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  1. Eh, I'd rather not. I find that often influences the COM too much and makes docking ports flip capsules on reentry without using SAS/RCS to stabilize them (and that's not preferred, capsules should self-safe on reentry if properly weighted).
  2. The side-by-side comparison really shows off your progress. Great job!
  3. Please finish these up (give us some female Kerbals of famous nature) and package it. Despite being a bit creepy, it's hilariously so. I want to use these in an RSS game just for the heck of it.
  4. Them's fighting words! Science fiction fandom is serious business, mind how casual you are.
  5. I'll be honest, I love this mod purely for the hydroponics spheres. They look great on my (soon-to-be-built) deep space cruiser. Still, thanks for maintaining this for 1.1.x!
  6. Too lazy to quote everything, but I'm talking about the APAS docking port. I find it much easier to use the CBM alignments, which ring the outside, than lining up fins on the inside. The colliders will help, I think, but I agree that the soft docking is little more than a gimmick at this point. If the soft dock would use colliders, then I think we'd be golden. That, or if the outside bars were remodeled to align with the inner fins on both sides (so that matching up the external bar assembly would get you to one of the perfect alignment spots for docking) then that would be a great boon to the
  7. I'm going to have to try it out in a separate install sometime, maybe I'll replace NF at some point.
  8. Very cool. I'm a little attached to Near Future, but I'm so glad there are different mods out there. I love the different nozzles and the thermal heating. +1
  9. I'm having trouble getting this to work. I'm using Near Future's AFTER ion engines, and despite trying to configure the MM config myself, or using the one provided in page 2, my time warp keeps breaking as soon as I engage. It only happens when I have ModuleFX configured for the engines, if I just have PersistentEngine it works without any thrust.
  10. So, I'm not exactly sure if I'm doing this correctly. If I build the pad so that my rocket bell fits in the cutout (and the tail clamps can reach the tanks), I have to use part clipping and it usually winds up with my rocket disconnected from the fuel tanks. If I place the rocket above the cutout, fitting the cutout node to the rocket bell bottom node, then the tail clamps don't reach (they probably clamp as far as the game is concerned, but they're not tall enough to reach the tanks and look like they're grabbing on to air). Offsetting won't work, either, as the pad snaps to the outer ed
  11. Oh my gosh, this is amazing! I love this tower, I'm going to be using it for all my manned launches (goodbye FASA tower). I wonder if you have any plans to make other towers/umbilicals for different rockets? What you have is the approximation of Launch Complex 39, which fits really well with Kerbal Space Center. But other rockets, typically unmanned, launch without the top crane in their towers. The towers for Titan/Delta, Ariane and Atlas are pretty similar, just big bricks with the umbilicals, but Soyuz/Progress and Falcon have unique towers.
  12. @MKellerBR You can also notify the CKAN people in their thread, who will direct their bots to auto-pickup KSPRC's spacedock releases.
  13. Ogre. Because Ogres are like Onions. And because NASA loves their acronyms: Orbit Gaining Retrievable Environment.
  14. That's pretty restrictive to the user. The description could do to be tweaked to hint at that explanation, or the capacity upgraded to reflect the description (and let the user decide how crowded to make their stations).
  15. Cool mod, I hope to see this in 1.1.x. One question, is there a reason you increased the heat index settings by a factor of 10? Wouldn't 30, 40, etc be sufficient to indicate percentages?
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