a much more complicated, texture and model wise, IVA. I've mostly been practicing the process, where the fruits of my labor are in the mod. So be patient, I have a lot ahead of me but it will be all worth it.
  14. I haven't got all the IVA's done yet, only the SR-71 and I plan on reworking that a bit before next release. KSO is all that is needed for now.
  15. Sure I could always do with help. I've been looking into MAS for the IVA's for Eskandare Aerospace, and Eskandare Exploration Pack.
  16. I'm afraid not. Only the original KSOS files I'm working with. I have the permission to reverse engineer KSOS for updating.
  17. Kerbal Shuttle Orbiter System Development Page Hello everyone, I've now found the time to work on this little gem. KSOS is originally developed by @helldiver and is now under my custodianship. I'm working on fixing many compatibility issues, weight and balance issues, and collider issues. If you have any community configs, PM them to me I'll add you to the credits. Additionally I'm looking for the alternate textures and names for the KSOS so I may incorporate them into the stock texture switching. This page acts to keep the community in the loop about the update. Helldiver's original page can be found here. ~Eskandare PLEASE WATCH THIS SPACE!
  18. I like that this warp drive is separate from KSPIE. Anyone willing to pick it up or update it?
  19. Hi @linuxgurugamer, any chance of you picking up this mod? I liked using it with the IXS Warp Ship.
  20. I really don't know what happened there. It may be a problem with either deleting the group or leaving the group.
  21. It is the north/west of the same continent as KSP KSC
  22. The CoM at the back of the cockpit is intended that way. I've thought of changing it forward a little bit since I've been abstractly setting the CoM of the part where the average mass of the seats, electronics, etc. are located. I think I had some logic for the CoM being at the attach node, or I forgot to move it forward. Eh... i'll be probably be changing it next update.
  23. Sorry late to the party. I had been looking forward to this mod for some time. Sad i missed you releasing it @JadeOfMaar.