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  1. I haven't uploaded them to my KerbalX page yet. I should probably do that soon.
  2. I haven't put it on CKAN yet. Also it should work with KSP 1.8 as long as Kerbal Konstructs is up to date.
  3. I'll most likely have to recompile everything in Unity as the set up has changed a bit since last release.
  4. Tornado cockpit and F-101 Voodoo, and F-104 are being planned. I don't know if I'll do wings as they really don't do much as just an animation, the servos moving wings changes the COL and COM a bit and some of the drag cube angle a tiny bit. Freddy's KR-71 is finally going to have an IVA too.
  5. Mine are just an animation that moves the visual mesh and collider meshes into a folded position.
  6. Thank you for creating a FAR patch, the rotors are just engines generating thrust. I haven't decided if I wanted to make rotors based off of stock BG rotors. The main issue would be how the mast would move to fold the blades, and lack of sounds?
  7. Pretty decent looking build. That's a really good looking build. I don't plan on doing any changes or updates on the old KRX rotors.
  8. Don't worry, those are just warnings. I used my flag/logo for setting up the FlagTransform for the flag module. They are not game breaking.
  9. They should be there, try re-downloading the file. Oh, no, never mind, those can be ignored. Those where the textures used to set up the flag transform/mesh for the flag node.
  10. Where did you install the folder? The models and textures use absolute path addressing. Also other mods?
  11. New update coming soon, just maintenance.
  12. Props aren't installed yet, but IVAs are coming soon.
  13. @JadeOfMaar You know I released that ship pier in KSR, right?
  14. I know you did, I was just confirming. You weren't forgetting anything. Thank you for the complement, I am glad you like my work so far.
  15. Sorry guys, link is fixed. Not sure what happened there. I haven't made the IVA's yet. That is a process that is coming soon. Remember this is BETA. I'll have a parts gallery picture soon, as well as some of the aircraft I'll be posting on KerbalX. EDIT: Parts gallery pics are up!
  16. Version [BETA] Eskandare Aerospace is a parts mod that aims to provide components to make Cold War aircraft from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. This mod was originally multiple mods, Thermonuclear Turbines, Kerbal Rotor Expansion (KRX). Originally I was going to make an updated and continuation of @FreddyPhantom's Phantom Works mod, but I felt that the cockpits were not in approximately Kerbal scale. So I remade them from scratch except the SR-71 model which I cleaned up for 1.7.3. Currently the mod is still in development, and many changes and additions will occur during the development. The Beta is being released for those who want to test out some of the parts. Recommended to be used with Airplane Plus by @blackheart612 DOWNLOAD From: Parts Gallery: Pictures KottabosGames Review [][BETA]: Parts Included: Command: - Non-Comercial Cockpit A3 - Non-Comercial Cockpit A4 - Non-Comercial Cockpit A7 - Non-Comercial Cockpit AV8 - Non-Comercial Cockpit A3 - Non-Comercial Cockpit F4 - Non-Comercial Cockpit F11 - Non-Comercial Cockpit F14 - Non-Comercial Cockpit F111 - Non-Comercial Cockpit M2000 - Non-Comercial Cockpit RB66 - Non-Comercial Cockpit S2 - Non-Comercial Cockpit S3 - Non-Comercial Cockpit SR71 - Transport Cockpit C130 - Transport Cockpit C17 - Viewer Cockpit SH3 - Viewer Cockpit V22 Engines: - AV8 Nozzles - Herron Coaxial Rotor - SH3 Rotor - SH3 Control Rotor - V22 Rotor Structural: - 1.875m Cargo Bays - 3m Cargo Bays - Adapters In Development: - More rotors - Nuclear Aircraft Engines - Mk 3 747 parts - Mk 5 parts ( C-5 Galaxy ) - and more... Ahh..., Yes, the to do list: IVAs (in the works) Science Equipment (Magnetometer Booms. 1,000,000w light for S2, etc) Mk 5 fuselage More Rotors More Cockpits Special Thanks and Attribution: @Angel-125 For the permission to use his Kerbal Actuators plugin which is included with Eskandare Aerospace. Check out his mods HERE. @blackheart612 For the permission to use some of his sounds and models in the near future. Check out his mods HERE. @FreddyPhantom For the permission to use of his SR-71 cockpit model and continuing the Phantom Works mod spirit. His mod can be found HERE. Change Log: Version: - BETA Release License: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  17. That would be great. Although we can't assume that builtin won't be a possibility, perhaps. But WOW! I see taxiways on the runway! I'm not sure how I feel about the very bright pastel colors to the textures, but this footage is pre-alpha.
  18. They (Star Theory) have so far stated that they kept the Kerbol system the same. Regarding KSC, I believe it is similar but with improvement to make it more to the likes of Kennedy Space Center.
  19. Me too, as I rely on KK for Kerbin Side Remastered. And I would love to make more airfields in KSP2. I suspect I'll have to recreate all my models though.
  20. I'm sad there won't be an end game Alcubierre drive. Since "no warp drives or things like that."
  21. Those errors are the textures, shaders, and colliders being replaced. It is in fact not an error but a warning that a texture, or shader cannot be found because it is not distributed in GameData folder. The components are already a part of KSP. All KK does is assigns them to the mesh. The physX error is the mesh collider being replaced by the KK collider logic. This allows the mesh collider to be used as a baked box collider instead of using many convex colliders.
  22. @Galileo After I'm done with stock mode I'll be adding JNSQ compatibility to Kerbin Side Remastered. I'll include a patch for those who have installed @Omega482's stock alike structures.
  23. Ahhh I miss @nli2work we used to talk about our ideas. I'm glad his mods live on.