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  1. RSS is running for me on KSP 1.7.3 Manual installation -Real solar system version 14.0.0 for KSP max 1.4.5 -last RSS textures -RSS dateTime version 1.2.0 for KSP 1.3.1 -Modular flightIntegrator for KSP max 1.5.90 -KSC Switcher for KSP max 1.6.99 (optional) -Kopernicus for KSP 1.7.3 I don't use any visualEnhancement with this I use 000_AT-Util version 1.8.1 for KSP max 1.7.2 000_ClickThroughblocker 1.7.2 for KSP 1.5.1 000_Toolbar 001_ToolbarControl version 1.8.2 for KSP 1.5.1` Module Manager 4.0.2 latest version of WorldStabilizer for KSP 1.7.99 latest version of KerbalJointReinforcment for KSP 1.7.99 and RealChute, RealPlume and RealPlume Stock all for KSP 1.6.99 and also Smokescreen It runs pretty well on Mac OSX Mojave 10.14.6
  2. Wow! I hope it will be available for Mac OS as well as for PC!
  3. Yes it make sense, but the fact is that, in my Apollo rocket, the safety tower that is only use in case of emergency is at the top stages because it is not supposed to be triggered. That's why I use action group to test it and as it is in the top stages, that explain why other stages fall accidentally. I am going to try different way thank you
  4. Hi That's easy: at the beginning, let's say you have 4 stages. you take off When you finish your burn on stage 1, you trigger an action group to decouple and burn on stage 2, or you just hit your space bar to decouple and burn on stage 2, and suddenly you don't have any stage 2, stage 3 and Stage 4, you have only stage 2 with all the items of stage 3 and 4 that have fallen inside! Didn't you ever experience that?
  5. Hi guys I have a problem with my Apollo Rocket: The 2 upper stages are falling down on the lower one when I trigger the action group to use the Escape tower on top of the command pod. The action group do 2 things: - Separation of the Command pod from the rocket -Ignition of the 4 engines of the Escape tower to allow the command pod to climb away This is the first stage. On the second stage are ullage motors that allows tower separation from the command pod when Safe altitude is reached On the Third stage are the chutes of the command pod. What I do not u understand is why the 2nd and 3rd stages fall in the first one when I trigger the action group: the consequences are simultaneous ignition of the alleges motors and opening of the chutes..... Any idea of why this happen?
  6. Ok that works fine now. Just check that the dll is not in the Zip file from github Thank you it's a very pleasant mod
  7. Well I just download it and put the DockingCamKURS folder in my game data folder here it is in my game data folder and here is the contents of the DockingCamKURS folder in fact I don't see any dll in the plugin folder In fact I downloaded the Zip file from Github and there's no dll in the plugins folder. Version is ButI re-downloaded from Spacedock and here there's dll, but version is So i am going to put the plugins folder from the Spacedock version in the DockingCamKURS folder from Github to get the dll and I'll try that!!
  8. Hello Thanks for this mod, but I can't see the Cam controls through the toolbar Here is my log log.rtf?dl=0 There's a Warning about it [WRN 19:17:25.637] Cannot create config from file '/Applications/JEUX/KSP_osx1.7.1Earth/GameData/DockingCamKURS/Assets/hullcam_hubbazoot/part.cfg' Thank's to tell me what is wrong KSP 1.7.1 on Mac OSX 10.14.5
  9. Hello Is it a bug if we have the same quantity of LFO in Avatar fuel tank and in Avatar Cargo Bay: 10530 kg LF and 12870 Kg Oxidizer ? 2106L LF and 2574L Oxiidizer Wouldn't it be normal to get much more LFO in the Fuel tank than in the Cargo Bay? and it is the same quantity in the Tail class Fuel tank which is much smaller !
  10. Hi Guys After the OPT stratolauncher, here is the SSTO ThunderCarrier built like my bestseller models: 593T able to lift my VTOL shuttle of 146T to a 600kms orbit with 6500DV left to carry it far further in the solar system Inside the Hold is a satellite equipped with all ScanSat and squad stuff to analyse and draw maps of any planet or moon. The ThunderCarrier is equipped with 4 Atmospheric J-61 Starwaster and 4 Hybrid Screamjet J-60D. Design has been thought to avoid any pitch up or pitch down momentum when carrying the Shuttle in the whole flight enveloppe, including space when only Hybid J-60D are running. Thank's to RCSBuildAid As for the Stratolauncher the Hybrid J-60D engines of the Shuttle are running during launch to help for the stability and the TWR in the whole flight enveloppe that has been tested with CorrectCol The Shuttle is undock safely using VTOL All maneuvers can be executed without RCS but are very long. A lot of big RCS Vernor engines help for that and also to maintain Radial attitude during Re-entry for efficient aerobreaking Flying to the runway is a piece of cake with Atmospheric Autopilot which is a manual fly-by-wire The ThunderCarrier is strong and the design seems good. The proof is that during my first flight a mistake happens after having undocked the shuttle. The shuttle hit very quickly the tail of the ThunderCarrier, destroying the left part. Despite this I managed to fly the ThunderCarrier to re-entry and landing As you can see the left part of the tail is missing But the SSTO is still maneuvering quite well And land on the Runway 09 at Kourou, very short landing with the help of to repackable chutes, stopping before the buildings Here are my 3 OPT
  11. Hi Guys Evolution of my suborbital stratolauncher. Now he is carrying a VTOL Lunar plane. It's an OPT J VTOL. With more than 10000DV in orbit, he is able for non atmospheric planet (maximum G= Lunar G) and able to join Earth orbit and land like a SSTO. 146T fully loaded, OPT lab and an empty cargo Hold for the time Here is the OPT K Stratolauncher, 216T on take off with 80% Liquidfuel in tanks.. 1 central OPT Starwaster J61- 2m50 and 2 side J61 - 1m875. Here are both planes: Hybrid J 60D from Lunar VTOL will help during atmospheric ascent . They will be fed only by Liquidfuel from Stratolauncher Test mission 3+2 engines for take off from Kourou Take off at the end of the runway at 150m/s, but he can leave ground between 100 et 120 climb accélération Goal is to reach more than mach 6 between 12 and 22000m looking at critical temperature on the lower right HUD. The pilot play with angle of attack and vertical speed to avoid critical temp while accelerating. After 26000m, around Mach 7, Apoapsis, périapsis, temperatures increase very quickly!. You have to increase apoapsis at maximum possible but keep the periapsis negative to stay in suborbital! Looking the pics, I realize we didn't maximum thrust! Engines are shut before they get no air, to avoid positive periapsis Apoapsis397kms, but it's going to decrease during climb. We perform VTOL Check lists VTOL: -Open solar panel - Arm VTOL engine in case we need them during decouping - Open all Liquidfuel tanks that were shut to avoid feeding the engine during climb - toggle CloseCycle mod for main engines Then VTOL is decoupled 2mn before l'apoapsis, and he lights engines to circularize. Launching in orbit during suborbital flight, you don't need FMRS mod!. It's very easy. Now, stratolauncher has begun its descent to atmosphere We get enough fuel and as we are a little bit far from Kourou we can another small orbital jump That's done and we begin to climb again Now we are on the best trajectory to Kourou Descending through 54000m north of Central America coasts in sight of South America coasts now it's just a piece of cake Longue final, 50mns after take off landed While the VTOL is gliding above earth
  12. Hello guys What do you use for VTOL on no atmospheric planet on your OPT crafts ?
  13. Many thanks! Kerbal Foundries is working on KSP 1.7.x ?
  14. Hello What mod are you using for the wheels? What liquid fuel engine with electric charge are used for circularization? Thank's
  15. Here is my Stratolauncher OPT, able to deliver 168T between 190 et 210 kms 470T at take off including load Take off is long long initial climb to acculerate Hypersonic acceleration between 15000 and 30000m, mach 6.8, allowing apoapsis between 190 and 210 kms After take off from Kourou in Guyana, we reach center of Africa The te test tank of 168T is oflloaded at 191 kms, over Indian Ocean The suborbital Stratolauncher allows to launch a rocket just before Apoapsis. Then you just need the fuel to circularize, saving the whole launch through atmosphere After Apoapsis we begin descent, and stabilizing between 25 et 30000m for a short hypersonic cruise, we have flown more than half around the world. before flying along the Central America coast , then north of South America seeing again Kourou after a complete tour of the world Then we start idle descent and we are soon in sight of the runway and the Stratolaucher lands easily, having lost 1/3rd of its weight It stops on the runway with still 1/3 of Liquid fuel in the tanks. That souk allow to lift heavier load. Mission lasted 1H14 OPT "Humpback" Stratolauncher: 1 central engine 2m50 J-61 Turboramjet Starwaster + 2 lateral engines J-61 1m25 + 2 side engines J-61 1m875 Empty Weight with fuel - LF: 301T - Load to orbit: 168T Range on mission: 1 complete world tour with 1/3 Fuel remaining in tanks
  16. Hello Any Idea why I can't open any photo window for Space Telescope and Chemcam I used the mod very well on my probe after launch in orbit. I saved my game, came back a few hours later and I can't use them anymore. each time I open them, there's no more windows for both to take photos. I use the last version on KSP 1.7.0 Here is my log to download: log.rtf?dl=0 Thank you to answer if possible
  17. Well, I found it here:
  18. Thank you for this awesome work, but the link leads to RSS V14.0 for KSP 1.4.X
  19. MISSION Build a boat and perform a water run to be the first to break the sound barrier on water WATER RUN RULES The water run can take place on the ocean behind Kerbin base or wherever you want on ocean There is no time limit for the run After the run the boat must decelerate to a speed less than 20m/s No part of the boat must be broken after the run BUILDING RULES The boat can be monohull, catamaran or trimaran The hulls can be build from boat mods or from tanks or whatever is floating. All tanks mods are allowed There must be on the boat a pod or a cockpit with at least 1 kerbal to drive the boat Foils or skis are allowed and can come from boat mods or can be built with wing materials from whatever mod. Yaw axis can be controlled by surfaces under water or out of water. You can use fins with ailerons or winglet or ailerons alone. Yaw axis control surfaces must be vertical only (No V angle) Pitch can be controlled by horizontal surfaces under water like foils. If pitch is controlled by surfaces out of water it can only be a set Squad ailerons. No wings are allowed out of water except in vertical mode like fins to control yaw axes The only horizontal « wing » surfaces out of water can only be chines to join hulls on trimaran for exemple, or a set of Squad ailerons to control pitch. Speedbrakes or drag chutes are allowed, only to slow down the boat after the run There is no weight limit This must be a boat not a floating plane, that's why only vertical wings or fins are allowed, but you can you use whatever cockpit or tanks you want, no mater if they provide or not lifting forces...... ENGINES RULES Engines must come from boat mods or from Squad Boat engines coming from boat mods are allowed provided the don’t run on rocket mod. All jet engines, ramjet engines, turbojet engines or turboprop engines are allowed provided they run only on liquid fuel. You can run your engines in the air or in the water Rocket engines or a Solid Booster Engine or a mixed Engines like Rapier are not allowed. MODS ALLOWED All tank mods All boat mods Tweakscale for Engines, Hulls and foils, and control surfaces Mods like KER Teleportation mod like Hyperedit HUD KER mod is mandatory and should show in HUD at least the following: -Total Mass -Situation (that must stay « splashed » during the whole run) -Vertical speed -Horizontal speed and Mach number -Altitude (Sea level) SCORE and HOW TO APPROVE THE RUN -Pics showing that the hulls or foils or skis are in contact with water during the whole run -Once you are under 20m/s, hit F3 -Short vid showing the run with the hulls or foils or skis on the water and showing them from under the water with visible HUD would be appreciated -Score from highest speed or mach to lower speed
  20. I got exactly the same problem with cryogenic tanks that needs electricity to cool down. They come with their cryogenic engines on this mod
  21. Hello Does this fantastic mod works on RSS? I tried on Kerbin on 1.6.1 and it's really awesome!! Many thanks!!
  22. Hey This is really a great job. I love the Shina Cockpit and LEM looking like Apollo LEM and Capsule, but is it really design to work on RSS ? I tried many Moon landings on RSS and I am missing 270 DV each time landing at an altitude of 7000m. And I am also missing DV for Ascent.....
  23. It's working on 1.6.1 but you must download here only : KSCswitcher RSSDateTimeFormatter Textures 2, 4 ou 8K and RealsolarSystem but download only RealsolarSystem for KSP 1.4.5 - do not download Kopernicus and modular flight integrator Then go here to download Kopernicus for KSP 1.6 Graphics Enhancements Assembly on SpaceDock and here to download ModularFlightIntegrator for KSP 1.6 Put the six mods in your game data folder
  24. Hello Is there somewhere a database for waypoints on earth for RSS mod ?
  25. yes, I have seen it and did it a long time ago. Some people told me it was floating plane because of the wings, so I rebuilt it with no wing but still to ailerons at the back and reached again Mach 2, but with half fuel.. It could be a very good challenger for an Earth maritime tour on RSS!